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  1. yo Would love to see one for Binghamton please. Thanks, i'm loving these.
  2. wow, that's awesome ... would love to buy a Michigan t-shirt with that logo on it
  3. I always associated the goggles with K-Rod Also, does anyone know why Mike Napoli uses black catcher's gear even though it doesn't match the Rangers' uniforms?
  4. I believe it's called "Crap Store". I have no clue what-so-ever. good thing you padded your post count with a poor attempt at a joke The font is Garamond Thanks jp. My eye for fonts isn't that great.
  5. Can someone please tell me the name of this font or the closest available?
  6. Can anyone please help me out with UNLV's number font? Also the font for ELMO please. Thanks!!
  7. The font for ELMO please. Thanks for the help!
  8. The font for Atlantis please.
  9. Sorry to be a pain but can anyone help me out with the following: The closest font to DIMENSION The closest font to UPS. Thanks
  10. Can anyone tell me what font this is?
  11. You can download it from this site for the low price of $80: http://www.oem-softwares.com/?a=order&sid=...orcs=1&x=42&y=1
  12. http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=27878
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