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  1. Classy and beautiful. The kind of thing this conservative team (design wise) might go to...
  2. I like the Oilers.... Actually, anything is better than the ugly orange they have now....
  3. THank you! We'll see! Looking forward to....
  4. Hi, Any news on when we'll see the jerseys? NHL Draft? Special event?
  5. C'est très beau comme concept Christian. Vraiment bien fait... Propre et très classe... Ca me rappelle les Harfangs de Beauport... L'idée de la forme de la CItadelle est géniale...
  6. To revive an old topic... (both in this forum and in the real life) No need to worry! This won't happen in our lifetime... Only in Québec, two generations voted NO to an independance. We had our chances and we blew them! So screw this! The government should now put the same energy in jobs creating and to bring the economy to a better level.
  7. Wow! I love the concept although I agree with the admiral about the fact that the uniform look a bit like the Jets. But I do like the ''clin d'oeil'' to both the vikings and Champlain. The boat is fantastic. Well done!
  8. Well done! Seems like the WHA's back in town! I really like it!
  9. Bonjour Sidney, Wow! Tu t'es attaqué à quelque chose de sacré en le modifiant de façon extraordinaire. Félicitations! N'y touche plus! ahahahhaha Ça fait du bien de parler français ici!
  10. Hi there, Anybody here would be able to tell me what would be the font or a close one to the "shooters" word on this logo? Thank you in advance for your help!
  11. Oui c'est vrai! Pis c'est ridicule comme nom! Spécialement quand il y a déjà un Rouge et Or! What is worst? The RedBlacks name or having 2 teams outta 9 called the RoughRiders like it used to be?
  12. Hi, I saw the french version of the name "Rouge et Noir" (Red and Black)... For the marketing across the river! In the province, the Laval University' football team is call "Rouge et Or" (Red and Gold) and the Sherbrooke University's football team is calle "Rouge et Vert" (Red and Green)... And sometimes, we called the Canadiens "Le Bleu Blanc Rouge" (The Blue White and Red)... My province is now officially "The least friendly place for the colorblinds"! Le Québécois Montreal
  13. Time to restart this old topic of mine started back in march 2007! Wow! I can't believe it's been almost 6 years! Any suggestions?