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  1. Yeah, the Dallas Knights. The field was an even worse nightmare.


    But, they weren't blandly ugly like the teams in The Replacements


    from the 45 to the other was painted with that logo

    also, the replacements had ok uni's

  2. Now...there IS one movie that I really do like...but you know they took the short route with the uniforms, cuz only ONE TEAM IN THE WHOLE MOVIE has a white jersey...that's the New York Emperors (or Empire, I think). Every other team is playing in dark jerseys...and one of those teams has a big cross across the fronts of their jerseys!

    What movie am I referencing NOW? Any Given Sunday.

    yeah i tried to find a pic to post from the movie but couldn't

    and i remember the cross jersey team!

  3. Something that annoys me in sports movies,

    it's some innacuracies in game scenes,


    both teams have coloured jerseys.

    things out of date


    My dad has said that for years, but I got reminded watching the comebacks today.

    Is anyone with me?

  4. Recently I was emailed, and it totally threw me off gaurd


    My name is Fernando I am a committee member on the PBHA (Portuguese Ball Hockey Association). We have been in existence for the last 6 years. This is my first year. My reason for contacting you is I was hoping that you or anyone of your fellow readers would like to take a stab at designing our Association Logo as well as our uniforms. I understand that you are a super busy guy so I will not take up to much of your time. If you happen to be interested please let me know and I can give you a little more information in regards to the country and the sport of Ball Hockey.


    Fernando de Menezes

    It was totally unexpected. So I worked on a concept, and thought it was pretty good


    I really like the crest.

    Oh and by the way

    Ball Hockey is street hockey, but not with skates. They also use soccer pants, and socks.

    What do you think of my design, C&C Please

  5. Berlin Blitz (Germany)

    Stockholm Night Riders (Sweden)

    ahahah the names would be better if we switched them

    so the night riders logo was hasselhoff, with the alt being kip

    or we can just changed stockholms name, cause it doesnt fit the city

    btw, ill help out with some concepts