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  1. I was only 5 years old during Game 7 of the 1997 World Series, so that one didn't hurt as much for me as the 2016 Game 7. But the first Cleveland sports loss that really hurt me was 2007 vs the Red Sox. Up 3-1 in the series, the Indians lose game 5 at home with Cy Young winner CC Sabathia on the mound, and then game 6 with Cy Young vote-getter Fausto Carmona in game 6. And of course Boston won game 7 easily, and go on to sweep the Rockies in the World Series. I was in high school when this happened and up until that point I didn't believe in any Cleveland Curse. After that...I became your stereotypical "woe is me" Cleveland sports fan for many many years. Going 0-16 was tough to swallow (obviously), especially having the final nail in the coffin occur in Pittsburgh the way it happened. We're driving late in the game, in Pittsburgh territory, right outside of the red zone...and then Corey Coleman drops it on 4th and 2.
  2. The Redneck Rangers are off to a great start. Dzingel and Haula making an immediate impact. Svech already showing signs of improvement in his sophomore year. Once Aho finds his stride this team could be a real force.
  3. Whalers uniform makes an appearance for one game this season.
  4. It is definitely brown. If it was just two orange stripes like you said, the rest of the endzone would be green, which it clearly isn't based on that photo.
  5. It has been a discouraging start to the season for the Browns, no doubt. But no reason they can't piece it together. Baker looked like a rookie his first few starts last year, then he hit his stride. This year defenses are playing him differently, he is struggling. I expect he will adjust and improve, just like last year. Just in time for an important matchup with the Ravens. If they win this game they will have the division lead at 2-2. Could be a turning point for the team.
  6. I think they really like Mason Rudolph and view him as their guy moving forward. This is the same franchise that prides itself on, and has a track record of, developing talent with their mid-round picks. I really hope I am wrong and he stinks on ice, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're still playing meaningful football games in December.
  7. There really needs to be a thread just for facemask arguments.
  8. Going back to this photo again (I can never remember who made the edits to this photo, so please let me now if you're out there) you can see the current uniform is only a few tweaks away from looking good. 1. Remove 'Browns' from pants 2. Remove contrasting stitching 3. Remove dropshadows on numbers 4. Switch number colors. White on home, brown on away 5. Don't extend should/sleeve stripes onto the front of the jersey.
  9. Let me've made the "I took the Browns to the Super Bowl this morning" joke at least 50 times in your life, right?
  10. Depends on what these "brown alternates" are that are being referenced below.
  11. Browns current brown uniforms (all brown is the worst of the looks). This one is self explanatory. Indians all red from the 70s. I don't mind the red jersey, but the red pants with it is a no. Cavaliers splash uniforms from the 90s. It is one of those uniforms that are so bad that you kinda like them, but I am glad they moved on and don't wear them anymore (except as a throwback). Hurricanes former set. The white uniform from this set I don't hate. This one is horrible. Hardly any black and no silver/gray at all. A complete downgrade from the former set. Bowling Green 2005 brown jersey. I think a brown jersey with orange pants works well. However, there needs to be at least some orange on this jersey. Number outlines, sleeves, shoulders. Just looks awkward without any orange on the jersey.
  12. Oh yes, I'm well aware. I wasn't particularly big on that look, which is why I mentioned the AHL Barons and their identity. If the NHL decided to give Cleveland another chance at an NHL team that is the direction I'd want them to go. I think an argument can be made the NHL Barons would have done better if they actually played in Cleveland instead of Richfield. But on the other hand, there is also a case to be made that Cleveland just can't support 4 major pro sports teams, especially in the 70's when the city was in decline. Not to mention that Barons franchise was just a complete mess.
  13. We definitely wore them in 2016, but just once I think. Jamar Taylor shown below was only with the team 2016 and 2017. But either way, yeah we haven't touched them in a while.
  14. Perhaps someone that has a better understanding of the NFL uniform rules could help me, but would it be possible for the Browns to make their orange jersey the "primary" for this season? We know the brown color rush will be worn as the alternate as many times as they're allowed (3 times?) but the regular brown jersey is just dreadful. The orange jersey I can stomach much easier.