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  1. I've thrown some options up on zazzle for sale: STL Rally Squirrel Shirt
  2. I think the days of sports logos with multiple strokes and collages of symbols are over. The new trend is clearing the clutter and giving the team marks some room to become iconic, rather than trying to force it. And now, teams are adding more and more secondary logos to carry all the different iconographies, instead of cramming them all in one mark.
  3. I wanted to update the Jets mark, simplify it and add more color contrast to it. The wordmark is original, no fonts used. The red mark is an abstract burst inspired by a fighter jet, the canadian maple leaf and super sonic explosions - in other words, total awesomeness. For the uni's, I kept things as close to the originals but also matching the updated identity.
  4. I picked the name to honor the Winnipeg Bear. It seemed like a natural fit for a city mascot. I like the bear appearing stoic and noble as opposed to ferocious. I also incorporated a stylized "W" with the bear. As for the jerseys - I used black for obvious reasons. The Northern Blue and Canadian Gold is taken from the Atlanta color scheme. The tan is used instead of white to add more warmth when combined with black (like a pint of Guinness).
  5. Thanks for the kind words. I agree that it needs to sit upright a bit more. Thanks for bringing that up. I'm cleaning up the curves and adjusting the angles. I'll repost with some secondary logos as soon as I can. Glad you guys like it!
  6. This is the primary mark so far, I'll be expanding it to secondary mark, wordmark and maybe a uni look.
  7. Fantastic. Great color and modern style.
  8. This looks too much like Boise State. Try different angles or poses.
  9. This board is for sports logos if I'm not mistaken. So, yes, I think there needs to be a sub forum for the uniform tweaks. Either that or create another forum that is only for complete identity and branding concepts.
  10. It was Joe Bosack. Collegiate Licensing Co. is just a legal manager of the marks. Once the job closes for Bosack, it's up to BSU to maintain the rights and protect it.
  11. Haha, I kinda already gave him a freebie when he was trying a solo act, I redesigned his logo for him. I was thinking % of the sales, but honestly I could really use the money now, lol, so an initial payment would benefit me more right now. Thanks for the advice guys! Based on your experience (which I guess is none) I would charge $20 an hour. I'm an art director at an ad agency and my freelance rate is about $85/hour. It usually ranges from $50-$100. But, really, if he's your buddy you should just be happy you're working on something. Give it to him for free.
  12. That is a pretty sweet concept Thanks guys! I was also pretty let down by the new look. I work in the advertising industry as an art director I can say from experience that when something that uninspired and lifeless comes out, it's 95% the client art directing too much. My best guess is that the front office was scared of venturing too far from what they had (not knowing they should start from scratch). Or they took pieces from five different concepts and threw them all together. It's like painting. When you mix all the vibrant colors together you get a dull brown color. It's a shame they let a great opportunity go to waste, but I guess their marketing skills are as sharp as their player scouting skills.
  13. Whenever I see a worst football uni list and either Florida A&M or Columbia University isn't on the list - it's instantly not credible.