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  1. Humourous exchange between designer and entrepreneur: "It's like twitter. Except we can charge people to use it."
  2. commish

    Road Signs

    Awesome stuff crkraider22 - thanks for filling all the requests. Keep up the great work!
  3. I like the design and would probably purchase both.
  4. That's the best they could do? I've got over 500 NHL game & souvenir pucks, and I will be saving $250 this year by not buying that garbage. Looks like my money will go to picking up some classic Viceroy or Converse pucks instead! (So much for money saved -- more like money diverted!)
  5. Great job Steve -- definitely lovin' it!
  6. Let the season begin!
  7. I've got a Gary Roberts game used stick from 1992 when he played with the Flames. I bought it at a charity auction after the Doug Gilmour trade so I've got signatures of the ass-clown players that Risebrough took in return (Alexander Godynyuk, Gary Leeman and Michel Petit) along with Nieuwendyk, Vernon, Berube, Otto, Suter and the rest of the boys. I've also got a few Viceroy game-used pucks from the late 1970s that were given to me by a friend who knew NHL referee Ray Scapinello.