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  1. Everett is about 30 milesnorth of Seattle too.

    The thing is, it's REALLY EXPENSIVE to get to Victoria by plane or ferry. A junior team there us going to be behind the 8 ball in travel subsidies pretty damn quick.

    It might make it worthwhile if Nanaimo could move the BCHL Clippers up to the WHL. We hear rumours about it every few years...but it could never happen without a team in Victoria. One trip to the Island, two games.

    I was reading Patrick King's article on Sportsnet talking about how the league would much prefer having two teams on the island as opposed to one.

    Still, they could at least make it a "two game trip" location. I know in the AJHL when teams go up to Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie, it's almost always a back-to-back game with them. Smaller league, shorter travel, but same concept.

  2. While we're on the topic of Flames AHL team, I still wish the Oilers would have kept their AHL franchise in Edmonton instead of the Oil Kings. I love the WHL, but I could still have seen a lot more people going out to support Oilers prospects than the Oil Kings.

  3. It's sort of like a Lexus owner downing a Toyota driver.

    Actually, it's nothing like that. Nothing at all.

    To me, it's a lot like that. It's bothering someone because they bought a cheaper product that still gets the job done. As in, "I overpaid, so everyone else should too. And if anyone finds a way to get a similar product for less money, then I'm going to be jealous."

    Wouldn't it be more like the Lexus owner being peeved at the Toyota owner who threw Lexus emblems on his car?

  4. I'm surprised nobody else has mentioned it, but when Patrick Sharp of the Blackhawks was introduced, the little fog curtain thingy they came through was showing his name and number over a Blue Jackets logo.

    They made a few mistakes of that nature. Not a visual one, but "... from the Florida Panthers, #63 Tyler Ennis!"

  5. Hate to burst any bubbles, but those catalogs are somewhat speculative. In past years, there's been a few Reebok catalog changes (as in, a blank spot where the jersey should be shown, suggesting a change for the next season) that haven't come to fruition. It means they certainly are being talked about, but basically anything being discussed ends up that way in the catalog.

  6. Reading this thread... I get the feeling a lot of people think the Buffalo/Pittsburgh outdoor game was the first time the NHL ventured outside. I know the Winter Classic and Heritage Classic are different things, and the NHL certainly likes to keep it that way, but let's not forget it was the Oilers that opened the floodgates to the outdoor game (NHL-wise).


  7. Roloson is pretty superstitious about his equipment, like most goalies I guess. I wouldn't be suprised if the only thing he changed this season was his mask.

    When Roloson got traded from Minnesota to Edmonton at the 2006 trade deadline, he eventually got Oiler coloured equipment but only wore the glove and blocker. He continued to wear his Wild pads because he was playing well and didn't want to switch. iirc he also doesn't like breaking in new pads midseason. One of his backups, Ty Conklin, was actually doing that for him, though Roli didn't use them.

    At least they were all white with gold trim. Gold... copper... close enough.


    This looked bad the few times it happened...


    But this was a thing of beauty...


  8. Something I noticed, on the Lethbridge webpage, they have a photo of the Hurricanes in their blue jerseys, with numbers o the front:


    it seems however it is only for that game...why put numbers on the fron of your uniforms for a single game?

    EDIT: from looking at other webpages, it appears this is now a regular thing for the team, making them the first team to make changes to their uniforms since the CHL started with the Edge system

    I caught that too on the news the other day, and figured I really should look into it more, but then I didn't bother. I don't like it... well, I'm not a fan of the script on the front as it is, and now this just makes it look even weirder. Love the template, just wish it was the old Canes logo instead.

  9. The Oilers official home jersey is the retro blue and orange. The official alternate is the navy blue. The official away is the white.

    The Oil debuted the retro as an alternate, and it was so popular, they decided to switch it with the navy.

    They still wear the navy during the pre-season probably because they feel it's "less special" and want to save the retro for the regular season only.

    I don't see how that is so confusing.. who cares what they wear in the pre-season?