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  1. Yeah I’m a Man City supporter, but I’m also an Orioles fan, so playing in Yankee Stadium was a deal breaker regardless of its suitability for soccer. The ostensible lack of stadium progress sealed the deal. If only Baltimore had a team...
  2. Becoming? Sheeeeit, this is my 5th season not watching. Lot of other sports out there to fill the gap without the human car crashes on every play.
  3. 2014 ALCS 2018 Champions League Quarterfinal v Liverpool scumbags 2019 Champions League Quarterfinal v Spurs 2006 Sweet 16, Duke v LSU 2004 Final Four, Duke v UConn
  4. Nah for real tho, you have big time issues if you automatically assume people who like going to a city you don’t like and/or have hobbies you don’t like are subhuman trash...the level of self-importance required to believe that garbage is staggering, and you should be ashamed of how you treat are not the sole arbiter of what people can and cannot do. Quit acting like a child.
  5. You spit this propaganda every time Vegas gets mentioned. I think you like to think you’re joking so as to rationalize the behavior.
  6. Your life seems like a dark void where fun goes to die. Sorry you lost a bunch of money your first time in Vegas playing blackjack like a tourist and have decided to use that as an excuse to harbor grudges against not only an entire city, but people who enjoy said city. Maybe stick to Settlers of Catan.
  7. Just because you personally believe it’s not a cool city doesn’t make it objective fact.
  8. If you pay $100 to go to an XFL game your accounts and assets need to be frozen and liquidated immediately. We gave you a chance to be financially independent and you clearly can’t handle it.
  9. I thought the Golden Knights were going to be a tourist destination kind of ticket, but their fan base is awesome. I went out last February to watch the Flyers play and it was probably 80/20 VGK to Flyers fans. Granted, they’re good and ostensibly run incredibly well.
  10. Always wanted to see another pro team in Manhattan.
  11. Vegas over everybody. You hate to see it, though.
  12. I’m not mad at all I’m not the one he ran over. He’s prob mad.
  13. Neither is killing somebody
  14. Were you under a rock from 2012-16 or
  15. I just found this exact jersey at my local Marshall’s today in my size. They had some Russia World Cup jerseys too, but nah.
  16. I appreciate it because I know that a professional artist was paid real American currency to design that trash and it gives me hope that I can be successful despite having marginal talent
  17. Yeah that was gonna be my response but you beat me to it he’s scum
  18. I would argue there’s nearly as much sanctimony woven into Penn State’s athletics identity as the Yankees, and honestly don’t recall anyone having issues when they put the swoosh on the football whenever that NCAA rule changed.
  19. This is way too reasonable and not nearly strident enough. I’m gonna need a little more unhinged bad takes from you, sir.
  20. I don’t drink water I’m more of a Pepsi guy
  21. your opinion, bruh. People are allowed to enjoy gambling, drinking, and legal weed if they want to. Sorry.