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  1. i was wonderin what the madden font was
  2. Some pics Ruben Droughns Braylon: for any of these walls if you need pics just tell me
  3. im a PTI loyal member and try to catch it when i get home from school
  4. srry but the cropping of the pics are horrible man
  5. i have elements and when i try to install a brush it doesnt work are there special element brushes
  6. when i did it works w/ other images but not text WHAT SHOULD I DO
  7. i have a foul ball from a college baseball game
  8. WOW this may be a major blow to the Dodgers chances Discuss...
  9. It keeps it from being a forum full of Phillies recolorizations or desires to return to the swirly P. that was the last fad of the board
  10. i want to see the concepts i just want to see different team concepts not just the same every time