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  1. Italic number fonts always make the jersey look twisted around the waist. That's the only issue with these new beauties.
  2. The upside bolts on the shoulder stripes are terrible. A lazy design decision that wrecked an otherwise decent uniform design. Hopefully that gets corrected for the updated uniforms.
  3. Underwhelming. It really looks like a lazy design attempt. The coolest thing is the sleeve stripe and they couldn't even figure out a way to wrap it around the back and just cut it off at the seam in the panels. Meh. At least we'll never have to see these in a Super Bowl.
  4. Holy crap... looks like his name "Faulk" is on the shoes in Comic Sans!
  5. Thought this guy was Superman when I was a kid.
  6. I'm done buying new New Era caps. Luckily I have over 60 "vintage" caps to keep my head covered.
  7. The lack of taste in the NFL runs rampant. Wouldn't be surprised if the pants sported Lion tails... real tails attached to the asses of the pants.
  8. This was the best road jersey the team has had in modern times. It was understated, but unmistakenly "Boston" with the proper number font on back. The red is intentionaly played down so it only appeared in three places on the Uniform: The "B" on the cap, the logo on the sleeve, and of course, the red socks. It provided the perfect balance to the home team's colors on the field. Pure, simple and brilliant.
  9. Just chillin'

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