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  1. As a film student, it was one of the first things I noticed .
  2. Really like the Lightning and the A's use of the Elephant. Also, as much as I dislike what it represents, the BoSox 07 ring looks very nice. Though I do like the unique touch of putting "Rocktober" on the Rockies ring.
  3. It makes me sick to think what they're going to do when they hang Sakic's 19 from the rafters at the Pepsi Center in the next couple of years. They obviously can't use the simulated mountain peaks with silver and blue lining. Maybe they'll be all white with blue piping up the middle I wish they could just keep the zigzags...he'll have played most of his years in that jersey anyway.
  4. I've got the Denver trifecta (New Mile High, Coors Field, and Pepsi Center in Avalanche configuration), and all are incredibly durable and incredibly accurate. As was said above, the most fragile bits are things like flag poles, so just don't let them near the kids or anything. But it's a fantastic investment. And to answer your question about logos/colors, I've never really noticed anything being "off". So if they do go with something that is just "close enough", it's a close enough that is close enough for me .
  5. They did at one point have the 96 wild card winner banner on the outfield wall but have since removed it.... the last time I remember it there was in 2003 The Rockies have yet to win a Division title. They had a "1995 Wild Card Champions" banner painted onto the wall in left from 95 till somewhere near 2004. Supposedly it was taken down at Clint Hurdle's request, because he didn't want the team celebrating mediocrity. Which is kind of absurd, in my book, because the 95 Rox were in first place in the division until there was about a week left in the season, and led the NL in hits and home runs both. I think that, since there is only one Wild Card per league per year, it's a feat to be celebrated. The word "Champion" is probably too strong for it, but I think it should at least be recognized.
  6. The Colorado Rockies celebrate their 2007 NL Championship in typical understatement-to-the-point-of-tears fashion: The pennant is right under the big neon "Rockies" logo above the scoreboard. Here it is in context: And, finally, the dugout cover: By the way, long-time lurker first-time poster. The next time I am in Pepsi Center, I am going to try and get better photos of all the banners in there for everyone.
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