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  1. ahahahahha AND a matching hat http://cgi.ebay.com/BRETT-FAVRE-RARE-Camo-...2|39:1|240:1318
  2. the main logo in the MSU set isnt very clear i'd change it, or modernize it
  3. ahahhahahahha, got a good laugh out of this and i kinda like the ads third jersey, i'd be better if they had the anchor logo
  4. I...I don't know what to say... that's just ugly!
  5. wow i really like this set, though the striping does seem a bit off can't wait till the vikings!
  6. NICE i like the gold accents, and how they match the W's font
  7. Hey guys, sorry for no concept yeterday. I had baseball practice, then got a black eye at baseball. So I couldn't really do anyhtin after. But I have one for today! It's for the Diamondbacks. I really like the snake d logo, and the A logo, and I was messing around, and made a solid logo combining the two, here it is. Now for the jerseys, I wanted to do something different. So I made the away jerseys sand colour. Well that's it for this concept. Does anyone have any requests? C&C please
  8. holy crap! 56 posts in 1 day?!
  9. WOULDJA STOP! you don't need to quote every jersey, and pad your post stats oh and btw, i like the uniqueness of the jerseys
  10. raysox

    Dallas Mavericks

    ahah i found this funny and McCains really 72! i thought like 60-65 pshhh i need to start watching the news
  11. sweet, i usually watch it on a local tv station this means HD weird a tampa area tv station airs cfl games every week ill also be in montreal the week of they grey cup
  12. why'd ya have to dig this up? actually siegel0572 did oh and if the wild ever have a third, lets all hope its green a wheat jersey would be a better away jersey
  13. yeah i think its like a retro look, for limited time reminds me of one of those russain vodka ads or a franz fersinand album cover
  14. k guys, Ill have the Diamondbacks done today
  15. yeah its fake, i asked LEWJ if he could include it in the avitar and, spoiler alert, i plan to do a light blue rays jersey
  16. Hey guys, I have my redesign of the Padres. I think that navy is overused in baseball, and that brown is extremly underated. So I brought back the retro feel with this concept. So I hope you like! The colours are really unique. Now moving onto the jerseys, I used retro jerseys from the 70's It may be way out there, but I kinda like them, C&C Please also, if you have the MLB Number sets, PM me please like that?
  17. elliot, all of these are great, ecxept i don't really like the pewter bucs unifroms im not sure, i could be biased, cause im a fan, but i like the red pewter combo but all of these are great, can't wait to see the rest!
  18. raysox

    Denver Broncos

    you should add a white line around the numbers, or piping we don't want them to look like Syracuse's uniforms a few years back the white line would make these perfect for me great job
  19. ok, how can i change it, i don't want to use a wishbone C I was trying to use the c in the twins font btw, im starting the padres now, ill be done by tonight expect a swinging friar!
  20. Hey again. I have a redesign for the Twins. I changed the primary, and cap logos. I based the primary, after a Twins pennant I have. I also changed the "TC" logo with the T from the script. So here's what the logos look like. Updated 11.13.08 I actually, really like the cap logo. Now on to the jerseys, I didn't change much because, I think they have a solid jersey set. So thats 3 down. C&C please, I'll update them, if you think there's a problem with it.
  21. how about, conference edit? like if a team changes, then youd have that set or a FBS dynasty mode? also the Create a team i havent played the new one, and the last one i got is 07 hopefully if I get an xbox, for christmas, i can get that 100 POSTS!
  22. raysox

    Graveyard Please

    How's this? that is... AWESOME thanks, you're the man!
  23. raysox

    Graveyard Please

    hey LEWJ, these are great can you make a Rays blue BP one then animate it with the home and away jerseys? thanks in advance Sorry, if you started, but the post under me gave me a good idea light blue rays? if you havent started doing mine, then will you please include it if you have, just continue what your doing, and ill accept it