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  1. On 6/1/2020 at 12:28 PM, Sport said:


    I was 10 years old for their first season and I loved their field for deciding to use a full dirt infield instead of the dirt islands that every other team used. 

    It always bugged me that they didn't do a dirt warning track. SInce, you know, there would be no warning if you're tracking a ball in the outfield if the surface is just painted brown.

  2. On 5/11/2020 at 7:20 PM, bosrs1 said:

    Feels like they're not spreading the teams around as much as they could have for the KBO on ESPN. Way too much Kia and LG...

    I thought the same, but I believe they just broadcast the SPOTV broadcast because it has an English score bug. 

  3. Nice to see that they went back on it! CPBL also started letting 1000 fans into games and this is what that looks like.



    Also i am all in on the KBO, but that might just be the Lotte Giants having another big comeback today


  4. Apparently the Twitch streams of KBO are now shut down for the USA which stinks. Same with Eleven Sports' CPBL coverage. Hopefully SpoTV in Korea can variate the teams being broadcasted, only 5 teams are being shown in the first week on ESPN.

    Games have been fun and the wave of banter i've seen online has been such a fun aspect while everyone has been starved of sports. Started cheering for the Giants because a twitter mutual works for them, and fresh off a last place season(with the highest payroll), they're 3-0 to start and looking solid.iqzwwo5dicx41.png?width=960&crop=smart&a

  5. 15 minutes ago, scottyeagle said:

    Like you said, the A doesn't really fit the team branding.  It also doesn't match the roundness of the Appalachian Mountains; maybe some more rounded mountains and a less angular A would help it align with the rest of your look. 


    You are also right.  Asheville is cool as hell.

    Yeah that’s fair, it just doesn’t quite translate to much since they’re rolling and long. It’s really more of a “hit you over the head with how simple it is and a child can draw it” depiction of an A mountain that i tried to not copy the Avalanche Stadium Series logo.


    although! I did try to sneak a reference to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the bulldog’s forehead wrinkles!

  6. In January I was in a rut. I had been at my current job for over 2 years, still officially a Junior Graphic Designer, and had 160 hours of PTO time saved up because the world of Tennis hardly has an offseason. I ended up losing my mind, booking a flight to Asheville, and took a week off work. I drank tons of beer, saw snow for the first time in years, and also UNC-Asheville had a home basketball game vs South Carolina Upstate. UNC Asheville has a bad logo! It's probably what comes up when you google Bulldog Clipart!

    So I took a few weeks refining this logo idea. My first draft never looked right, and that's because it looks more like a French Bulldog than a traditional English Bulldog.


    But! I'm at a place where i'm happy with my concept!


    The bulldog face would be the primary. Then I created a font where UNC and Asheville would be distinct. I created the A logo even though it doesn't fit with the main branding. The idea behind it is that it would make a cool baseball logo, which i tied in with a crest logo for the seal of the college.

    I'm going to turn this into a Behance project so look forward to some uniforms and photoshops


    Oh also, Asheville is cool as hell and I got a raise and a promotion!

  7. I’m in Asheville and last night I went to see UNC-Asheville play SC Upstate, a Big South matchup. I’ve seen a bunch of banners around town for the conference tournament being played at the downtown arena.

    Well as it turns out! The tournament being played is the SoCon, not the Big South! It lead me to what has to be the weirdest conference tournament setup, where the Big South has teams travel to the higher seed on off days to play a conference tournament. What a weird deal.

  8. Hey yall


    I'm wanting to do a Magic rebrand concept, featuring new logos, uniforms, court, social branding, and all of that fun stuff.


    I think the Magic haven't had a good brand since they were formed. Frankly, it's hard to do anything strong when your name is an abstract term. In their history, they've used stars, a basketball, and a script. My goal is to play around with those things and come up with a logo that's more dynamic than their current phallic shaped basketball. 


    I had put this concept down months ago. Recently, I had a new idea and pulled up the file I had started on. The idea was to angle the ball up and make an M on the side facing the viewer using the ball seams. However, two throw away concepts on the side of my artboard were worth building off of. Here they are.

    Option 1:

    This is a typical 5 point star with some notches taken out to make an M. When i put down the concept, it played with a second shade of blue to punch out the M shape. Now, I simplified the colors, and placed it on my new ball idea. I kept looking at it and felt that I may have stumbled into a decent icon that the Magic have never had.

    I tweeted this, and half of the replies I got said they reminded them of the Mavericks. Can't have that! Although the Magic were these colors before Dallas, they have been so irrelevant that the Mavs have appropriated the colors.


    Moving on, I wanted to play around with the colors. I felt like the colors are the least of their problems, and adding orange or something would complicate things in their main mark.


    Option B:
    I went with a blue tinted black, and dropped the grey. One comment someone made suggested using a 6 sided star to differentiate from the Mavericks. Well, one of the concepts I had made all those months ago was a 6 sided star, rotated to make a M. Speaking abstractly, the M does sort of look like rabbit ears being pulled out of a top hat. I threw a ball in the middle of the empty space and posted on twitter. I think after making this, the biggest thing is that people would see the Star of David. I don't think rotating it is convincing me otherwise.



