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  1. Red Wings vs Maple Leafs?
  2. This Bunch of Jerks made it a lot further than anyone thought they would. Proud of this team, it was one of the most memorable seasons I’ve experienced as a Hurricanes fan. The future looks bright.
  3. Well, it was a fun season. Glad we ended the playoff drought and won some playoff games.
  4. Unreal goaltending from both sides in that first period.
  5. Agreed. Mrazek (along with the rest of our team) seems flustered. McElhinney is known for his cool and calm demeanor, could have an impact on the rest of the team. Goaltending is far from our only issue right now, but McElhinney split time with Mrazek in the regular season. He is a big reason we have made it this far, he deserves a chance to keep our season alive.
  6. Yeah, that is pretty much what I said. Each of the southern teams have their group of diehards, but obviously they don’t have the same built in fan base that most Canadian/northern cities have. I’d venture to guess more than half the population of Raleigh and Nashville have never ice skated, let alone played hockey. Maybe a few years of solid playoff runs can help solidify the fan bases in these markets so they become hooked and fans for life, rather than just seeing the team as a trendy thing to watch every few years.
  7. Not sure how entirely accurate Fox Sports is with this stat, but they show Carolina 7th highest in hits per game in the 2018-2019 season.
  8. Admittedly, Raleigh is no different than any other southern hockey market. The fans show up when the team is good, and they show up big. I've lived in Nashville for the last five years, so I was here when the Predators made their run to the Finals. Before 2017 I was able to buy lower level tickets for $35. Now it is difficult to find nosebleeds for less than $100. You didn't see anyone wearing Preds gear when you went out. Now you see just as much Preds gear as you do Vols. Raleigh was the same way from what I remember living in that area as a kid.
  9. Carolina committing alot of completely unnecessary penalties in this third period. We’re not going to beat Boston if we’re giving them PP opportunities like this.
  10. Carolina still hasn't announced who will be starting in goal tonight. I would think Mrazek would be the guy if he is healthy.
  11. I really don’t think IT was their main priority of the trade. Dude was out with injury until February. They wanted that draft pick, probably hoping to flip it for another player at the deadline. It was a projected top 3 pick before the season started.
  12. I can see you being skeptical of the Blues and Canes. But Boston? I think Boston is the best team left honestly. 107 points in the regular season, good for second most in the league.
  13. My point is the Cavs traded a disgruntled player for a nice young piece in Collin Sexton. Given the circumstances, I’d say they made out pretty good in that trade.