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  1. It'll be funny...until the Penguins end up with the first overall pick.
  2. When I lived in Nashville about 6 years ago I bought a Preds jersey to support the local team. I got cheap tickets once to see the Preds vs Canucks and I wanted to support BGSU alum Kevin Bieksa for that game, so I bought an old cheap Canucks jersey to wear. A few years later I wanted to support Eric Staal when he was in town, bought an old Koho Wild jersey for that. From there I began to "collect" jerseys with designs or players I just liked. I've got probably 6-8 different NHL teams. I don't wear them too often. But...I live in Pittsburgh now and my office is a few blocks from PPG Paints Arena. I can get free/cheap tickets on occasion to Pens games, so maybe I can dust some of these jerseys off if that team is in town. It isn't like I'll ever cheer for the Penguins!
  3. The Redneck Rangers defeat the normal Rangers.
  4. On Saturday I found a Myles Garrett Nike Limited jersey at a Ross in Pittsburgh for only $30. It was the old style jersey which I hate, but that price for a stitched jersey? I'll take it and add it to the collection. I probably could have waited a few more weeks to see if they dropped the price more, I know Myles is not a popular guy in this area!
  5. The gray facemask lovers vs the gray facemask haters is one helluva rivarly. It has a long history with very passionate fan bases.
  6. I am from Cleveland and cheer for all the Cleveland teams. Love my city and am proud to call myself a Clevelander. Cleveland doesn't have an NHL team, so I am a Hurricanes fan because I lived in the Raleigh area for a while as a kid. I've often wrestled with the hypothetical "what if Cleveland got an NHL team?" question. I don't think this situation will ever become reality for me since Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Detroit all having teams close by. But I can only imagine being in your shoes and going back and forth on who to cheer for. I've been a Hurricanes fan since 2001 when I was 9 and stuck with them since. I've been with this team through the ultimate highs of winning a Stanley Cup, and the ultimate lows of a nine-year playoff drought. It would be very very difficult for me to just walk away from almost 20 years of fandom. I think I would just have two favorite teams, and I see no reason you can't be a fan of two or even three teams. In the end maybe your focus will begin to lean towards one team and your interest in the others will fade. Nothing wrong with that either, each of us have different emotional connections to teams for different reasons.
  7. Honestly some of those logos look pretty good.
  8. I hope this first part of my post isn't frowned upon by forum rules: I just wanted to say that I used to defend teams like the Redskins and the Indians. I've changed my viewpoint quite a bit over the last year. These names would not be acceptable if they were introduced today, therefore they should not get a pass just because of team history. I apologize to any fellow board member for any ignorant posts I may have had regarding this topic in the past. Having said that, I think the colors should absolutely stay for the franchise. As far as a team name, Red Tails works I think. While some might find it "boring" I think it fits fine for a franchise as old as Washington. It isn't flashy and gimmicky, and there is some historic significance.
  9. No problem! Here is a visual as well to help explain how easy it would be for someone to go to another team's stall, for anyone else that might be reading here. One would think a security camera is installed to prevent crew members from tampering with other cars or their own car in the middle of the night. I guess we will just have to see what comes of it.
  10. From my experience at the track it wouldn't have been terribly difficult for someone with a garage pass to roam around from stall to stall, especially if the 43 crew had not yet arrived. Usually garage stalls are assigned based on owners points, so someone easily could have known which stall was his and arrived extra early to put it there. Plus it isn't like the individual stalls are really closed off, they're all kinda "connected" under one roof and have openings for each team to access their space. They should be able to narrow it down to anyone that has access to the garage, but it could have been from any number of crew members, track workers, or media members.
  11. Racism exists all around the United States, it isn't exclusive to the south. You know this, right?
  12. Come on...we all know the hockey community only likes to make fun of inconsistent southern teams (Arizona, Carolina, Florida) for attendance woes. You can't make fun of the fair-weather fans of Original Six teams like the Red Wings or the 00's Blackhawks!
  13. I miss Benny Parsons and Allen Bestwick calling NASCAR races.
  14. In 2016 the Cavs won the NBA championship, the Indians went to extra innings in Game 7 of the World Series but fell short, and the Browns were attempting to make history as well (they had to wait another season to do so, however).
  15. The Nordiques were an NHL team for 16 years. The Colorado Avalanche have been an NHL team for 25. The franchise has a much richer history as the Avalanche than they ever did as the Nordiques. If they want to throwback to those uniforms, I say go for it.