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  1. yo Would love to see one for Binghamton please. Thanks, i'm loving these.
  2. wow, that's awesome ... would love to buy a Michigan t-shirt with that logo on it
  3. Here is a picture of the Giants Assistant Equipment Manager, Ed Skiba, writing the tribute by hand. Nice tribute.
  4. Others have already mentioned that Brooklyn is indeed on Long Island, but I'd just like to point out that New York City is comprised largely of islands - over 80% of the city's land area. Only the Bronx is connected to the mainland. [mod redacted] Brooklyn and Queens are actually on Long Island. Look at a map.
  5. Can I please request one for the Buffalo Bulls with this logo ( ) , and this picture ( ) ? Thanks a lot!
  6. I believe Schutt DNA Pro Plus.
  7. The Noles still wear them. Oh, you're right. For some reason I thought they used to be even shinier.
  8. I'm generally a fan of the new Nike jerseys but the Jets just look hideous. Their jerseys look incredibly cheap especially when the sweat stains show through creating those dark spots. By far the worst in the league.
  9. The helmets couldn't be anymore perfect, the pants are just awful. ND needs to go with shiny gold pants like FSU used to wear.
  10. Looks really bland to me. What do you guys think? NEW OLD
  11. What's up with the pants on #26? Could they be any shorter?
  12. I don't recall that. Pics or it didn't happen. from the 2010 game
  13. I always associated the goggles with K-Rod Also, does anyone know why Mike Napoli uses black catcher's gear even though it doesn't match the Rangers' uniforms?
  14. Champion - Entry 3 Runner Up - Entry 2
  15. Can I please have a Mets one with these 2 images? Thanks!
  16. here is a link to a picture of the helmet
  17. Bearcats

    NBA Re-brand

    I would try alternating blue/orange rectangles on the side panels of the white jersey instead of orange/white. This concept has a lot of promise.
  18. Anyone know details about the size and fit of the game jersey or limited jersey?
  19. Does anyone know exactly how these fit? I guess I will have to try them on in the store. I wanted to pre-order online, but was wondering if there is some kind of size chart...
  20. Does anyone know if the Knicks will be wearing their throwbacks this season?
  21. Oh, okay. I'm sorry. I hadn't seen them before.