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  1. I bet you still churn your own butter.
  2. Four-seamer? Two-seamer? Sinker? Cutter?
  3. Soccer team or startup IT company?
  4. He actually hit two home runs that game, IIRC. Blew out the Cardinals.
  5. I didn’t know football was essential to national security. Here I am, inhabiting the planet for nearly 29 years and I didn’t know this until now. I’m a simpleton.
  6. Seems like they, for the most part, only pull them out in “celebration” years. 2014 - 60th anniversary 2016 - 50th anniversary of ‘66 WS 2017 - 25th anniversary of OPACY opening
  7. I actually wouldn’t hate if they went back to the “sloppier” Orioles script, like this:
  8. Oh, so you’re one of those. Didn’t drink until you turned 21 and think gambling is bad because of arbitrary laws. Got it
  9. France is smaller than Texas, how do they have more than one team?
  10. That sounds like a you problem
  11. And before anyone goes on a misguided back in my day rant, y’all are the ones who used “bitchin” and “groovy”. That wasn’t us.
  12. I feel like they know they have a dope logo so they’re just flaunting it
  13. Let me guess, Vegas is also to blame for Sacramento not getting an MLS team too, right?