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  1. A few weeks ago, I did some research because I wanted to know the towns that had stadiums with suitable capacity, and would be different from other spring leagues. So that would eliminate: XFL - St. Louis (Seriously, the other 7 all have NFL teams) Freedom Football League - Oakland, Portland, Connecticut, and OKC(which other than the AAA park, I have no idea where they'd play) American Patriot League - Daytona, Mobile, Sacramento, Shreveport, Canton The markets I found with stadiums and no pro football teams as tenants are: Little Rock, Jackson, El Paso, Ft. Worth, Louisville, Richmond, Norfolk, Albuquerque, Boise, Omaha, Raleigh, Austin, Boise Now, I don't imagine this league expands any time soon. Watering down your player pool while other leagues pop up seems like an awful idea. It is a fun thinking activity though. I'd venture to say the AAF has the strongest group of cities. I think it's too early to judge the attendances the other day. After lighting up the scoreboard Sunday, I've seen so many people say the Hotshots could beat the Cardinals. It's not true, but that momentum of competent football is a good thing. If they can crush Memphis and beat Salt Lake again in Utah, I'd expect a much larger crowd to turn up at Sun Devil Stadium. The league more than doubled the amount of twitter followers over the last weekend to where I think people are actually going to make plans to go to games. Just my 2 cents!
  2. Good point. I was thinking about the comment earlier about “if Arizona was prime time Saturday people would talk about the attendance”. But now I’m realizing it was a school night, which had to have dampened the crowd on campus.
  3. Just realized none of these uniforms have sleeve striping. How about that.
  4. Somehow it seems like the blowout 40-6 game was the better game of the two. Gabbart seemed like the only competent QB of the night, plus you got a trick play and a mic’d up Spurrier. Also just realized the Memphis-Iron game is going to look great in the daytime
  5. I saw the Orlando game clocked in at 2:35. The NFL averages about 3:12.
  6. Orlando and Atlanta started extremely choppy, but seemed to have settled. First points - Younghoe Koo FG for Atlanta touchdown - Garrett Gilbert to Jalin Marshall. Called incomplete and was overturned. Interception - Orlando jumps route setting up a short drive that just got capped off with a touchdown.
  7. For you guys who haven’t seen the highlight of the night Also the league account passed 100k twitter followers tonight
  8. Wanted to see the progress of the other hosting team's stadiums San Antonio will have their crest at the 50, but not sure if the endzone is painted red or left green. Looks like the word mark is down though. This was posted a few days ago from a Sun Devils coach, and that's the most recent I could find. However, they might have done stuff since then.
  9. Wow! That’s so cool! I hope you’re enjoying it! yesterday I played around a little with the template. Currently the lines are 2px thick, I tried 4, 6, and 8 to compromise. 8 is pretty close to the proportions of the last one, but I think maybe halfway is a good compromise. or since they’re strokes still, the thickness is up to you!
  10. I've thought a lot about this announcement since the massive chunk of NASCAR people aren't taking the move well. I'm very much pro "have a fun brand to stand out from the crowd" movement Minor League Baseball has done, but this seems like a different situation somehow. I think the biggest thing is that there's a legitimate emotional connection to the actual name. I don't believe there was this big of outrage when the Suns became the Jumbo Shrimp because Suns is awfully generic. Yes people didn't want the change, but this seems almost universally despised. There's plenty of Suns, but only one Intimidators. Another team I could imagine having this much rebrand backlash is the Isotopes. Both are known for their name, not their logos. More than something traditional like the Sea Wolves, Bay Bears, or whatever. But with the Isotopes, they're are in the top 20 MiLB merchandise sales so there's no real reason to move on. Kannapolis is a different story. The Intimidators current branding is really sloppy. I think the best case scenario is keeping the Intimidator name(which might happen judging from the licking they got on social media) and refreshing the entire set a-la Tennessee Smokies. Also fwiw, i know people would have a fit if a team became the Piedmont Boll Weevils around now
  11. Interesting that Thickness keeps coming up, i'll try out a little thicker lines later today. That means the collars will have a little less real estate, but if it's what the fans want! I'm hopefully going to finish a backside, pants, and socks soon and release some stuff to a select trial group. Let me know if you're wanting to join! Patched are a fine idea I guess, wouldn't be too hard to throw on the template.
