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  1. yeah i originally had the compass but it didn't fit in with any logo besides the cap i might change it oh and Rangers will be on tonight
  2. I have the Mariners redesign done! I think the team colours are too dark, Navy, and dark green, no thanks. So i brought in Light blue, because it looks good with the other colours in the anniversary patch they used last year. I saw that patch, and had an idea for my concept, include 2 Seattle landmarks. I got rid of the compass things in all the logos too, so hope you like.< i wasn't sure if in the alternate, the space needle was in the way. As for the jerseys, they're relitivly the same C&C please I'll continue doing the Rangers, I have the primary, and tertiary logos done, and they look great I'll post that either late tonight, or tomorrow morning then I'm thinking the Rays
  3. the 2nd one is brilliant the mls cup logos have been stellar recently
  4. wow , went through all the pages, and you do some amazing work LOVE the fins set
  5. Some people call Penn State Linebacker U and someone's sig(can't remember who) calls auburn running back U so lets try to fill in the blank positions name a team, and a position that they have had multiple all-pro's play there
  6. i sorta see that also, in the carolina panthers logo the bottom of the logo represents the border of north and south carolina
  7. love the sparty helmet the uniforms are nice too
  8. i love logos like this i really like the lightning's logo if i think of any ill post it
  9. ahah i though the same thing when i saw the highlights i never figured it out i thought it was a razor, for gillete guess i was wrong
  10. forgot one BANDWAGON FANS! fans that root for teams, even thought them, or a relitives not from there i get called a bandwagoner when i wear rays gear, from yankees ad sox fans i debate baseball with this one kid at my school he loves the yankees, and chargers but he was born in oklahoma him: bandwagon me: o yeah, why do you like the yankees him: i like them since i was four! and when they mention how the rays sucked for 10 years i get them back yankees didn't win their first world dseries for 20 years sox had that 86 year drought no excuse be a fan of your home team!
  11. 28. The people that are on their cellphone behind home plate, waving to the person they're talking too ive had a lot of experience with annoying fans i went to 2 rays red sox games, 1 in september, and game 7 i know some sox fans are perfectly fine, but i had to sit near THE most annoying drunks ever i resorted to giving them smart ass remarks like raymonds(our mascot) getting the crowd to cheer them: what the is that! me: yeah well that the hell is wally! also when we get a hit and cheer and they're like sit down, were still winning and it's 1-0 luckily we won both games rant over
  12. wll if you check the brewers primary, there's red and that's the only logo with red in it and mariners it is!
  13. ok anymore c&c on the brewers set? and rangers, or mariners tomorrow?
  14. LOVE the set very good set for a classic team use to follow this team so close, but i havent been to a game for a few years but seriously, show a rep of the AFL these! they're great
  15. Hey, I have my concepts for the Brewers. I like the current set, but personally I think the Bavarian type logos are the best, because it relates to the city of Milwaukee. So I recoloured the Bavarian logos, with the new colours, and I must say, it looks A LOT better. But since everyone LOVES the glove logo, I included it. So here it is. I think the Cap logo looks better in those colours. So as I always do, I have the jerseys. I really like the whole set. But did you think I'd do a brewers concept, that didn't include the old retro jersey?, not a chance. So thats it for today. I updated the Twins set, stay tunned C&C please also, dear Brewers. PLEASE resign CC, I don't want to see him in pinstripes
  16. i like the current set, but this does look nice Rugby's awesome hope it gets into the Olympics
  17. as much as I hate the heels that looks fantastic!
  18. that would be the coolest thing ever!
  19. ahah after all, he IS the pitcher...WAY-O
  20. some of these are pretty good my favorites are the magic, and celtics
  21. wow, ive never seen that before it looks a lot better than mine!
  22. i like the colours they use now, but this is really good can't wait to see more!
  23. For who, I think Raysox was talkin about Miss. State no i posted again, about the gators
  24. the florida sets pretty good overall, but it be better, if you replaced the standing up gator logo, with this