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  1. It's not quite right, but the green and orange shapes remind me of maps like this:
  2. I think I'd rather drop the A from the cap than add it to the jersey. Here's what the Cap US looks like... I was thinking an alternate might say "America" on it, or I would do a blue version of the home uni. What do you think would work better?
  3. Every year or two I think about how I would change the designs and uniforms for the USA National Baseball Team. The general idea I always have is that the team should look like one of the classic MLB teams like the Yankees, Tigers, and Dodgers. I don't want the team to look exactly the same, of course, but, well, let's have a look. Here's what I've got for a Home Uniform: I decided to drop the "A" from the large monogram on the left chest. These chest-logo designs tend not to be highly detailed, and I thought a full "USA" would be a bit busy. The cap logo, though, you can be a bit more ornate. I'm sure this'll drive some people nuts, but I think it's appropriate given the historical theme I'm going for. Here's the road set: Dodgers' red front number shows up here; I chose it as a tribute to the man who might be the 20th Century's most important athlete, Jackie Robinson. Red piping on this uniform flanked by white to emulate the flag. I went with the white outline on the country name and numbers to follow suit. Cap Detail: Home Chest Detail: What do you think?
  4. Since I was asked about the scorecard design, this is what it looks like when I'm through adding logos: Hopefully that wasn't enormous.
  5. I make my own scorecards for when I attend Mariners games, and I include teams cap logos as part of the background design. This gets weird sometimes when the cap logo is white. Sometimes they're pretty simple, Oakland's white logo becomes green, the Yankees white logo becomes navy, the Dodgers white logo also becomes blue, you get the picture. Some are more complicated, though. Here's how I adjusted the Rays: The Astros create an issue as well since the white "H" would disappear on a white background. I went ahead and made this adjustment: But perhaps this is more appropriate: Do all teams have a version of their logo that they use on white? I can't imagine they always use a colorblocked background for every application.
  6. I'd like USA Baseball to come up with some calligraphic monogram like the Yankees or Cardinals, perhaps a little less geometric than the cap we see up-thread. I scribble little "USA"s in the margins of my notebooks all the time, but I never quite like the mock-ups I come up with. Here's the latest: I think it would be fun for USA Baseball to have an inconsistent monogram like the Tigers "D" logos and the various interlocking "NY" logos the Yanks employ. The team should look classic, not overly-modern, so maybe something a little less detailed on the uniforms.
  7. Mariners have released 2014 pocket schedules with a pitching Felix Hernandez in uniform on the cover. It's the home uniform and it is white, so we don't appear to have any change to cream there, but I'm curious if it will lead to a new design standard around the stadium. Click here for 2014 For comparison, here's 2013.
  8. Isn't that also similar to Facebook/Klavika Bold?
  9. I like the design, and I like the color change, but the rotation is extreme enough that it hurts my brain a little bit looking at the icon on my iPhone.
  10. I'm glad it's not those first ones. I was thinking, "Transformers, much?"
  11. I'm not a fight-to-the-deather on the whole corporate naming rights thing (but for one sentimental execption), but I do hate the contrived nicknames that are made to go along with the corporate name. U.S Cellular Field as "The Cell," I'll allow, though I'll still refer to it as Comiskey, and I feel nicknaming anything on the south side after a jail seems rather tone-deaf. But I wanted to punch a random passerby when I was instructed to refer to Minute Maid Park as "The Juice Box," or the Giants' revolving-door-name park as "The Phone Booth." "Hey, let's go to the Phone Booth!" No one says this. In Seattle, we had the KeyArena and Safeco Field before they built what was then called Seahawks Stadium. I had hoped they would eschew the corporate naming process and name it for the Washington State governor at the time, Gary Locke. That way, we'd have "The Key," "The Safe," and "The Locke."
  12. Are there any rumblings about the Postseason and World Series logos for 2012 yet?
  13. I was looking around the Internet and was reminded of the old caps that MLB Umpires used to wear (Pictures here). I was wondering if anyone knew where to find the art for these things. Are they on some kind of style guide somewhere?
  14. The Blue Jays look so good it makes me hate them again.