  12. One quick update for the night.
  13. Yeah layers are great. Illustrator has them and so anyone with an AI file will have an easier time swapping stuff in and out. I got home, took some pictures of my USA kit and here is draft one of my new template(which I will name at some point)! I'm calling it the Caillou version since there's so many colors. I built it sort of big but bare with me. The seams and dashes are 100% opacity, which will create a clear division between panels of the kit. I built the thing without a collar, which you can swap the however you want with the cross hair being a good center point to use. Each collar will have a fill that you can change, since it won't necessarily reflect the pattern you place it over top. I used a geological pattern on the sleeves to help create a sense of realism as well. The band seams are loose, so you can move them up or remove them. Finally, in addition to the paneling on my file, it has clip groups so you can easily throw in patches. All said and done, here's what a concept looks like. I think this is a fair representation of the Nike and Adidas kit I took pictures of. I'm going to create an Adidas version now to test that out, but I don't imagine the shape changing much. Then I'll make a back, which will be easy since I don't have to remove a collar. Let me know what you think! Down the line, I'll upload my file to a drive and you guys can play with it and let me know how it tests in case I'm missing anything.
  14. Yes it's just a matter of saving them as such. Iti'll be built in AI. One thing I'm thinking about is having texture layers you can turn on/off
  15. Might as well give the trophy to the Hotshots https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/aaf-power-rankings-arizona-hotshots-at-the-top-before-week-1-of-new-alliance-of-american-football/
  16. Love this, glad i got to see what that sort of looks like first. There's some good aspects of it, but it probably is too blocky on second thought. I think something along the lines of mostly straight with the sides being curved might be the way to go. The collar comment is great and I think that's how it's going to be. This is just a matter of exporting it at a pretty large size, which is no problem! Good suggestion! My thinking was that the details are on the sides more than the front, but i'm willing to try it out. I know a lot of people have modified the template to be more vertical than horizontal like I had done, so that'd lend itself to the front facing version.
  17. Hey guys, sorry there's no actual concepts but I felt like this discussion was worth having before I spent a lot of time on it. If you're reading this, you frequent the concept boards. If you frequent the concept boards, I'm sure you've seen my soccer template. It's been THREE YEARS since I built it, so it's probably time to create a new one. It's such a widely used template I want to make sure I'm filling the needs of designers of all kinds. I certainly have my own opinions, but want to make sure a template I spend a few hours on is easy and sharp looking. One thing I want to do is make the lines thinner, make the side lines straight, or at least diagonal. I also want to make the collar as interchangeable as I can. I have some kits from last year, so that's what I'm going to base the seams off of. Any other suggestions are welcome! Feel free to share some templates you've seen that have good features that I could possibly include.
  18. good interview with Ward and Ebersol. does anyone know how the owner model is working? Does the league own all 8, or are there 8 owners? I imagine they’re league owned since most startup leagues tend to skip paychecks. also I hope the fields are painted for the teams and not for the Alliance like the scrimmage games were. The XFL and the UFL were if I remember right.
  19. You read my mind, turquoise is one of the most underrated colors and I try to use it for Arizona as much as I can. i did North Carolina today to get an idea down, and might jump around to different lower states if I have ideas. Can’t wait to do florida!
  20. Love this, definitely nailing what you're going for. I would love to see the movement of lines on After Effects because this brand would lend itself to some great animation.
  21. Great so far! If I had to say, you've gotten better with each one. The Basking Sharks one isn't bad, i think the thick white outline is just bugging me when it's used. Love the cream Spirits uniforms too!
  22. WOW you have gone above and beyond any hand drawn concept I've ever seen, these drawings of players in action add a level of realism that adds so much to the presentation. All the one's I've seen look really good with the Seahawks being the best. Liking the Steelers, no complaints there. I think if theres a team that could pull of grey, Pittsburgh would be a good candidate.
  23. Bumping for ideas for these states(also comment on the other stuff I posted above.) arizona’s one curling club is very flag heavy and the pics of the teams I’ve seen has the flag design so let’s avoid that. Indiana I’m thinking Checkeds obviously. Maybe a Hoosiers themed one. Pennsylvania i don’t want to do just Pittsburgh colors but I’ve thought about a huge keystone design on the jacket. iowa I have no clue but thought of Real Salt Lake colors.