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  1. Yeah, I was expecting this. It's not quite the same. Thinner pants stripe, Thinner shoulder stripes, definitely smaller shoulder numbers. (I'm going only off the images that have been posted here.) I really think--and this is entirely personal--that the very slight use of black adds some great definition. Either way, I like the kelly green better than the current, and I don't have a problem with the addition of just a little black. But the redesign could be a complete monstrosity if they overdo the black or over-Nike-fy it.
  2. Couldn't agree more with these two thoughts. To me, this is absolutely the best the Jets have ever looked. It was a tasteful, balanced use of black to really separate the kelly green and white. I don't consider this "BFBS" because the black was NEVER forced to the front and center, and it actually made a huge difference. Imagine the same uniforms but without the black. It's a COMPLETELY different look. If the tiny use of black makes a huge difference but the black is never used prominently, then it's not "BFBS" to me. Just switch the black facemasks to white, and this could have lasted for decades.
  3. The Bills logo update is a big improvement. I've always personally preferred them in white helmets, but it's hard to find anything wrong with this set. The only (very minor) thing getting to me is that the helmet striping pattern differs from that on the sleeves and pants. But I'm not sure how the unbalanced stripe could work on a helmet. Good job again.
  4. Updates are all upgrades. Good god man, that creamsicle Bucs set is gorgeous.
  5. I think the Titans look pretty solid now. If you can find a way to incorporate a touch of red in the unis, it wouldn't hurt. But the Titans have done a good enough job with minimal to no red on the uniforms for so long, your concept certainly doesn't need it. I'm torn on the new Saints version. As a Panthers fan who's watched the Saints at least twice a year for the last 25 years, it is odd to lose the white. But your last version does look damn good. I think it's a slight improvement. EDIT: Have you thought about light blue socks on the home primary just for color balance? I've always associated that light blue with the Titans (and Oilers)
  6. I've been dormant on this site for a while (it turns out life gets busier as you age), mostly observing but not contributing or commenting. But I can't in good conscience NOT comment on this series. Everything I've seen so far has been superbly well thought-out and well executed. The only issues I have would be mostly ridiculously small nitpicks. I won't waste time with super detailed feedback on each team, as I don't think most of them need it, but I'll hit a few things. I LOVE the white helmeted Bengals. Never thought I would, but I do. In my perfect world, the orange jersey would always be the primary for them, but the black is just fine. Everything about the Rams identity is perfect. And I'm not a royal-blue-and-yellow fanboy. Giants, Lions, Bucs, and Jets: All logos and uniforms are noticeable upgrades. Seahawks and Chiefs: Still trying to decide if I think the logos are an upgrade, but everything works as a complete identity, and that matters most to me. Broncos' logo and uniforms are a bit too "ornate" for my taste, but the overall set is not a downgrade. Your Jags logo is an absurd thing of beauty, a perfect combination of two flawed logos. Uniforms, particularly the color balance, are fantastic. They would be lucky to have this identity. Love the Panthers set overall, but the logo still seems a bit... off? Maybe there are a few too many strokes going on. Not bad by any means, just feels like it could still be refined or simplified. I think the Bills have the same issue. The use of color in the Cardinals set is perfect. The Falcons logo is a fantastic render. I wish there was a way to keep the "F" shape, but it's hard not to like what you created. A really nice evolution. I really enjoy your subtle and clever rework of the Niners logo. Redskins are nice, though I do prefer the spear as the primary helmet logo. The Saints are great, especially the return of gold pants and numerals. But it feels like (maybe just to my eye) that some of the numbers (6, 9, 0?) don't have the same amount of obliqueness as the others. Eagles are perfect. Beautiful. Masterful execution of each logo. Change nothing. Titans logo was a bust at first, but your update is going to be a huge improvement when finalized. Hope to see how it works with the unis. Once again, this is very, VERY impressive work. Looking forward to the rest.
  7. Dude, somebody has stolen your work and claim it as theirs. and he's been doing this for quite some time. He steals form other also.


  8. High Tyler my name is Teo and I am teaching myself how to use Adobe CS6 in particular illustrator and Photoshop and came across some of your designs online and I absolutely love you r work. I am 47 years old so I am a late starter to the world of computer design but I have always loved to draw ,paper and pencil from generation. So the main reason for my question is I work at a public school and their logo is a Viking. Some of the coaches have asked about the possibility of using an alternate logo to the school’s original logo so as I was looking around on my spare time I came upon yours and decided to look into what you are thoughts are on the school using your design or a form of it if you would prefer if be changed to not use you exact design. As I said this is all new to me and to our school which started up a graphic arts class and I do not know much about the copy rights laws but most important we want to respect and credit your work . Please share your thoughts with me and I hope to establish a relationship with you that can be passed on to the students as a possible contact on how to pursue a career in graphic design.

  9. Like the logo, and the inspiration behind it, but definitely think it works better when it's a bit more simple, with fewer elements.
  10. Agree 100%. I love the colors and the style is great, but it feels like there's not enough imagery in the OKC logo to function as a primary. Wordmark, however, is just about perfect.
  11. Much better imo, though I'd like to see it with some of the orange highlights (just to compare). Flipping the orientation also helps a lot. But what you've got now is much more flame-like, and the simplicity makes it 10x more "iconic."
  12. Agree with this. The rounded corners are the problem. Drop both outlines (black and orange) and treat it like the Carolina Panthers did with their update: no keyline at all. Just display the elements by themselves on any background. On a red background, you could change the ball/flames to orange and the highlights to white.
  13. I tried something like this a few years ago: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/96786-nhl-super-league/?do=findComment&comment=2165160 I think showing whiskers would be nice; maybe blue whiskers on the gold on the right, gold on the blue on the left. It might help break up all the negative space on the left side (his right) of the face. And like others, I think showing pads on the paws would be great. Lastly, if the white belly is illuminated--which it is, since we can see it--then I'd look at trying a few more highlights on the legs, feet, tail, and maybe left shoulder. Nothing crazy. I think the latest version nailed the eyes. Looking forward to seeing this progress.
  14. I dont know if you read my message, but could you please send me an email at jmorgan.32896@farnborough.ac.uk I'm looking for permission to use your logo in a non commercial project for a stadium design, drop me a line please

  15. Hi, I saw your Las Vagas Scorpions logo and I was wondering if I could use it? I am designing a baseball stadium for Las Vegas (for a new MLB franchise) and need a team and logo. Obviously I would give you credit. Here are some of my stadiums www.morganstadia.com If you can, can you send me some more basic logo's like 'Scorpions' and 'Las Vegas' just as letters and also perhaps a slightly different smaller logo? I'm sure you could just lift them off the shirts you did...

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      ...It would look good to have various logo's around.



      Ps I love your work, it is excellent :D

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      I tried sending you a PM but i guess your inbox is full. Thank you! :D