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  1. Hey Guys. So Mykl at designed a logo for a team called the San Antonio Battle. I kind of redesigned it based off his, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Here is the original logo: Battle Logo Here is mine: C & C
  2. Does anyone know what font this is? It is the Jacksonville Suns. Help greatly appreciated.
  3. The template must show up different on the computer, because it looked fine in Illustrator. When I can, I will get to all that MVP said, and update the concept.
  4. Hey Guys. So I took your advice, looked over it, and am finished designing the Jacksonville Suns. I hope you like these ones more, and feel that they are better executed. I do. Logos: I kept 3 of there original logos, and modified 2. I dropped a couple as well. The last JS logo just doesnt have the red outline, and I recolored the sun and gave it an outline. For the whole project I will mostly be keeping the logos, or just recoloring them. I may design my own logos if I see fit. Jerseys: I took your guys' advice for the jerseys. I kept the same template, but It shouldnt be distorted because I am displaying one jersey at a time. Here it is. Home Jersey: Away Jersey: Alternate Jersey: Enjoy. C & C as always. Any feedback, I will update this time.
  5. Hey Guys, this thread has been lacking posts lately. A couple people still have to make there college, the list of members is on page 5, just post if you want to drop out.
  6. Thanks for all of the input guys. I realize I probably should have put in more effort into it. I will try and take my time with the Suns, and get a better concept out of it. Question: By no full logos on caps, do you mean no primaries? Just wondering. Also, yeah, I completely missed the fact that I have the B logos listed as cap logos, yet there not on the caps . Should I label them as secondary next time? Thanks again for all the feedback.
  7. Hey Guys. I got the idea to do this from the requests thread, where a member was looking for milb vector logos. They found the link, and now I have the logos too. So I chose a random league, the Southern League, and am starting off my redesign with the Birmingham Barons. Logos: I didn't change much with the logos, but I got rid of the est. 1885 type on the primary, because I feel it is unneccessary. I went with 2 of the same cap logos, and changed up the B cap logo to make it all white. I kept the script the same. Jerseys: I have never done a baseball jersey concept before, so I just made all new concepts for the Barons. Home Red, Away White, and Alternate Grey. Now onto the logo sheet: Jerseys: C & C please, it is my first baseball concept. Next team will be the Jacksonville Suns.
  8. Does anyone have a good vector baseball template, jersey and pants, that I can use in Illustrator?
  9. Called 4th and inches. I probably wont have alternate logos, because it was just a quick concept to see what I could do in Illustrator. Maybe if I get bored sometime I will do some.
  10. Thats awesome how you added history into the name and logo. Good job.
  11. I know this was kind of fast, but here is the finished product. C & C please. After posting this, I looked at it, and I am not sure why it is much worse quality then the others, and I am not sure why it has that white blob by the hornets stinger. Anyone know the reason? I did save it as a png.
  12. Here are a couple filled variations. The top is for comparison. I also got rid of the waltograph font.