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  1. Love each of the last two entries. That Chicago away is so gorgeous it makes my soul happy.
  2. Houston looks great and I love the name. Only issue is on the orange shirt, how the angles on the stripe don't quite line up with those on the crest. Just looks a bit off.
  3. So far these are all very impressive. As someone else said, it's great too see so much thought put into concepts. (I think soccer lends itself so much more than other popular sports to these kinds of patterns and exploration. The NBA seems like it's trying to get there--if clumsily in fits and starts--but I'd love to see more sports go this way, especially with the way HD broadcasts allow us to see and enjoy subtleties.) NC, Utah, and Orlando (purple) are particular standouts in a great field. Keep it up.
  4. Good god, I know I'm supposed to hate it, but I don't. I'm definitely suffering from homerism here, and I've always had a soft spot for wordmarks on hockey jerseys (always liked the Pens' PITTSBURGH and the Stars' DALLAS), but I don't hate it. I'll need to see more, cleaner pics and definitely see them on the ice, but I think it's a slight upgrade. Don't like the exclusion of the primary logo, but it's better than what we had been wearing. I don't hate it. Now everyone shout at me and tell me I'm wrong.
  5. It's a ridiculously beautiful jersey, but what I love most is the white gloves. I thought they were brilliant when Vegas debuted them and I think they're brilliant here. I would love to see more teams use white gloves with their white jerseys IF they work. I feel like they would only work if there are no colored stripes on the bottom of the sleeves, so that the white from the sleeves "bleeds into" the white gloves.
  6. We will... I was out of town for about a week and have spent the last few days catching up with real life. Still hashing out the Mustangs and Knights. Can't say exactly when I'll be posting new stuff, but this series is definitely not over.
  7. Quick look: Obviously haven't addressed issues with the logo yet. I like the heavier influence on the sky blue here (that was my original intended focus before things evolved). Just not sure about the color balance. Thoughts?
  8. While I take the time to go back and look at those changes, here's another preview to enjoy:
  9. Thanks for the comments, guys. I found myself a little busy over the last few days so I haven't had a chance yet to implement any changes, but I'll look at these. @JG36, I think I'm married to the T-bar road striping. I've always liked it and thought it was tragically underused in the Majors. But I'll try your suggestion and put it up for comments. @coco1997, you're correct about the phantom roundel. That's how the logo started. I tried angling the interior of the wings to match that of the C, but thought it was too heavy on one side due to the slant on the C. I'll try to take another stab at it. Also I think you may be correct about the colors bleeding. I didn't want that many outlines originally, but I thought the result actually looked muddier. I'll definitely go back and try more versions. I'm thinking maybe just sky blue outlined with yellow, but it's got a serious UCLA vibe going on.
  10. And heeeeeeere we go... Presenting the Carolina Pilots. Colors are sky blue, midnight blue, and yellow, with touches of "sand" in the logos. I intentionally tried to go with a more "generic" theme as opposed to literal imagery of a pilot or a plane. I was attempting to make something that would better fit in with other logos in the league, and I've mocked up an AL logo sheet replacing the Rays with the Pilots. Some basic treatments for the primary logo. Pretty generic alternate logo/sleeve patch. I had another sketch involving a scene with the Wright brothers' plane and a more modern military jet, but it was becoming too busy and didn't seem to "fit." Also, a bunch of treatment options for the "Pilots" script.
  11. Interesting ideas. I've actually already done a Charlotte Monarchs concept, waaaaaaaaaay back in the day. I think Buzz would be too close to the NBA's Hornets. I do like the possibility of Rails. Salamanders I really like, but may be a bit too "minor league." We'll see. I almost went with that, given the troubles with the "Pilots" history/ownership. Might go back to it.
  12. Quick preview of home wordmarks for the three names I'm considering (so far) Pilots, Mustangs, Knights:
  13. All solid observations, thanks guys. I'll go ahead and post the Pilots when finished since they're very close to completion. But then I think I'll move on to Knights and Mustangs.
  14. Thanks for the replies everyone. So... it feels like there's been relocation talk surrounding the Rays almost as long as they've existed. Some of that talk seems to consistently hover around relocation to a site in North Carolina, whether in Charlotte, Raleigh, or the Triad (Just no. I live there, and it won't work). There's no doubt that North Carolina has a large, rich history with baseball--mostly minor leagues during the last 50-75 years. By my count (I'm sure I'll be corrected), there are currently 2 NC teams in the International League, 4 NC teams in the South Atlantic League, 4 NC teams in the Carolina League, 1 team in the Atlantic League, plus other semi-pro or summer/college leagues. It appears the MLB-to-NC chatter has picked up recently, especially with a group in Raleigh pushing hard to bring a team there. As a native North Carolinian, I never had a natural "home" team to cheer for, and this intrigues me. So I decided to play around with the idea of the Rays relocating to NC. Personally I think Raleigh would be the more likely destination, if only because the Charlotte Knights AAA team's stadium would be a pain to upgrade to current MLB standards. But I played around with franchise name ideas for Raleigh, Charlotte, and "Carolina," trying to pick team names that leaned toward one of the two metro areas, or ones that could easily be adopted by either city. I've tried to make all the nicknames have some sort of connection to their location. So my ideas were thus, ranked in order of my preference for each individual "home" location: Charlotte Miners (first gold rush in US) Racers (obvious) Knights (obvious) Rapids (US National Whitewater Center, probably in poor taste now) Raleigh Engineers (potential double meaning: Railroad hub/Tech sector) Mustangs (Banker horses of the NC Outer Banks) Explorers/Voyagers (Lost Colony) Oaks (City of Oaks) Carolina Pilots (Wright brothers, 82 Airborne in Ft. Bragg, Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte; Raleigh and Charlotte (6th busiest in US/World in traffic) airports Hounds (Plott hound, state dog) Grays (gray fox, personally always loved this as a "traditional" baseball name) Wolves (red wolf, native to the state but almost extinct a few decades ago; reintroduced in eastern NC in 1987) I've sort of played around with a few of these that I like the best, but I initially settled on "Carolina Pilots," with no idea which city they would call home. I know the issues with the Milwaukee/Seattle/MLB regarding the "Pilots" name. There's no intention to rectify those here, I've just used the name because I think it works well. So I've got a pretty good start on that particular identity, but I'd love to hear any ideas about any of the other potential locations or names, or any new ones anyone has for a Rays-to-NC relocation scenario. I'd love to explore several options and make this into something of an ongoing series.
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