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  1. The C-Deer logo for sure looks best on the brown, but I really was aiming for a red cap. I tried your version, and it sort of looked like an incorrect reversed logo. Not that it's your fault, it was just my opinion comparing both. The cursive font comment makes me think of the Dodgers, who has a cursive font and a block logo. Not every baseball brand has a matching font. Most do! But I took creative liberty here. Although after I posted it, I realized that the font I used was the one I wanted to use for a possible future expansion team so it might get changed anyway!
  2. So normally I would, but I’ve had attempts for leagues where I spend so much time branding and not enough time playing. Same for the uniforms, which I realized I don’t have enough of a view of them to justify designing them on photoshop or this fan-made jersey maker. In game you have a primary logo and a hat logo, but I decided to make the primary logo a graphic of the hat since I already had assets. although Philadelphia has one!
  3. Thank you so much! I think one thing I have a pretty good grip on is era-specific logos, probably too much experience doing that. Glad you’re enjoying the theme I’m going for Golden is one I’m considering rebranding so I’ll keep that in mind if I touch it
  4. Expansion time! Welcoming two new teams for 1976. One is in an exciting up and coming city on the west coast, the other in America's Heartland Seattle Orcas Cincinnati Bucks - Which was a suggestion I got and I liked the play on Buckeyes
  5. So my thinking was the 60s still had a fair share of "normie" team names coming out. Off the top of my head you have some like the Kings, Cowboys, and Bulls in various different leagues. Boston and Chicago were two of the last ones I did and I was thinking I needed to reign in a little with the names to have a fair mix of hyper specific to the city team names, and just plain-Jane sports names. Originally I had the Boston Beacons in my head, which carried over from a previous concept series for what it's worth. Thanks for the suggestion too! I actually did that concept last night for Seattle, and will post it here in the next few days.
  6. Little update for the Peaches in the 70s. I really liked their original set, but admittedly didn't fit the time period well enough. Still taking team name suggestions by the way!
  7. Gotta tell the game to expand! I'm waiting for an expansion team to make the playoffs first before I manually bump it to 16, so there just isn't even more bad teams in the league. Dallas and Kansas City seem like they're in the ballpark of going 500. Atlanta and Minnesota are still trying to rebuild through the draft, but that hasnt worked yet. Every time Atlanta gets the first overall pick, it's a pitcher draft. They should be set there but their lineup is garbage. In game i'm going into year 10 of the league, year 6 of the expansion teams. Some cities on my short list are -Baltimore (cause I like the name Charms) -Denver -Seattle -Miami (which admittedly wouldn't be as good as @Waffles fantasy baseball brand, where he picked a perfect name and color scheme) I'm totally open to name suggestions if they're reasonable and the thread doesnt become one of those threads where it's nothing but lists of the same nicknames over and over (I can only see the name Cleveland Rockers so many times.)
  8. The first rebrand is here! So Boston, and Washington both have 3 titles. Golden Gatekeepers have 2. Detroit, and Toronto have made the playoffs somewhat regularly, while Philadelphia's lone playoff run was the last of the single playoff series between the top teams in the league. New York broke their playoff drought in 1972, because they act like the anti-yankees. Chicago and Los Angeles both haven't made the playoffs yet, but have been mid tier the entire time. The expansion teams are still finding their footing. Then who does that leave, you may ask? Houston has a single season they finished at 500. They refuse to fully rebuild. Maybe a new logo could help, since the 70s are upon us in this save. Here is my semi-futuristic Mariners inspired rebrand. Kept the lowercase H, but lightened up both colors and made it a little more stylistic.
  9. hah, thanks. I planned to do uniforms but the view of player headshots in game cut right under the neck so I didn’t even end up using the scripts I made. Maybe one day. the suggestion was “I’ve always liked the name Gatekeepers for a sports team” with no reference to SF. It really came together once I decided Golden was a good fit for the era. Although the game is none too happy saying “X player is staying in Golden” Thanks! I liked stepping out with a unique color wheel hat. Definitely sets them apart. This name is from my 2014 series I mentioned, but they had the same colors as Minnesota United. Thought I’d get more outdoorsy with this.
