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  1. The fact that I have never noticed this bothers me. I also am just noticing this now .
  2. if you mistook a practice jersey for a fake you're probably not as much of an expert as you think. If you mistook the term "nerd," for the term "expert," you're probably not as good of a reader as you think. Throwing shade aside, guess I missed the thread that figured out it was a practice jersey. Oh well.
  3. My friends have always known I was a uniform nerd, but they never realized how much of a uniform nerd I was until we all saw this commercial during a game this past season: I said "Wow, that is such a fake jersey." So they paused and backed up the DVR to the spot and I pointed out the discrepancy between the Nike mark, the Equipment NFL mark, and the distinct lack of flywire/toilet bowl collar. Which means this must be either last season's Reebok jersey with the Nike mark slapped on the side, or completely fake. Best I got was "Oh, ok. Hey, let's switch to Red Zone...they have no commercials."
  4. That's actually REALLY clever IF true. That's the notion, at least based on the marketing material. Same reason the first number has that weird serif on the top and the bottom. It's all about the (love) boats for the Vikings.
  5. "I put the team on my back, dawg" Doe. Tho. Pronounced like "doe," tho.
  6. Seriously, everything there is to say about this thread has already been said: outstanding design, beautiful execution, amazing attention to detail. Cannot say enough good things about this. If this were a real league and I only could only get one jersey, it would definitely be the Emerald City FC home. You outdid yourself on that one. Seriously bookmarking this entire thread for future reference.
  7. Impalements are the new concussions.
  8. I've been saying from the beginning: -Move the Jaguars to LA, make them part of the NFC West -Keep the Rams in St. Louis, make them part of the AFC South (Indy, Nashville, & Houston are closer than Seattle, SF, and Phoenix) -Keep the Vikings in Minnesota. LA doesn't need to pilfer another team from that state.
  9. Need a bit a help with this one: I know the "Arcadia" one is Bordeaux Display, as may be "Product of Rapture" at the bottom. The others, however, I cannot figure out.
  10. How about this one? I know they used Albertus MT for their previous three albums, but they changed it up for Viva la Vida.
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