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  1. Quote


    Charlie Ebersol’s Alliance of American Football kicks off on Feb. 9, six days after the Super Bowl, with games on the broadcast network CBS — which will have just aired the Super Bowl. CBS, which will carry a promo for the AAF on Super Bowl Sunday, also will have the league’s championship game on its broadcast network in April. Its cable channel, CBS Sports Network, is committed to carry at least one AAF game per week.


    The AAF also is in talks to have NFL Network carry several of its games. Sources describe an NFL Network deal as likely, adding that one could be finalized over the next several weeks. NFL Network is in more than 65 million homes and has more distribution than CBS Sports Network.




    Them on NFL Network might actually be pretty big.

  2. Sorry for the delay folks!  @vtgco Illinois was inspired by me texting  my friend from Rockford and just pitching some ideas. I thought it'd be bold and striking since all the other teams have a decent amount of color. If you want a more concrete explanation, the Land of Lincoln and the White Sox.


    Finally here's the last four teams in Tier 1! I tried to get a little crazy here to round off the group.


    (The pewter colors are for the Granite State, with a crazy cartography pattern on illustrator)




    (there's 6 curling clubs in Ohio)


    So that's Tier 1, the best and brightest in the country. Tier 2 is a mid range of states with a decent number of tournaments and clubs. The best two teams would be promoted to Tier 1.


    The states in this tier include:









    New Jersey





    open to suggestions for these! I’ve thought of a few, but will take all the help I can get

  3. 49 minutes ago, RoughRiders99 said:

    EDIT: After thinking about it, I think it’s because the softball uniforms are more form-fitting, which makes it look almost like a football uniform. Football uniforms can easily pull off the multi-colored uniforms while baseball pants generally have to be white or gray. 


    It’s weird. Like there are points when I WANT more color pants in baseball but at the same time I don’t. 

    Yep this is the reason


    also those socks definitely don't hurt

  4. Randomly stumbled into this and did a quick look through all of them. Wow dude, you have some serious talent. There are some very fresh takes on logos people consider timeless, and i applaud you for going there. Some that stood out as being very very good were - Packers, Steelers, Texans, Colts, Raiders, Bears, Cowboys. The Panthers C eye would be a great alt logo for sideline caps and stuff. Also the Falcons sleeve design is executed very well. 

  5. Thanks for the info @72freebie! Really good insight.


    I've only seen their uniforms in pictures so that's how I interpreted their uniforms. I've seen Dynasty's stuff working on my other project, they're definitely out there and unique for each team.


    What I was going for is invoking a non-curling brand's attempt at the uniform, especially since they'd be sent to the winning team in each state without influence from the team themselves. The close ups of the Dynasty stuff uses more of a fake collar, which I never got a good look at until now. I chose New Balance since it seemed like a "mid-tier" US manufacturer that might get conned into doing this project. Then the jackets are from me loving quarter zip jackets and I wanted an excuse to design some haha.



  6. So I went back and changed

    Wisconsin - Swapped black and dark green, wanting to de-Badger the concept.


    North Dakota - De-ND State the concept, and turned it into a pattern



    And to progress further, here's Illinois, Michigan, and Colorado!





    I realized doing the above concepts t hat it might seem like I'm taking the biggest city and adding Curling Club to it, but all three are pretty old big clubs with dedicated buildings.

  7. And a Yard Goat is an old locomotive that moves trains from track to track. If Hartford had a 100 year old team with that name, no one would have their pitchforks and torches out. 

    (funny enough, they did have a team named the Babies https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Hartford_Babies)


    They aren't just puling names out of a hat, there is a lot of background research into the names. Yes, some names are better than others, but specifically Baby Cakes would only work in New Orleans. If the name was around since 1930, their relocation would be about the franchise, not the "failing" of the name. How I see it, the Eugene Emeralds, Norfolk Tides, Asheville Tourists, and Arkansas Travelers aren't on the top 25 merchandise sales list despite all having strong recent Brandiose branding and history. A safe name with a good logo doesn't guarantee anything.


    I get where people are coming from, i'm not putting on blinders in this conversation. Brandiose isn't bulletproof, their swinging mascot logos do feel templated. They've seen to move away from that in the recent brand reveals. I just think a lot of criticism they get for being too "crazy" isn't 100% justified since some of their crazier stuff does market itself.

  8. Okay let  me have a few more sources in my argument


    1) yes there is no set deal in place for the Baby Cakes to remain, a team relocating there likely wouldn't rebrand. Your hated Baby Cakes moniker was in the top 25 in merchandise sales for 2017, the first year they used that  name.



    Noticeably absent is the New Orleans Zephyrs from the 2016 list, which you can read from the line  "The Albuquerque Isotopes, Buffalo Bisons, Fort Wayne TinCaps, Hartford Yard Goats, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, New Orleans Baby Cakes, Reading Fightin Phils and Rochester Red Wings made the list in 2017 after not making the Top 25 in 2016." Of the list of 25, i count at least 11 Brandiose branded teams. Most of the others are storied teams that are nearly 80 years old and always going to have support. The Baby Cakes saw an improvement in 10,000 fans from 2016 to 2017, despite the fact they lost 14 more games. The Jumbo Shrimp saw a 63k fan increase the same year they ditched the Suns moniker. The Baby Cakes made the news, drew interest, and sold merchandise which is all minor league teams can control.


    2) "Owned by the Louisiana Stadium & Exposition District, which primarily oversees the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for the state, the 10,000-seat stadium is among the oldest in minor league baseball. It would likely require several million dollars of renovations before it would be chosen to house a possible successor franchise, potentially a team in the Double-A Southern League." https://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/sports/zephyrs/article_1d94ae8e-b157-11e8-9847-cba1d3fc31a3.html

    I'll concede that one since it seemed more of a certainty when Ballpark Digest posted about it and where I got my original idea that they were in talks to move a AA team.



