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  1. turtle33


    Of course I cannot find the article that I read this, but I am pretty sure that the stars are for the gold cup or something with CONCACAF titles.
  2. Readings new home goalkeeper and away kits
  3. I completely agree. (1) The lines on the side of the socks (2) The all lower case name font (3) The hideous numbers No it really fell apart... I can't find any pics but the side tore out.
  4. You say spread out... I say east coast loving.
  5. To bad their is a youth club team in the area that is one of the premier teams in the country that is already called FC Delco. http://www.fcdelco.org/
  6. I found this while looking at the Big Ten website today. http://bigten.cstv.com/sports/w-baskbl/spe.../102507aaa.html
  7. My high school football team from back home, Bellefonte Red Raiders. Only picture of the Westminster College football team.
  8. The colors and the way it is written out reminds me of the Bucknell Bison Yes i know Utica isn't the bison but the colors and the way the logo is presented made Bucknell first pop into my head.
  9. Because of the D logo and the all green for now it screams Dallas to me, but yet again that isn't your fault its just the way it came out.
  10. If you look at the thing you think is the moon closly i think it looks more like a goalie mask of old. You can see the nose where the shading is. example...
  11. I dont know, i dont play football thats just what the players told me they wear. The team is rather stupid so i guess im wrong sorry my mistake.
  12. Yea i think most High Schools copy a main template that either Nike or Adidas has come out with. My high school uses a jersey that is the template from USC and they only just got it when USC started to win the National Championships. EDIT: I would post a pic but they are all to big from our team website JUST CLICK ONE OF THE PICS HERE
  13. This isnt a uniform but what do you guys think of the new Total 90 balls from Nike this year being used in the major leagues...
  14. I really like the leisure wear but as an AC Milan fan and after what happened last year i dont think i can purchase Liverpool gear.