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  1. You're right, should have changed "Nike" to "NBA". Either way, I have no issues with teams having 4 different uniforms, I'm just not a fan of the inconsistencies (compared to the past) of when they wear them. Like I said, the Magic wearing their home "whites" the other night has occurred way less than them wearing their other uniforms. I get why they do it, showcase different jerseys at home so the fans pony up the $$$ to buy them.
  2. Maybe I'm becoming a curmudgeon at 35 years old, but with all of the uniform options and the randomness of whether they are worn at home or on the road it has become a true overload of inconsistency. It's pretty bad that I was watching my Magic play at home last night against the Raptors and the Magic actually wore their home whites last night, but it looked so weird to me because I've been numbed to them wearing their road, alts and/or City uniforms more at home than on the road this season. We actually had a "correct" uniform match-up last night, with the Raptors in black and Magic in white, but somehow all of the Kool-Aid that Nike NBA has been shoving down our throats has messed up what was once tradition. I don't mind busting out the black Alt or City uniform 5-7 times a season at home, but man do I miss the days when off the bat w/o looking at the court you knew which team was home/away.
  3. Obvious correct team for MJ, however, incorrect home whites. BONUS - Incorrect MJ USA Basketball jersey (1984 USA Exhibition game)
  4. Completely agree with this. I don't want to rush to judgement from a pic that looks like it was shot by a 2MP cell phone cam, but it doesn't appear to have a lasting look.
  5. I like the sound, flow and uniqueness of Las Vegas Flamingos. No, it doesnt strike fear in the heart of oponents, but neither does "Pelicans" and pro sports has adopted that identity. Other names that I'm fond of: Las Vegas Hitmen (C'mon its Vegas, baby! Although wouldn't want to step on Bret Hart's hockey skates) Las Vegas Thunder (Railroad/locomotive theme-homage to LV's Union Pacific Railroad history) Las Vegas Canyons (So the canyons lie right outside of LV proper- close enough. If Colorado can have an element of nature in its name, why not a monstorous geographical formation for Vegas?) Las Vegas Silver Knights (Move over LA Kings, more black & silver on its way . Wouldn't this color scheme compliment the Oakland Las Vegas Raiders???)
  6. Marshall Faulk - Even though he had very productive years in Indy, I think he is best associated with the "Greatest Show on Turf". Issac Bruce (Staying with the Rams theme)
  7. Only match-up between the Jags (during their "uninspired" uniform era) vs the Saints
  8. Last season of the Atlanta Hawks "large-to-small" wordmark jerseys & first season of the Glenn Robinson/Vin Baker/Ray Allen era Milwaukee Bucks purple jerseys.
  9. Just curiuos as to why you believe the Rockets current jerseys are iconic? They haven't won or achieved anything of significance in those jerseys. I just think about Yao Ming and T-Mac unsuccessfully trying to make it out of the 1st round of the playoffs season-after-season, or years of said players enduring injuries. Now the Olajuwon/Drexler/Horry "Clutch City" jerseys, I can see labeling those as iconic (at least if your from Houston).
  10. I have a garage full of these from the late '80's - mid '90's that my wife has been trying to get me to sell for the last decade. She is going to hate the news that they're coming back!
  11. I respectfully disagree. These are the best black jerseys in NBA history (although not an Unpopular Opinion)...