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  1. Not to mention the Browns wouldn't be able to benefit from any facemask penalties!
  3. And it looks like three little construction barrels. Very appropriate for a franchise that has been rebuilding for 20+ years.
  4. Could the elf be the new primary logo? Or is it just being featured on the draft hats?
  5. If Carolina can sneak into the playoffs I don't see much success. Last year they were very fortunate to not have suffered many injuries. This year they're down two of their best defensemen and their starting goaltending tandem. We will need Nedeljkovic to pull a 2006 Cam Ward until Mrazek is able to return, and even then Mrazek has been shaky at best this year.
  6. This feels like it would be a bit they'd use in Always Sunny.
  7. I love the idea to have this logo on score bugs, merchandise, and around the stadium. Do not want it on the helmet though.
  8. Not all Browns fans act this way. Many of us are beyond thankful to have a football team and recognize other fanbases were not as lucky. Please do not lump the entire fanbase into one strawman position.
  9. If you don’t want Browns relocation and gray facemask debates, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong thread. That is roughly 80% of the discussion when the Browns are mentioned on here
  10. Oh I don't disagree with anything you just said. I sincerely doubt everything would have panned out exactly the same had the team stayed. I am beyond thankful to have an NFL team, despite how frustrating they can be to watch most of the time. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I was just saying the reason many Cleveland fans still bring up the team moving is because of the teams lack of success vs the Ravens consistent success. If the expansion Browns had come back and made the playoffs a few times, maybe sprinkle in a win or two, you wouldn't hear about it as much. If the Ravens missed the playoffs all the time and were a bumbling mess, you wouldn't hear about it as much. But, here we are. Hopefully the Browns find success soon so we don't have to continue pointing at the Ravens and being jealous.
  11. I can't disagree with you there, in terms of us being guaranteed to have our team back we were beyond fortunate. I can only imagine Whalers and Nordiques fans sitting there watching their old teams win Stanley Cups, saying to themselves "that should have been us" and how much that would suck. However, there is a certain level of cruelty to the Browns-Ravens "rivalry" if you ask me. It is one thing to watch your former team have success elsewhere, it hurts. It is another thing to have your former team share a division with your new expansion team, where they get to kick your teeth in twice a year, consistently make the playoffs, and win Super Bowls. Cleveland still made out much better than the other cities you listed, no doubt. But until the expansion Browns sustain some level of success over a 3+ year period, the fans are always going to point at the Ravens and say "that should have been us."
  12. Browns fans screwed with the records? Uh...I think the NFL has the final say in that one, bud. Notice the word you used...pressured. The NFL could very very easily have said "screw off Cleveland, the record books stand" and none of this would be a topic of discussion.
  13. You're the one that is blatantly ignoring what the record books actually say.
  14. The Browns are "tarnishing" the legacy of teams from 70 years ago, and the only people today that even care about those teams are...well...Browns fans. This seems like a non-issue to me.
  15. Anytime I have ever in my life brought up the 40's or 50's Browns teams, the response has been "those rings don't count, it wasn't the Super Bowl back then" or something along those lines. Safe to say they were already erased from the casual football fan's mind before the Browns even moved.