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  1. Anyone know what font this is on this jersey? Or something close to it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Dissappointed that BG has a custom font / wordmark and they went with a generic font for BOWLING GREEN, but all is forgiven because we got a brown jersey again! The Brown jersey will look much better with the orange helmet and orange or white pants.
  3. I like the use of the beige/gold that is a part of the official color palate of BGSU but is not really used. I definitely think it should be utilized and this concept is a nice usage of it.
  4. Didn't Paul Brown adopt BG's colors for his Cleveland pro football club? Yes I believe that's correct.If I recall correctly, this was one of those freshmen orientation stories when I was starting at BG in 2010. I believe their first training camps were held at BGSU as well. (I think in the field between where Anderson Arena and East Hall are now...?) FYI that image is part of a concept set of anime uniforms and helmets I designed, certainly not official and as pointed out not my best Photoshop work. Someone took a photo of my computer screen and that's the image you see there. I also did white and orange jersey and pant sets as well as more orange chrome and a white helmet.
  5. That has to be one of the most beautiful jerseys I have ever seen. Maybe I'll find one on Ebay or something.I've been looking weekly for years. Good luck!If I accomplish my whale this weekend, I'll sell ya my cheap Alomar replica! FWIW, here's THE REST of the uniform. Sweet! How much would you want for the Alomar jersey? And I guess a better question would be, what size is it? WHALE ACCOMPLISHED!!! how much?Can't believe there werent a lot of bids on these.... I stole this one (the only # I wanted) for a Cool hundy. Well done! Nice to meet you last night Andy... and congrats!!! It was definitely a buyers market with the jerseys. Even without the proper caps or pants they looked sharp on the field!
  6. Ahhhh it's beveled! Get back to the 90s! On a more serious note, nothing in this logo design says Cougars. Heck nothing really says Charleston other than the script Charleston. No wrought iron no claws marks no iconic buildings that make up the city or The College. I think this is a downgrade on the primary- the claws holding the C to the plain beveled block C. Possible upgrade from full wordmark as I like the script Charleston and The College. But every area as The U (See Miami, Minnesota). Branding something in a logo CofC would have even been a little more unique.
  7. I like the return of BOWLING GREEN to both the home and away jerseys, I like the crispness of them. Don't know why they use a generic adidas font for numbers when BGSU has their own custom font, don't like the template wings and although the matte helmet is kinda cool I don't think matte works on a bright color like orange which is meant to "shine". Matte looks best with black/grey/dark colors. Do love the helmet design though.
  8. Ominvore- thanks for that link and the message. What I would suggest at this point is if anyone on this board is interested in possibly pursuing this project they should: 1. PM me and let me know 2. Then email me or send me pertinent work samples of previous completed work (either real logos or concepts or identities) 3. Our team would review works samples/portfolios 4. If we found a designer which we liked we would reach out to them to tell them of full details and elements required 5. Upon reaching an agreement on a $ figure the designer would then begin working on this specific design
  9. I work for an affiliated minor league baseball team that will be hosting our league All-Star game in 2012. We are in need of a logo for said event. As a longtime reader and member of this board I know the talent that exists and the excitement opportunities like this bring. Would this be something folks on here would be interested in submitting ideas for? My thought would be to have people submit some initial sketches or quick mock ups to us and have us then decide on a designer to work with on the logo, with tweaks and versions to be modified before a final set is decided on. Is this something people would do for the experience? To add to their portfolio? We of course would provide some SWAG that includes the logo. Would a fee be required, if so what figure is realistic? Before I get my GM's approval and proceed with putting the details out there I would want to see the response to this post and go from there. Thanks for reading and replying.
  10. Gotta add some love for my alma mater- Cornell College Rams of Mt. Vernon, IA. The horns depict a "c" and and "r" for Cornell Rams. I think it is a unique logo and non-traditional looking Ram head. Prior to this we had a generic looking clip art ram and also used the old UNC Ram. I think this one takes some elements from the Chicago Bulls but is unique enough to not be a rip off.
  11. Yeah if you can get past even just a few eagle-eye Creamer-ites I'd say it is actually a pretty decent Photoshop job. ON first view I noticed the kid's caps, but not anything else. I think the sleeves looked pretty good.
  12. Gotta give my boy Dean Youngblood some props: (one of my favorite movies as a kid, used to watch it before youth hockey games!) Of course Jamie Farr got it all started on M*A*S*H
  13. Akron's head coach was also LeBron's head coach in high school at St. Vincent/St. Mary's.
  14. Not really sure but with your bullpens in dead center field you may have some batters' eye issues there. . . Love the project, great job so far.