  10. Nice! I really like these. I personally prefer the number slid up front, but these all look strong.
  11. In 1969, I decided to expand from 10 teams to 14. Atlanta Peaches Minnesota Loons Kansas City Thunder Dallas Toros So I guess i'll keep this active as the game expands! I had more trouble sourcing names than making the brands, so now I'll have this to post on. I could also elaborate on some of the brands above if anyone is curious.
  12. For those of you that know me, you know i'm huuuuge into Out of the Park Baseball. I had an itch to create a fictional league, and let the league develop and expand while I sit back and press sim. The league started in 1965, and I've simmed 5 whole seasons. But of course, the Sports Fan Fiction board was blown to rubble so i'm not here to share that side of it! I branded my teams! The first 10 teams were in large and growing markets for the 60s, and I'll rebrand accordingly. Most of the names are spiritual precursors to the first fake league I started on OOTP in 2014. But that league didn't have nearly as many big markets, so for them I tried to be pretty straight forward with their names that would make sense, and fit the time period. Houston Saturns Golden Gatekeepers New York Lancers Los Angeles Suns Boston Bulldogs Washington Admirals Detroit Mechanics Chicago Falcons Philadelphia Keystones Toronto Darts
  13. It's a buddy's unfinished template so it's not mine to give out, sorry! The beige jersey is a no go. It's easy to say to do that, but it doesn't look very good. I tried an off-white version of the above white uniform and it looked like a used rag. I will say that I created a State of Hockey alternate! The thinking here is to have an old school looking jersey that a high school hockey team would look normal wearing.
  14. Bump for this other concept I did feeling out for the white version. it's the direct inversion of the final dark version, but the beige and white touched.
  15. Hey guys! In an effort to keep busy and in the hockey mood between games for my Tampa Bay Lightning, I went down a rabbit hole of the NHL youtube page. Seeing stuff titled "best of the decade", where the differences over the course of the last 10 years are very apparent. The San Jose Sharks went from their Nabakov era unis to a very sharp set now. The Florida Panthers went from a Reebok template to one of my favorites in the league now. However, the Minnesota Wild downgraded, if. you ask me. The current set has minimal red and a lot of the cream color, causing the whole look to look a little drab. So in my first straight up uniform concept in YEARS, I wanted to address some stuff. -more red to offset the head to toe green -change that dumb thick block font -ultimately get rid of green and red clashing (outside the collar) Lemme know what you think.
  16. oh that's fun! Super cool idea. For the sake of argument, what would a red version of this look like, provided you had thick navy stripes on the top and bottom of the seafoam striping?
  17. How dare you carefully say New Uniforms, closing the door for "Rutgers in New Jersey" jokes
  18. Just wait until you see this http://www.andrewclem.com/Baseball/FenwayPark.html#diag
  19. Hey thanks everyone! I felt like the original block H felt out of place, and ended up dropping it. It was picked to somewhat resemble the negative space hammers that you all suggested. BUT i think the hexagon shape on the new primary logo helped make a cooler looking shape. Thoughts?
  20. Nascar has been very transparent with all this. They had their tracks check their garages to see how many similar handles they found, and it was 11 of 1684. they also said the rope wasn’t tied like that at the start of the weekend last October. It truly feels like a crew member needing a better handle on the garage door and doing that. Probably choose a better knot next time, but it doesn’t seem malicious.
  21. Uh yeah this noose sure looks like something you'd report
  22. I haven't seen this part mentioned here yet, which clearly is a factor not many people considered either. The best analogy about the situation that I've seen addressing the dumbasses who are in Bubba's replies saying that HE SHOULD BE PUNISHED???? is that if an airport finds a suspicious backpack, and they evacuate, when the backpack gets discovered to be a misplaced backpack, the airport doesn't get any charges. People are so racist, man. They were so racist they tried to immediately invalidate any of the racism, correctly predicted it, then became more racist. It sucks so hard.
  23. This is so funny, i never thought i'd ever see a Jelle's Marble Runs concept thread. Wisps look good, the pants stripe is ingenious.
  24. Found out yesterday that in 1999, two white hauler drivers "pranked" a black hauler driver by dressing up as Klansmen. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1999-08-15-9908150179-story.html NASCAR as an industry seems to be putting their foot down as of a few weeks ago. They should have acted much sooner. Looking forward for this noose to be "eliminated" from the sport.
  25. KIA Tigers wore a fauxback to these old uniforms from when they were the Haitai Tigers Also this week, NC Dinos wore this mint colored number