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  1. I can't quite place the genesis of this idea. For years I've kicked around an a spreadsheet with what the MLB would look like if the AAA Pacific Coast League, known for it's skill level in the 50s, evolved into a 3rd major league in 1958. The idea is fun because so much would be different if that ever happened. You'd have names like the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Angels still around, but then the Seattle Rainiers, Portland Beavers, and Sacramento Solons would continue to exist. The Dodgers wanted to move west to LA, and brought the Giants with them, ultimately ending the possibility. A few weeks ago, i got lost in the thread about a third major league in the sports in general board. I didn't know this, but the Continental League was starting to form in 1960. Houston, Dallas, New York, Denver, Minnesota, Toronto, and Atlanta would all have team names that existed for decades, and Buffalo would have a Major League team. This was bound to happen, but didn't before MLB approved expansion to Los Angeles(Angels), and DC(post Twins move). The Mets(owned by William Shea, the leader of the Continental League), and Houston Colt 45's joined the next year. The team names have been dead for about as long as they existed in the first place. But what if the Continental League of Pacific Coast League ever formed to major league level? So that's where I come in. I noticed a trend with the expansion era MLB teams. It came and went with trends in graphic design, fashion, merchandising, and nostalgia. PHASE 1: A strong brand in the 70s and 80s. Establishes for decades without change, as teams create fans. Noticeable cartoony logos, bright colors, and simple design. PHASE 2: The world became dark, and extreme. Teams ditched their brands for expanded merchandise options and better t-shirt printing. PHASE 3: Turns out the 90s were rough on design, and it might be worth completely adjusting what defines your team. PHASE 4: People miss the simple design, and we can sell much more merchandise than we had been. Now, i'm certainly simplifying things. Not every team can fit into this formula. The Twins and Royals have refined their Phase 1. The Mariners need a refresh from their Phase 2 set. The Angels are in Phase 3 and I wish they'd bring back the California Angels branding. The Rockies are holding strong in Phase 2. The Marlins are sprinting towards this pattern. The Diamondbacks just love playing with colors. There's also this. How is this a concept? Well sit tight and continue reading.
  2. Just remembered Juwanna Mann. There's a few from this movie but I have no idea where to start searching for opponents names
  3. I know this got mentioned but no one has done a deep dive into all the teams I found a website with team helmets from the movie Washington Sentinels Detroit Ironmen San Diego Stallions Phoenix Scorpions Miami Barracuda Dallas Ropers wonder if the AAF becomes the new go to for football highlights in movies
  4. I didn't expect to actually like the uniforms after seeing the brands but here we are
  5. I know some of their designers were based in Tampa, so I imagine Tampa Lease is an office space.
  6. Every non-in-the-know baseball fan would call it minor league as it is
  7. Wow this was SO long ago. So much has changed since then, and it drove me crazy. But here's my final project with all the Bonspiel goods. https://www.behance.net/gallery/76018373/Bonspiel-Curling
  8. If anyone is interested.... AAF stuff on Dick's website are half off https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/c/shop-by-alliance-team
  9. I like the more saturated colored logo personally. I think you could throw a paper texture or ice texture on the back and lighten up the arena. I can't tell, but also make it multiply transparency, and do a gradient mask so it fades a little towards the players because the fans on the near side don't need to be there. I think the cut outs are good, if anything, make the blue players bigger, and get rid of the white shadow. Also squeeze the goalie and skater to hide them more, and maybe gradient mask the bottom of the pictures It's a really really good start but just need to take it further!
  10. Oh wow! This is incredibly cool to see. Great work man.
  11. "anyway here's my basbeall concept series i did on paint. first up is the Cleveland Blues C&C pleas"
  12. It was Cricket, but I made connections to baseball to familiarize it and after that I became comfortable enough with it. The key is to actually watch the scores being built, because the format like 276/5 is nonsense at first. Then it was Aussie Rules. It looks like madness. But i did the same thing, and actually started playing with my local club.
  13. I want to be clear that I don't think Chrome is a good name
  14. Yeah the name is 90s Minor League, but it's 30s Major League! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milwaukee_Bavarian_SC
  15. I think it might be overkill having 3 on the short and 2 on the tops, what do you guys think? A lot of selection issues. My Juve concept had me move the adidas logo, and the way it was grouped with other adidas stuff really made it hard to just simply change it.
  16. There's definitely some layer issues that I need to work out, but I'm happy with this layout. For you guys that want both sides of the shorts, then you can easily duplicate it.
  17. How'd you guys know I was working on this! I made the outer lines thicker like many comments have said they liked. I'm gonna work on shorts and socks and get a post out hopefully soon.
  18. For what it’s worth, the Freedom Football League (TO/Ricky William’s League) has a team there if they ever actually start playing
  19. I was on board for this league, then they released the team logos and i'm sort of turned off. They have such good league branding and gave us six unlicensed lacrosse video game crests. Also calling teams lacrosse clubs seem really weird for a travel league. Team Chrome and Team Redwoods seems like it'd be better.
  20. To be fair, Toyota doesn't run in IndyCar anymore so it might be because of that. Acura now sponsors the race. Long Beach GP is still seen as one of the biggest races of the year, and even more they've looked into hosting F1 instead semi recently. Plus changing the layout of the track isn't necessarily unheard of http://racingcircuits.info/north-america/usa/long-beach.html#.XHWW31NKjOQ Also for a quick second I thought about the prospect of naming them the California Angels, before I realized they're Los Angeles still
  21. Simms, to his credit, is 3rd in the league in yards. But has 2 TDs and 6 INTs. Hackenberg is a dumpster fire with 277 yards, no TDs and 3 INTS. John Wolford of Arizona had 2 yards less in the first game! He seems to be pretty good but got knocked out this weekend. Logan Woodside for San Antonio seems to be pretty bad too, but has 2nd most passing yards. Luis Perez of Birmingham still doesn't have a passing TD for a 3-0 team. They've been giving it to Richardson up close, and their defense has been stout. Gilbert is far and away the best QB in the league. https://aaf.com/league/stats/passing
  22. I'm not sure if it's the effects, but that logo seems drab for what you're going for. I think it could look something like the Oakland Roots if you tune up the saturation and make it white
  23. They did go up against NASCAR at Atlanta Motor Speedway i guess
  24. Last one. Purple endzones, wordmark on the 50. Hope this brings some fans out cause it looks like a nice day for football!
  25. One big plus i’ve noticed is the games seem to be getting better. A lot more completions and touchdowns. But that could just be from Hackenberg getting benched and Gilbert setting up to be MVP. also sidenote: I wanted to play with the app during Salt Lake’s game, and the profile/score I had made was wiped clean. Then when I tried again during Orlando’s game it was back to 0. Very odd.