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  1. I think the uniforms have grown on me. My only real issue is the logo on the helmet. I think a few simple options to rectify this are: 1. Get rid of the football. 2. Option 1: As the poster above shared, add the jet to the top of the logo (combining 80s/current) 2.A Option 2: Use an NY with a silver jet (similar to 80s logo) streaking across the NY (my preference) The color of the helmet is beautiful. Make this change and the NY on the chest instead of NY and you have a winner. BTW . . . I think the all white uni and all black are pretty sweet.
  2. Oh and one more thing on the logo . . . the football cause that was an element of the old logo? I think we know we're a football team . . . why not a jet of some sort. I said it earlier and I'll say it again . . . you spent 3-5 years coming up with this. Hope the on-field decisions are better than this. I won't be buying any of this merchandise.
  3. So when the ladies Jet Flight Crew kicked this off I was excited . . . their uniforms in gray/black looked great so I thought we had a "fighter" jet/pilot look to unveil. Then, the leaked uniforms became reality. Very disappointing. They do look better live than the leaked image but still a major fail. It took them 3 years to put this together . . . looks like a Sears catalog jersey from the 70s. I could kinda live with them if perhaps they had an actual logo of some sort on the helmet. Again, 3 years to create this? No words. That's ok . . . I'm sure these will be out the window in 5 years.
  4. So SNY (the Mets network who also covers the Jets in great depth, including pre-post game shows . . . in case you're not local to NY) has a late night sports show (Sports Nite). Last night in the last 30 seconds of the show, they said get ready for new Jets' uniforms on Thursday and showed the leaked pic. So, why would they being so closely affiliated with the Jets broadcast something prior to tonight's event . . . wouldn't think the Jets would be too pleased with that unless, as others have mentioned, they are trying to throw folks off with the leaked image. Jet's QB @ Yankee stadium yesterday was interviewed . . . wearing a lot of gray and black.
  5. Enough of this for tonight (early this AM) . . . hoping these are fake. Most jets are silver. Wanna make a statement ? Go black helmets (fighter pilot look w/logo from 80s Jets in white n green or jet from that logo as the logo), silver jerseys n paints with green #s outlined in white . . . unique, captures jets, "taking flight". Going to Mets home opener then we'll see what reality's all about with Jets unis.
  6. What about this says "Take Flight" (the tag they've been using for the event/uniforms). To me, it says nothing to that. These don't seem to correspond to that theme. What about all the rumors with "over-sized" numbers. These have none of that. I guess I'm just hopeful they've come-up with better than this. I've seem some very nice concepts here. On in particular makes excellent use of just the "jet" on the helmet from the 80s (not the word mark, but Jet above it), as well as using it on the arm as a stripe.
  7. So hoping these aren't real . . . again, lack of any kind of imagination and too much like a CFL or kids league uniform. A few things: 1. Notice the Under Armour cleats on the player in black (second to the right) . . . that wouldn't make sense for a Nike release 2. J Adams had denied these are real . . . but also say, maybe they are, maybe they aren't . . . you'll have to watch. 3. These don't scream "Bad Axx" or merit the reaction in some of the teaser videos Let's hope they are better. A re-do of the 80s would be much better . . . in my opinion
  8. So I am one of those hoping this logo is a bad joke. Take a look @ this link regarding SI posting info re: 2019 NFL Draft Hats. No Jets hat and note regarding them being unveiled on Thursday. Maybe just wishful thinking . . . maybe not: https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/04/02/nfl-draft-hats-2019-new-era
  9. A few things: 1. How do these gentlemen in Germany gain access to these items when they are no where else to be found? Seems a bit odd to me. Perhaps China knock-offs, with the logo shown being that taken from the Jets Branding Leak Portfolio shown a few weeks/months ago. 2. The Jets hat shown in the video, in general, is much less detailed than those of other teams shown (fewer design elements) and perhaps this is something thrown together as a place-holder. 3. What's shown is completely opposite of the "BadAXX" descriptions from players and owners, as well as descriptions that these would be different from others in the league. 4. Today is April Fools day. I'm not a kid, and do work in the area of marketing for a Fortune 500 company and this design screams boring with very little identity. A huge miss. While I get some folks worried about an over the top look, an update of the 80s look would be very welcomed compared to this if it's real.
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