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      Dear raysox-

      Dear raysox-

      Thanks for posting the EFLI brand identity onto the Forum boards. And while I disagree with your point that the logos are somewhat generic, we have a style that's clean, sophisticated and modern looking. Much like many of the NFL logo's which model has turned out to pretty successful right? Thanks again raysox!!!

  2. We're in talks to get a fantasy football league in the LogoAsylum to replace the defunct World Football League. My proposal was a 8 team league with teams all around the world. Would you be interested in being in it? I know you did the International league and you might be able to see some come to life

  3. By any chance, do you have the font you used on Kevin W's soccer logo? I'm tracing it and I thought I could ask you.

  4. Hey, empty your PM box, I want to ask you something, por favor.

  5. Big :censored:in farts bro

  6. nice sig, im part of the 8%

  7. your current sig is awesome

  8. How bout them Vikings?


  10. Hahaha! Fsjal picture.

  11. Hey man, if you aren't busy would you want to possibly make a logo for me? Oh, and your PM box is full, ahah.

  12. Lmao, at your sig!

  13. It's DavidAlexander I think