    3) The Mudcats got sold to a man who moved them to Pennsacola, while the guy flipped that cash and bought Kinston. That being said, Kinston's stadium was built in 1949 and had no renovations. Zebulon was built in 1991 and renovated in 1999. Again, not quite the situation I thought. It's not like fans held protests for the name to remain the same, just sort of a continuing with life situation. They aren't moving because of the name Baby Cakes. It could have easily been the Zephyrs moving to Wichita, and it would be slightly less of a story.


    4) I'll take Rocky Mountain Vibes, Amarillo Sod Poodles, Florida Fire Frogs, and Rocket City Trash Pandas. You can have the Syracuse Mets.




  9. I find the title somewhat misleading due to the fact that the franchise is moving but the name Baby Cakes would stay in New Orleans, and that they're looking into getting a Southern League team to relocate to New Orleans. The Carolina Mudcats moved to Pensacola to become the Blue Wahoos, and the Kinston Indians moved to Zebulon to become the "new" Carolina Mudcats. It's just one of those Minor League things. 


    Plus, you guys complain about Brandiose too much

  10. So I was scrolling through twitter today and saw this peculiar tweet.


    I did some digging, and apparently the CFL has a deal with the Liga Futbol Americano to hold a draft of players from the professional Mexican football league. Now, I know Mexico had college football, but never did much searching beyond that. It started in 2016 and will expand to 10 teams this year for it's 4th year.






    I'm not gonna embed every logo and uniform to save your eyes, but the Raptors Naucalpan might have the coolest helmet I've ever seen.


  11. 1 hour ago, BrandMooreArt said:

    really cool stuff man. theres already a nice influence of sport (i see a bit of soccer aesthetic) and fashion, especially in the jackets. i generally like what you've done with the solid color pants, but keep pushing these forward if you make anymore. think about what patterns and materials you can use on all of these pieces. keep putting twists on them and you'll end up with a very nice body of work here

    Thanks Brandon! Just you wait till Maryland if you want pants patterns 😉

  12. That’s absolutely a fair point! Didn’t think of that. I’m trying to avoid team colors as much as possible, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. I really just looked up some pics of North Dakota and saw a lot of golden fields and bison! My thinking was these were designed for each state, then the teams that win their state tournament get sent a set of uniforms. That’s why I didn’t do names on the back rather than a state.


    ill change up North Dakota a little bit tonight.


    Also it's worth mentioning I'm intentionally leaving room in places for sponsors, which teams would have to help travel costs. Also the jacket is supposed to be a clash kit of sorts, I'm going to make them be a secondary color to differentiate the matchups.

  13. This thread is now a big thread to keep my curling concepts together. 


    United States Brier Concepts

    Tier 1

    (this post)
    Second Batch

    Third Batch

    Tier 2

    First Batch


    World League Curling Explanation


    Bonspiel Brand

    Update to WLC Social Graphics

    Logos Galore



    So this might be a first of it's kind here! I've gotten into the ins and outs of curling competitions. It's building up to a big project that I'm currently in a lull with. Every year, the Tim Horton's Brier is held. It's a 16 team curling tournament with Provencal Canadian teams. It's a massive deal! So why not have a little fun and do an American version?


    We, of course, have a lot more states to deal with. Of the 50, 48 of them have some sort of curling club. Alabama and West Virginia are the ones that don't. I figure having four tiers of 12 teams with promotion/relegation after each tournament would be the best format of this. Two groups of 6 make relegation easy, and the top 2 teams in each group move to a playoff.


    Brier isn't a name of a curling tournament, but the original sponsor of the Canadian version. Despite changes in sponsorship, it's remained the tournament name to the point where it basically took on a new definition. I thought this was the best option of a name to bring down south.


    I'm talking too much. Here, have some concepts.






  14. 2 hours ago, bosrs1 said:

    One has to wonder what Vince's obsession with starting a football league is... and why he's not smart enough to realize his involvement hurts his chances. 

    First was because the NFL was seen as the No Fun League, now he's just so darn mad at kneeling during the anthem🙄

  15. 13 hours ago, dsaline97 said:

    So what you're saying is that you wouldn't recommend applying for their job opening, I take it? 

    oh no they're fine now, I've met a couple of them through my friend. Go for it!


    also @Griffinmarlins they rebranded and changed their handles

  16. So i've been quiet about this for a few years because I didn't want to make enemies in the industry I was trying to break into, but check this out.

    I applied to the United Soccer League in 2016. Did some test graphics for them (which they wanted built in indesign, big red flag). Here's one matchup graphic i made with the assets they gave me. In my in person, the designer Enrique Alvarado said he liked what I made but would maybe move the USL logo to the bottom corner. Totally reasonable, i was scared to break from brand guidelines and put it on a busy background.



    So imagine my surprise when this is their playoff graphics


    I didn't want to get into a fight but this really hurt me, because 1. I didn't get the job and 2. it looked worse! My friends took it upon themselves to go after him on twitter and I stayed out of it, all he replied with was some laughing emojis. They asked if i was interested in a position in 2017 which i turned down because I was with the Rays, and still had a job opportunity at Under Armour open. But mostly I would've socked him in his face when I saw Enrique. 

    Since then, a close friend began working there and apparently he got fired (which is why the position opened up) and the mood seems to be that he was genuinely awful. There's some crossover in twitter followings so people will tag us together if it's about soccer design and I still absolutely hold this grudge.


    So if you're reading this Enrique, kiss my ass