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  1. The corollary, though, is that prior to these uniforms the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were unremarkable and completely forgettable. (Not an endorsement of the new look, keep in mind...they are still terrible...)
  2. Hint: It started at Princeton and was brought to Michigan. Dig deeper for the full truth. QFT. Princeton coach Fritz Crisler had them painted on so that it would give the QB an advantage to see his receivers downfield. It's also meant to look like a tiger's ears flared back, after Princeton's mascot.
  3. Send that to them now! Get to it! They need these to save the uniforms! Maybe without the drop shadow, but it's miles better than what they have now, obviously.Even with the drop shadow, it's miles better than what they have now. Drop shadow/outlines to be hashed out later, but that is a good looking number set. I'm not a fan of drop shadows but good God anything is better than their current numbers.
  4. These are at least par for the course for the league they play in. The same cannot be said for the Bucs.
  5. Bucs - an ok helmet change killed by the uniform Jags - an ok uniform change killed by the helmet Fins - nothing's ok here. Someone wanna help out Florida?
  6. Man, after the person from 2002, I feel super old now. 1987 Arsenal: Angels: LA Galaxy: Baltimore Ravens: Anaheim Ducks: I've tried finding a Cal Golden Bears 1987 picture, but came up with squat.
  7. There. FTFY. You're falling for the illusion. Your post demonstrated that. The misguided civic sensibility associated with having any professional sports franchise best manifests itself in these types of situations. A team owner begins crying the blues that he/she can't afford to put their team in a new stadium that maximizes potential revenue unless they have a 'public-private partnership' with the municipality. The city, fearing it will lose some level of prestige in the national zeitgeist if the team moves, knuckles under and concedes to helping finance the infrastructural development underlying a very private business. Nowadays it's so engrained into the modus operandi of pro sports that its most lucrative league has kept open the second largest television market in the country for two decades, because it's more valuable league-wide as a bargaining chip threat than it would be to have a franchise there. Cincinnati, Miami, San Diego, Buffalo, Minnesota, Oakland, San Francisco, Carolina, and who knows how many others have at least hinted/levied veiled threats about going to Los Angeles. But none have actually moved, despite what would be enormous revenue advantages for doing so to the franchise. Why do you suppose that is? Because to the other 31 owners, having the threat as an option to existing franchise locations and their municipalities is, collectively, more valuable than actually having the team there. In Minnesota we even had a catch phrase for this when the Metrodome was getting outdated and the Twins and Vikings were making threats: We were going to be a "cold Omaha" if we did not pony up. So we did. We are still cold (and roughly as likely as Omaha to ever bring a big-time championship here) but we are now "on the map." There is some truth to it but it does not make it right. Plus it would've been the second time Los Angeles pilfered a professional sports team from you. That would've sucked.
  8. Dumb name aside, this is definitely a good thing for Southern California. The Galaxy will now have a farm team besides Chivas USA.
  9. Not bad. Such a nice kit if it weren't for the sash. Completely clashes with the rest of an otherwise stylish look. As much as I appreciate the use of the sash as a nod to heritage, it does sorta clash with this uni. As doe the shoulder stripes, but we know Adidas is not getting rid of that. Get rid of the sash and this will be a gorgeous jersey.
  10. They're gonna need to expand on what those chevrons actually mean. Fault line?
  11. Looking at the overall uniform instead of the details, Pats/Niners will look the best. AFC has the Home jerseys this year, so the Pats Silver/Navy/Silver against the Niners Gold/White/Gold will be a good balance. Broncos/Seahawks will be a mess - Navy/Orange/White against Navy/White/White.
  12. Those are nice, would buy. It's in my blood as a Cal Alumn to hate everything about Stanford, but those are very classy. FWIW, it looks like the top of that S script almost looks like the red portion of the Stanford Axe. Maybe coincidental, but if not, it's a nice touch seeing as how the Axe's genesis was a baseball game.
  13. 1. 49ers 2. Browns 3. Rams 4. Vikings 5. Broncos . . 28. Ravens 29. Jets 30. Redskins 31. Chiefs 32. Every Arena League football team . . . . . . 96. Congress 97. Anything directed by Wes Anderson 98. Getting hit by a car 99. Being force-fed Cincinnati Chili 100. Jaguars
  14. Swap the Ravens and Niners helmets with Browns and Seahawks helmets, and it's not half bad. The other 30 teams would look like crap, of course.
  15. Yikes...I'm guessing nobody at Nike has family that served in World War II. I mean, come on.