    I want to make a custom script moving forward, and nothing is finalized yet. But before I do that, I want to see what people thought of these so far. I'm open to creating more marks if people have trouble seeing what I see. 




  9. Thanks for these recent comments everyone!


    The Mach Mustang came out on the tail end of this project, but could do something similar to the Jaguar ePace Trophy that supports Formula E.


    VW was on my list but didn’t make my finally photoshop project because they don’t have a true sedan car. Nissan, and Hyundai have my favorite looking electric cars. Honda is included but their car called the Clarity looks a bit trash.


    then I started getting ads for the Polestar 2, which is a Volvo company who’s cars look like linebackers. They’re brand new and I couldn’t find any great pictures to edit. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Blindsay said:

    All of this looks REALLY SWEET but one problemo. Chevy Volts were discontinued this year. How about Tesla’s?

    Like I said, it's been a long project haha. I believe Ford stopped producing their Fusions too.

    Tesla is the NAPA car above. I wanted a lot of diversity in the photoshops, but they would be the biggest get if they could get out of their own way.ENI2T--WsAYMsoB?format=jpg&name=large


    I made a thread of non-graphic ideas if you're interested


  11. I finally finished a giant project for my portfolio where I photoshopped a bunch of electric cars to look like race cars. I'm posting this here because the first time I ever thought of this concept was after @theflakeband did the same thing in 2015. Since then it's been something i've thought about a lot, watching both NASCAR and Formula E ad nausium. 

    Here's a link to my behance that has everything, if you could throw a like on that i'd appreciate it.

    Without further adieu, here's some cool photoshops








  12. Finally the long awaited Phase 3! For this, i was trying to set myself up for Phase 4 while trying to look dated already. I used the trendy color scheme of the time, duel blues and yellow. Although the yellow gets down played majorly. There's the Greek pattern from earlier in a roundel, and a custom script font based on old script logos from the PCL days. The uniforms are pretty basic, but the road uniform is navy. I justify this because teams like the Marlins wore their black jerseys more than the greys to the point where the road jersey identity becomes fluid.


  13. Thanks man, i appreciate the comments. I'm going to revisit it at some point. The font discrepancy was based on the Padres. Just a weird quirk i liked haha.

    As far as the pointy font for the 90s....


    36 minutes ago, SFGiants58 said:

    Don't you mean Denver Bears? I can't find anything on a vintage Denver Bulls team. 


    As for teams you have plans to do, may I inquire about the Seattle Rainiers, Houston Buffs, or Portland Beavers? There's plenty of potential in those designs.

    Yes, the BEARS are the team I was talking about. And their Phase 2 logo fits the profile of the Diamondbacks/Mariners script.

    Rainiers, Buffs, and Beavers are on my list, but the Beavers are lower since they continued to exist until 10 years ago. The Tacoma Rainiers logos consistently weren't great so I want to tackle them 

  14. 1 hour ago, Htown1141 said:

    Firstly, I want to say that I love this idea, and although I could argue your thesis of this piece and the phases concept, it’s an intriguing idea nonetheless, and fantastic . The Phase 1 Solons logo seems more like a product of its time for the sake of being a product of its time than really fitting the mold of the Phase 1 teams. Something important to keep in mind for why phase 1 is so special is that in those cases, especially the Jays off the bat and the Astros after the sunrise uniforms, as well as the all lowercase padres looks, is that they were products of their time that tried to anticipate the future. Nothing about the Solons look indicates to me, at least, that this design was meant to be looking towards the future. Also, I can’t put my finger on it, maybe it’s the stroke caps on every single line being squared off, but I have a hard time thinking that is deserves to be a major league logo. Maybe mess with those, if you’re willing, to see how much of a difference it might make. For the 1994 Solons look, the only thing I really have a problem with is the font. I don’t know why, but a more angular font might make it feel more “90s for 90s sake”. Also on the away uniforms, a white outline would probably make the numbers pop more. I’m really excited to see this series fleshed out, however. You’ve been an inspiration to me for all my years on here, and I’m always excited when you start a new series. Super hyped for this, as always, but a little more willing to give suggestions now :P 

    I really really appreciate this because for the most part it's just me doing observations. I can try to explain my thinking though!

    So my thinking with Phase 1 is more a Padres-Orioles mashup. Back when cartoonists could do a graphic designer's job. The futuristic comment is really smart and not something I had realized, but for a team based on 600BC Greece, it might not be the time and place for that. That's a really good take though and will think about how that works in the landscape of it all. 


    Totally fair comment about the font, i can look at it some more later. My thinking was outline overload, and drop shadow. This specific font reminded me of the Phoenix Suns which was introduced in that era, and the Cubs' similar font in the circle logo was enough for me to justify it.