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  1. I actually REALLY like hte Bengals ones. but I also like more non-traditional stuff.
  2. Not really, no. My favorite so far is still the Charleston Stingrays, though I could try a man-of-war jellyfish logo for Charleston Stingers. My unwillingness to consider any Confederate concepts really diminishes my options. Palmettos was a good idea, but I think that (as a state symbol) it would fit more for a college team than for a professional or semi-professional team. So why not the Swampfoxes? Named after Francis "the Swamp Fox" Marion. He was a Revolutionary War (between US and England) Lt. Col and Brig Gen. and was the leader of the armys of SC. Also the Francis Marion National Forest is between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. you literally drive through it on the way up! But Charleston Stingers is kind of generic and boring for the city. Also, it's a motto and nickname for quite a few things in the area that aren't that big. It's what I would use to be honest. Also, he was born in Berkeley County, SC... which is North Charleston.
  3. The Falcons in Blue and Gold will be interesting for sure.
  4. scar988


    I really like the Falcons one.
  5. Any thoughts on a Citadel concept?
  6. Swampfoxes - like the Patriot Man of War - yes, jellyfish Battery - Cannons? Charleston also has a reputation as the Holy City so that could be played into it as well.
  7. Wrote an article on it. I have name suggestions for some of those places.
  8. lol, thanks for mentioning the previous thread
  9. not a fan of the Falcons going back to the simpler look.
  10. I'd love to see what you could do with The Citadel (a red alternate would be awesome cause the battle flag of the school is a red version of the SC state flag). Also, I grew up in east Cobb and know a bunch of people who either went or currently go to Kennesaw. we probably know a bunch of the same people.
  11. It's what a buddy of mine who has been doing the logos for the team came up with. it's a real team and I'm honestly just going to steal one of his logo ideas for the jersey design.
  12. what the Charleston Man of War logos could be.
  13. Atlanta's should be black and red....