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  2. I will never understand when fans pull this argument, especially Steeler fans. Yeah, there were not nearly as many teams back then...but guess what...YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE TEAMS. The Steelers had just as many opportunities to win 9 NFL Championships back then, but they didn't, because they sucked.
  3. I think they do it as a pity thing or a weird brag, like "oh no, it isn't fun when we just stomp you every year. I wish the rivalry was back so the games could be fun again." I'd rather them just say my team sucks - the fake pity stuff is stupid and annoying.
  4. Ever since I've moved to Pittsburgh half the Steeler fans I interact with have said "I want the Browns to be good again, I miss the rivalry." Well, they got their wish.
  5. I have never in my life been so happy. Living in Pittsburgh only makes this win more sweet. I bet I get less comments on my Browns gear when I go to the grocery store now. Go Browns!
  6. I think that is his shtick, but I could be wrong.
  7. For a franchise as old as Cleveland just please don't do something cheesy - it has to at least sound like a team name that could have existed in the early 1900's. The Cleveland Spiders make sense, since that was an actual team and is a nod to Cleveland baseball history. I think Cleveland Commodores can work too, so long as they don't get too crazy with the logos. It sounds good, makes sense because of Commodore Perry, and also could be a small nod to Bob Feller, Cleveland baseball Hall of Famer that served in the Navy. You could make a secondary logo similar to what is on the shirt below, just get rid of the 19.
  8. Just now seeing this. Sorry, it has been a whirlwind two weeks for me at work, and my personal life has been no picnic either! I appreciate the kind gesture, but after missing two weeks I think it is only fair to the other players that I accept I just goofed up and forgot to make my picks. I will pick for week 15 though, as I just find this game to be fun in general. Thanks for putting it all together and keeping track of it for us!
  9. Houston vs. Detroit Washington vs. Dallas Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh Tennessee vs. Indianapolis NY Giants vs. Cincinnati LA Chargers vs. Buffalo Las Vegas vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Jacksonville (I am too afraid to pick my own team when they are in the playoff hunt, sticking with the reverse jinx) Miami vs. NY Jets Arizona vs. New England Carolina vs. Minnesota San Francisco vs. LA Rams New Orleans vs. Denver Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay Chicago vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Philadelphia
  10. I don't mind when the Canes do Whalers night once or twice a year, just because the uniforms look so good. But I am disappointed they didn't throwback to their original uniforms with the warning flags. A black version of the original jersey would have looked nice and been very popular with fans. Even if they were determined to make the jersey primarily gray, they could have gone a few different routes - maybe even a "reverse" of their old alternate.
  11. Arizona vs. Seattle Philadelphia vs. Cleveland Detroit vs. Carolina Tennessee vs. Baltimore New England vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. Washington Atlanta vs. New Orleans Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville NY Jets vs. LA Chargers Miami vs. Denver Dallas vs. Minnesota Green Bay vs. Indianapolis Kansas City vs. Las Vegas LA Rams vs. Tampa Bay
  12. Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Houston vs. Cleveland Philadelphia vs. NY Giants Washington vs. Detroit Jacksonville vs. Green Bay Denver vs. Las Vegas Buffalo vs. Arizona LA Chargers vs. Miami Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh Seattle vs. LA Rams San Francisco vs. New Orleans Baltimore vs. New England Minnesota vs. Chicago
  13. Green Bay vs. San Francisco Denver vs. Atlanta Seattle vs. Buffalo Baltimore vs. Indianapolis Houston vs. Jacksonville Carolina vs. Kansas City Detroit vs. Minnesota Chicago vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Washington Las Vegas vs. LA Chargers Miami vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. Dallas New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay New England vs. NY Jets
  14. I can tell you've never been. Come for a visit, you might be surprised what Cleveland has to offer
  15. Atlanta vs. Carolina New England vs. Buffalo Tennessee vs. Cincinnati Las Vegas vs. Cleveland Indianapolis vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Green Bay NY Jets vs. Kansas City LA Rams vs. Miami Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore LA Chargers vs. Denver New Orleans vs. Chicago San Francisco vs. Seattle Dallas vs. Philadelphia Tampa Bay vs. NY Giants