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  1. These are the best I have seen on this site! When will you be adding the last four teams' helmets?
  2. Could I request a Cincinnati Reds jersey sig? Thanks in advance!
  3. oddball, can I get the ducks logo in ai form? Thanks! My email is
  4. WOW!!! That is awesome! Thank you again! These look great!!
  5. Can you do these two for me? Thank you in advance. These embroidered images look amazing! Thanks again!
  6. brandon11: THANKS! looks great!
  7. Thanks!! looks great!!!
  8. Theses sigs look really good! Can I request a Reds home, away, bp, and alternate? New Era's Website for Cincinnati Hats Thanks in advance!
  9. Can I request a white Red's flag with the Mr. Redleg? I really like these sigs! Cincinnati Reds Logo Thanks in advance
  10. Brandon, I put both of yours together inside a border, if you would like them seperate please tell me: You're welcome! I really like it! Thanks!
  11. Alt. logo looks great! Good work!
  12. Would you like the players in colour? The black and white look really good with the logo in color. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the two!
  13. I like these! Can I request these two? Player: Jay Bruce Team and Logo: Cincinnati Reds Phrase at Top: no phrase Player: Joey Votto Team and Logo: Cincinnati Reds Phrase at Top: no phrase Thanks in advance!
  14. Here is the Reds. I can change the border color if you want me to. I can also join them together on top of each other or next to each other. If you want them joined, please let me know. Thanks! Both look really good!