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  1. And what does this have to do with what we are talking about? Oh, that's right......NOTHING. Way to troll Rams, way to troll. I'm out of here. Have fun with your NBA season. Peace Out!
  2. Noooooo, the initial reactions were that this was all LeBron. Even the article I posted had to make it clear that this was going to be run by the district and that the taxpayers would be flipping most of the bill. Does he deserve credit for this? Yes...absolutely. Does this happen without him? Absolutely not!
  3. Not detracting. Just putting the facts out there.
  4. MOD EDIT It's just the narrative that was being put out was that LeBron was paying for the whole thing, which is just not true.
  5. On this being LeBron's school.....not so much.
  6. It sounds like a type of medical marijuana.
  8. Had the Steelers taken Marino, I would think they make it back to the Super Bowl a few times, like you said....winning them? Who knows, but one can speculate that had Marino played for the Steelers like he did with the Dolphins the possibilities are somewhat grandiose to the average Steelers fan. And don't forget that the Steelers still had a good scouting team that could find those players to make it back to the playoffs year after year. But with Marino in the mix the names would be different but the results probably even better. Also, I think the media would have lightened up a bit on Marino once he starting winning, but who knows?
  9. DEFINITELY getting the yellow and white kits. The black/grey one is...meh. Still, awesome upgrades.
  10. Huge improvement over the wet dog. Although, I would have made the checkers on the badge blue and white to mirror the city crest, and it would have kept open the option for a blue kit or add a blue element to the jersey. I was hoping PRSC would have gotten cbus last years kit, with the checkers down the side, but the checkers would be blue and white. I think it would have really popped against the black and yellow. I would have also made checkers on the badge even to each other. On the left hand side the checkers start off with two black squares, but on the right hand side it starts off with one. It just looks off. Other than that....CAUM AHN YINZ HOWNZ!!!!
  11. I'm going to give three instances that prove Paterno was not god, like some like to think he was, and that his powers were not what you think they were. 1.The BOT fired Paterno. They didn't let him resign, or consulted with Paterno on how the best way for him to retire. I mean, being Paterno and being bigger than his superiors, he must have told them I am not being fired! You can't fire me, I run this town! Nope. They fired him. 2. If you look at a satellite image of University Park you will notice a baseball stadium just East of Beaver Stadium. That baseball stadium is for the PSU team and the minor league State College Spikes. When the plans were drawn up Paterno objected to the site for the stadium as it was used for parking for games and as an extra practice field. They built it anyway. 3. Part of Sandusky's retirement package included Emeritus status. Paterno objected to this to the AD as it would give Sandusky a much wider range of privileges. They gave it to him. Now, Paterno was an icon of the university. I'll give you that. He was the most recognized person associated with the university. But he was human, and a football coach. He was not trained to look for child abuse like Child Welfare, who by the way green lighted Sandusky to adopt. He was not trained to investigate crimes against a child, like the local and state police were but never had the evidence to put Sandusky away. So, if these agencies could not see what was going on with Sandusky how was Paterno suppose to have this insight beyond his training. YOU think Paterno was a god....I never did.
  12. I think it was part of the original sanctions that the NCAA handed down.
  13. And where is the evidence that the coaching staff knew? The ones who McQueary mentioned? The ones who basically made McQueary look like a snake in the grass by providing rebuttals to McQueary's 3rd hand information. Is that what you are going on? At most Paterno knew there was an investigation, in which the investigation found nothing to charge know...the guy who is in prison for molesting kids....the real monster in this whole thing. And that's it. When told by McQueary, Paterno did what he was suppose to do.