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  1. I’m going out in September and was trying to get tickets for the Ravens MNF game. Cheapest single ticket is $900. Demand seems to be okay.
  2. City supporter here. It’s absolutely not okay.
  3. I hope all of Puma’s computers get viruses. Holy balls that’s a shameful design.
  4. Paying your bills on time is part of a learning curve? Is this freshman orientation?
  5. sure let’s stop with premarital sex and alcohol too that seems like a real fun time
  6. Yeah I’m a Man City supporter, but I’m also an Orioles fan, so playing in Yankee Stadium was a deal breaker regardless of its suitability for soccer. The ostensible lack of stadium progress sealed the deal. If only Baltimore had a team...
  7. Becoming? Sheeeeit, this is my 5th season not watching. Lot of other sports out there to fill the gap without the human car crashes on every play.
  8. 2014 ALCS 2018 Champions League Quarterfinal v Liverpool scumbags 2019 Champions League Quarterfinal v Spurs 2006 Sweet 16, Duke v LSU 2004 Final Four, Duke v UConn
  9. Nah for real tho, you have big time issues if you automatically assume people who like going to a city you don’t like and/or have hobbies you don’t like are subhuman trash...the level of self-importance required to believe that garbage is staggering, and you should be ashamed of how you treat people...you are not the sole arbiter of what people can and cannot do. Quit acting like a child.
  10. You spit this propaganda every time Vegas gets mentioned. I think you like to think you’re joking so as to rationalize the behavior.
  11. Your life seems like a dark void where fun goes to die. Sorry you lost a bunch of money your first time in Vegas playing blackjack like a tourist and have decided to use that as an excuse to harbor grudges against not only an entire city, but people who enjoy said city. Maybe stick to Settlers of Catan.
  12. Just because you personally believe it’s not a cool city doesn’t make it objective fact.
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