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  1. That Laine/Matthews OT series was eerily reminiscent of the McDavid/Eichel OT last season at FNC. As a relatively new NHL fan it's pretty awesome to be able to watch the next generation of NHL superstars blossoming.
  2. Same thing happened to Lehner last year on opening night. Besides Eichel's first goal last season's home opener was a total buzzkill (Lehner injury, Kane's game tying goal being called back on first offsides challenge in Sabres history), but at least this year our three best forwards are already injured going into the game.
  3. This is the problem in my understanding. I'm not sure how much of an NHL following there is in Albany, but many SUNY students from Westchester, NYC, & LI are Rangers fans. Of course college students aren't buying season tickets, but if they actually make an effort to appeal to that demographic their attendance could shoot up remarkably.
  4. If Binghamton doesn't get another AHL team, which would honestly be crushing considering how depressed the city is, I could see Syracuse getting a solid bump in attendance. It's only an hour north from Bingo, which has had AHL hockey almost continuously since the late 70's, and seeing the crowd that shows up at B-Sens games I'm sure many of them are traveling a bit to even get to Binghamton in the first place.
  5. I'm pretty sure it was the 2014-15 season when they changed over to the old Ottawa third jersey template and the white face. I agree, definitely liked the flesh tone better.
  6. R.I.P. B-Sens Happy for Belleville to get hockey back though. Speculation is that the Rangers will be returning to Broome County to take their spot.
  7. First hockey game I ever went to in Binghamton an elderly lady usher grabbed me by the collar when I tried to walk up to my seat during play. Boy I felt like an idiot.
  8. Bingo. Discretionary income is finite. Public construction of an arena, ballpark, and/or stadium doesn't cause new, heretofore nonexistent money to magically materialize in the pockets of consumers. Money spent on one non-essential good or service, such as attendance at a sporting event in a publicly-financed venue, cannot subsequently be spent on another non-essential pursuit. Ultimately, public subsidization of one entity - in this case, a pro sports franchise - is, in a best-case scenario, going to leach discretionary income away from other businesses in the community. The bottom line is that construction of publicly-subsidized athletic facilities doesn't create new discretionary income, it simply redirects existing discretionary income. Otherwise known as the subsitution effect which pretty much every economic study done by a team or league very conveniently ignores. If there was a real economic impact from a new stadium/arena it would show up on the city's total GDP in addition to the neighborhood's GDP. I haven't seen a single independent study that can show that. Just because gross income is virtually constant doesn't mean people can't or won't reappropriate their budgets to allow for going to see their local sports team every-so-often if a new, more luxurious, and convenient venue is built. Even if gross disposable income is assumed to be constant you can't assume it is going to be spent elsewhere in the community.
  9. Great looking concept. Why did you decide to recolor the crest from blue to black on the white jersey?
  10. The list of colors were referred to as a guideline so I didn't realize that meant no other colors were allowed, especially when it says the colors of the logo can be changed. Additionally, if you change the rules of the event after originally posting the rules/guidelines you should reflect those changes in the original post to avoid confusion. davidmiller5 also makes a good point that submission #12 uses a sublimated pattern on the numbers and was not disqualified.
  11. Wow, this sucks. Disqualification for "sublimation" seems a bit nit-picky and nowhere in the rules does it say sublimation isn't allowed. I now see that later in the thread it was kind of arbitrarily decided that sublimation was not acceptable. Dark red and gray are official team colors according to Colorwerx as well so where is the line as to something being sublimated or unique enough of a color to be deemed not sublimation? I appreciate you taking the time to put on this awesome competition and I understand how tedious it can be to deal with improper submissions but this seems like disallowing something just for the sake of disallowing it.