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  1. well here it is... C&C Please.
  2. GameCock is there any chance i could get in this if someone drops out for any reason?
  3. i'll give it a try. count me in.
  4. i was trying to create some nfl jerseys in photoshop usin the nfl fonts, but i'm having problems with effects, namely the eagles and dolphins.. when i do a stroke effect, the corners of the numbers and names are too rounded, and when i do the drop shadow effect for teams like the dolphins or ravens i just cant get it right (you'll see what i mean in the pics i post)... i wondering if there are any plugins to download or if there is anything i am missing allready in the program that could help me (i have adobe photoshop 7.0). MY Dolphins attempt: What it SHOULD look like: ^^^^^ i cant get the drop shadow effect in the 2's My Eagles attempt: What it SHOULD look like: ^^^^^ the corners of my stroke effects are too rounded.
  5. this isnt for the philly eagles.. unifroms r comin soon
  6. finished the uniforms: Home Away Alternate
  7. I pretty much completed my logo set, but will still make adjustments based on C&C. As you may notice, Wordmarks are not my strongpoint. i just lack creativity in that area. Anyhow, im pretty happy with my outcome.. C&C please!
  8. actually, when i finished this, i looked at it and thought Falcon, Eagle, or Raven... What i'll do is just make an Eagles logo set instead.
  9. i started off with the intent of creating FALCON, but im not so sure my concept resembles one (im not familiar with the kinds of birds, so i really dont know what a falcon looks like). anyhow, i just have one part of the entire logo set complete (the actual falcon). i will be creating wordmarks and such also. C&C Please!!
  10. IMO, its too red.... but very nice otherwise
  11. I'll give it a shot.. count me in