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  1. the ncaa banned tinted visors this season. The reason is for trianers and doctors to quickley check players eyes for concussions. Neat idea, but ncaa will never approve it.
  2. Love the work here. Since it is already at a great point, I have only small corrections to really make this something special. 1. The logo is great. I know you're curling the snake into a "C" but the counter space needs to become tighter in order to "lockup" the logo. I would bring the head in tighter and make the black outline 2 or 4px thicker. It would still keep the C intact, but add more tension to the logo. 2. On the secondary logo. Again, you really know your stuff, but the black markings on the top look a little messy. I would reflect the one on the right to line up with the slope of the Alamo roof like the left one does. I would take out the "screened out" markings all together and make the alamo slightly bigger. Next, the lockup of the S,A and star looks unfinished. There is a way to can combine all those elements together to make them connect. Move the left point of the star into the negative space of the top "S" curve to combine them. Almost like the left side of the star creates the right side of the S. Then move the A to the left and allow the right point of the star to create the "counter triangle" of the A. You may have to add some extra stuff to create the triangle, but it will be worth it. What this will do is create some great positive/negative contrast and add a little something extra to be marveled at. Once you do this, you can play around more with color and stroke options. I'm really just a logo guy, so I find the picky details in everything. BUT THIS IS A GREAT CONCEPT. The unis are sharp and the copper hats look great. Keep it up.
  3. Cleveland Firewater? That would be the greatest sports name ever. If I have time, I'm making that happen.
  4. My bad, I thought we talking about uni design, not baseball politics. But I don't think the Orioles have embraced their St. Louis Browns roots enough for them to protest something like that and I don't think they had a problem with Milwaukee when they took the name Brewers in 1970. Plus the St. Louis Browns took their name from the Cardinals anyway, so I think anything is usable at this point.
  5. The Indians won't ever change their name, but I still like where these are going. The Orioles shouldn't have a problem because they wear BLACK and orange, not BROWN and orange. I like the second round because you went further away from the football design, but you still need to work on the wordmark to make it pop. I would suggest flatening the arched text down a bit and bringing the letters closer together. Look at script versions and play with the lowercase with the uppercase "B". Also, if you want these to really be something special, I would redraw the elf logo in a modern style for a secondary or patch logo. Finally, I know you were channeling the Browns helmets with the cap design, but just stick with the all brown caps with a orange "C". If you need help with the elf logo, let me know.
  6. THEY ARE CALLED PINSTRIPES! Just make the lines a hairline thick and people might actually go for it. If you look at the old Brooklyn unis, you'll see what I'm talking about.
  7. Just wanted to test out the new sig. and give out a giant salute to everyone that entered the contest.
  8. 1. Tampa Bay Rays (2) 2. Sails 3. Voyagers
  9. Your latest version is great. What you should do is invest in buying Adobe Illustrator and redraw this logo in vector form and present it to that school. They would be stupid not to use it.
  10. Alright, I'm done. I don't know where I was going with the red and orange. I think it was one of those "It looked really sharp at 3:00am". So this is back to the Navy/Lime/Sea Blue and I'll leave it at that. I also included a Spring Training Uni to go with the BP uni as well. Thanks for the comments and I have to say, there has been some really great concepts on this thread. Let the democratic process begin.
  11. Ball Wonk- Thanks for the Crit. I have been going through color combos left and right and can't come to one I like yet. Your absolutely right about the colors not fitting the direction of the logos. I think I had it right with the navy, lime and beige.
  12. You'll have to go back to the 3rd page or so to see the original. I changed the "Rays" logo so that the ray tail wasn't cutting off the bottom of the letters as much, and put a more modern touch on the entire logo design - I offset the circle graphic on top to resemble a wave with a baseball in the pipe. The most noticable change are the colors. Yes it's the same as the Miami Heat, but no MLB team has this color combo (Houston is close, but not the same). Let me know which version you prefer.
  13. You may have seen the working process of this in a previous thread. I starting working this concept about a year ago and luckily they're now looking for a change. I sent a previous draft to the front office, but only heard back from a PR guy. I kept the name Tampa Bay Rays and stuck with the fish mascot, but changing the look to a more traditional and classic design.
  14. I submitted to the team as well, I heard back with good thoughts, but I'm still waiting for more.
  15. What fonts did you use for it? And where can I get them? They're great and BTW, both logos work for me.
  16. Again. Thank you all for the comments. They have really motivated me to get into sports design much further than before. Also I sent my work to the Tampa Bay front office just to see if I get any sort of reaction from them. They'll probably ignore it, but might as well give it a shot.
  17. The batter is in a florida orange grove. I'm working on different ways of representing it because it is somewhat more abstract than I would like. Plus I think changing the sun to a orange color might help. The idea is to put a new identity to the names RAYS than just a fish. Thanks for the comments. And hopefully some TB owners will catch on.
  18. I forgot to post these together, but I made one with the lime and navy color scheme. I think you guys are right. The navy and lime is more unique.
  19. I settled on this color combination. Sort of a richer version of the Florida Panthers. The orange represent the sun and citris of Florida. The deep red represents the setting sun and the deep blue represents the bay waters at night and the light beige represents the sandy beaches. For the secondary logo I took inspiration from vintage Florida citris crate labels (the orange grove with the batter hitting an orange in the sunset). I changed the home jersey to a sandy white and included player names, block numbers and sleeve patches. Is it an improvement?
  20. Thanks for the feedback. You guys always make great points on these threads. I'm a logo designer without much experience in the uniform design area, so I'm trying to get the eye for it. I've worked a different version with a deep red and made the logo mark a bit more beefy along with some subtle tweaks in the drawing. I like this one a whole lot better. Let me know which you prefer. I'm also going to try out a secondary logo, refine the script logo and maybe get into the uniform design again. Thanks again for the comments.
  21. I was thinking "If I were the new owner, what direction would I go with the image makeover?" I decided on a classic and more traditional baseball logo, but with a bright new apple green and midnight blue. I stuck with the name Rays until they figure out what else to call them.
  22. How can they use "rays" as in "sun rays" when the team plays in a dome?!
  23. It looks just like Navy's unis. Which is what ND doesn't want. You should try some other things like a pant stripe or adding some gold piping.
  24. I think a white face mask would look great too, but no need to repost. The new blue really looks sharper. Nice work.