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  1. LA Chargers vs. Kansas City Arizona vs. Jacksonville Chicago vs. Cleveland Washington vs. Buffalo Indianapolis vs. Tennessee New Orleans vs. New England Atlanta vs. NY Giants Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Baltimore vs. Detroit NY Jets vs. Denver Miami vs. Las Vegas Tampa Bay vs. LA Rams Seattle vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. San Francisco Philadelphia vs. Dallas
  2. I had a feeling the Browns would bust out the throwbacks for the Bears game.
  3. I missed the first game, so I'll just do what is left for this week. Las Vegas vs. Pittsburgh San Francisco vs. Philadelphia Houston vs. Cleveland Denver vs. Jacksonville New Orleans vs. Carolina LA Rams vs. Indianapolis Buffalo vs. Miami New England vs. NY Jets Cincinnati vs. Chicago Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay Minnesota vs. Arizona Tennessee vs. Seattle Dallas vs. LA Chargers Kansas City vs. Baltimore Detroit vs. Green Bay
  4. If you ask most Steeler fans here in Pittsburgh they would say he is a bust. But they also think yellow dish rags are sacred, so their opinions might need to be taken with a grain of salt.
  5. Dallas vs. Tampa Bay Seattle vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Houston Philadelphia vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo San Francisco vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Cincinnati NY Jets vs. Carolina Arizona vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Kansas City Miami vs. New England Denver vs. NY Giants Green Bay vs. New Orleans Chicago vs. LA Rams Baltimore vs. Las Vegas
  6. I've worked for three different division 1 athletic departments, and at each school we had an intern, or a team of them, running our social media accounts. I suppose college athletics may be different than an NHL franchise, but I don't think it is unreasonable to think a pro sports team could have an intern send tweets occasionally.
  7. The debate of "Could Alabama beat the worst NFL team?" is a classic one. People always overreact to an NFL team starting off 0-4 and this debate rears its ugly head. Alabama, or any college team for that matter, would get smoked by the worst NFL team.
  8. Maybe they will tweet out an apology letter to their fans.
  9. The Met's just signed Lindor to a huge extension. And I think the Cubs recognize the team is in need of a rebuild, I'm not sure I would say they are necessarily being cheap. The fact of the matter is big market teams do have a leg up on the small market teams. They will almost always be able to generate more revenue, no matter how much they spend. I saw a good example a few years ago comparing 2019 Twins to the 2019 Yankees. 2019 Twins breakdown (according to Forbes) - Player Expenses: $144M - Revenue: $269M - Operating Income: $14M Now let's look at the Yankees in 2019 (according to Forbes) - Player Expenses: $193M - Revenue: $668M - Operating Income: $29M The revenue and operating income difference is staggering, even when the Yankees spend almost $50M more on their roster. The Twins have to be much more careful when making free agent moves than the Yankees. Can they afford the same players? In theory, sure they could. But they are going to be spending much more of the teams generated revenue than the big market teams, which can have a lasting impact. What happens when that superstar player is signed to a 10-12 year contract and then begins declining in year 5 or 6 of said contract? If you're a small market team that will set you back 5-6 years at least - see the Tigers with Miggy's contract. The Pujols deal aged poorly for the Angels, but they were still able to afford big contracts for Trout, Rendon, and Upton. The benefit of being a big market team. All of that being said, I don't know if a salary cap necessarily fixes any of this. A salary floor is definitely needed - some teams I think cry poor more than others. But to say every team, or even most teams, are capable of operating like the Yankees or Dodgers is just not true in my opinion.
  10. I think @IceCap makes a good point about some people just naturally wanting to go against the underdog. But I will take it a step further - I think some fans will hate on the smaller guys for one of two reasons. Either A. Your team is objectively good and you feel disrespected if people are supporting/hyping up the small "no-name" team, or B. Your team is struggling, so you want to remind everyone that this newly successful team used to be the laughing stock. I am a Browns fan, they have been trash basically my entire existence. This past season was awesome, and the Browns have some buzz around them. When ESPN puts out a video or article painting the Browns in a positive light, most of the comments are trashing them. You'll have Ravens or Chiefs fans with "Our QB is better. We are going to stomp them this year. They're not even the best team in their division." You'll also see other various non-playoff fanbases saying "Baker is overrated. OBJ is a clown. Remember 0-16? Last year was a fluke, they'll be bad again." I guess you could argue it is just the nature of being a sports fan.
  11. They all sound awful to me right now. I was trying to smack talk some Steelers friends the other day and saying "I can't wait for you guys to go 4 and 12...er...I mean 4 and...uh...13? That doesn't sound right?" I have to sit there for a few seconds and do the math. But, I'm also a giant idiot, so maybe I'm not the best example.
  12. I always liked the Aviator Blue, but I do think the Heritage jersey fits better with the Jets identity.
  13. They were actually selling these jerseys at the team store since their home opener at least. I saw them on in person on opening day and wondered if the team would wear them without making a formal announcement. Next game I went to a few weeks later I asked a team store employee about them and he said they released these jerseys for the team store to "see how well they would sell." He mentioned only like two or three people had bought one to his knowledge. I went to the game this past Saturday, pretty much the only jerseys they had left are those white ones and a few gray. I'm guessing they are now available online since they aren't selling well.
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