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  1. Penny in the recently retired Magic [enter Nike name for road jersey here] jersey
  2. I'm not sure if this has been a trend of late with other NBA teams, but the Magic have been conducting polls and asking lots of uniform related questions to past jerseys on their social media accounts. I would say that the majority of fans favor the inaugural uniforms along w/ the mid 90's blue w/ white pinstripe alts that became full time road jerseys, however, of late I've seen a lot of fans rumbling about bringing back the Darrell Armstrong/Bo Outlaw/T-Mac era sublimated star jerseys (below). Not sure how they would work with the current Nike template, as the shinier/razzle version was the best but perhaps those may be in the works in the coming seasons...or new primaries all together (or whatever Nike calls home & road jerseys).
  3. This may be posted on page 24 or something (its been awhile since I've been on this thread). But anyways A.I. last hurrah with the Sixers. This one might be controversial. Horace Grant won 3 titles with the Bulls in 7 seasons, but statistically speaking, he had his most productive season(s) in his 6 seasons with the Orlando Magic. So being completely biased with this one, the Orlando Magic is just as right being the "right team" as the Bulls (to hell with the Lakers). If it ain't the pinstripes, it ain't right.
  4. That's right, they call it a cheer "fight" song up there. *pom poms waving* ♫ Score a touchdown...1,2,3! ♫ *pom poms waving*
  5. Some of the best presentation I've seen on here. I loved the JAX Suns, was saddened to hear that they re-branded as the Jumbo Shrimp (such a stupid MiLB trend). I like the concept that you went with, I'm a sucker for Vaudeville/old-timey era, love it! Please pass this along to the folks running the Jumbo Shrimp, im sure the fans would all appreciate a rebrand to the bygone days. Looking forward to seeing more of your concepts!
  6. I lived in JAX from 1995-1998 (was their for the Jags Inaugural season). It's basically just that, a pride thing. I was in middle & high school when I lived there and vividly remember listening to the various radio stations from pop music to hip-hop and lots of people would call in and rep their area of town, high school and Jax in general. So not surprised that, "DUUUVAL" would become the Jags rally chant. Little known fact, not only is Jacksonville the largest city in the NFL, it is the largest city in the continental United States with over 840 square miles (Duval county is 918 square miles - JAX pretty much encompasses the entire county). I mean as fan chants go, you honestly cant say that "DUUUVAL" is that more cheesier than the traditional "Fly Eagles Fly" cheese fest or "Bear Down, Chicago Bears". Its all the same to me, fandom.
  7. I agree with that, I was just mainly pointing out contrasting colors. Slate gray (or whatever the Magic call it) and purple or red or green would still provide some contrast w/o the road team wearing their white jerseys. My main point really is keeping white uniforms (or yellow in Lakers case) as the designated home color (not to be worn on road games).
  8. Completely agree with this. I get fans wanting to see their teams play in their City jerseys at home, I don't have any issues with that, but they should plan those nights against a team that has contrasting road jersey, not a team just settling on wearing their home white's because the home team elected to wear their "darker" jersey. For instance, I'm actually a fan of what the Magic did with their City uniform this year (details aside), especially pairing it with their complimentary court design. Instead of the road team deferring to their home whites when playing in Orlando, why not schedule that "City" night against a team that has a contrasting road jersey, like the Lakers (purple), Bulls (red), Celtics (green), etc. That would make 100x more sense to me than what they are settling for in today's NBA.
  9. It's crazy to think that the younger generation/demographic and those watching thereafter will only be familiar with this NBA. They do not know an NBA where teams had a "home" and "away" jersey, with one alternate on occasion. Call me a boomer (even though I'm in my late 30's) but I miss the aesthetic simplicity of the game, even with the crazy jerseys of the mid/late 90's, I enjoyed the tradition of a home & road unis. I wish this was still the norm for 90% of games, I think 10% of color vs color games would be sufficient enough.
  10. You're right, should have changed "Nike" to "NBA". Either way, I have no issues with teams having 4 different uniforms, I'm just not a fan of the inconsistencies (compared to the past) of when they wear them. Like I said, the Magic wearing their home "whites" the other night has occurred way less than them wearing their other uniforms. I get why they do it, showcase different jerseys at home so the fans pony up the $$$ to buy them.
  11. Maybe I'm becoming a curmudgeon at 35 years old, but with all of the uniform options and the randomness of whether they are worn at home or on the road it has become a true overload of inconsistency. It's pretty bad that I was watching my Magic play at home last night against the Raptors and the Magic actually wore their home whites last night, but it looked so weird to me because I've been numbed to them wearing their road, alts and/or City uniforms more at home than on the road this season. We actually had a "correct" uniform match-up last night, with the Raptors in black and Magic in white, but somehow all of the Kool-Aid that Nike NBA has been shoving down our throats has messed up what was once tradition. I don't mind busting out the black Alt or City uniform 5-7 times a season at home, but man do I miss the days when off the bat w/o looking at the court you knew which team was home/away.
  12. Obvious correct team for MJ, however, incorrect home whites. BONUS - Incorrect MJ USA Basketball jersey (1984 USA Exhibition game)
  13. Completely agree with this. I don't want to rush to judgement from a pic that looks like it was shot by a 2MP cell phone cam, but it doesn't appear to have a lasting look.
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