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  1. That G logo is horrid, but the name is cool by me. I wish they could have done a logo similar to a local Cleveland brewery.
  2. Guardians was one of the better team name ideas in my opinion. I like it.
  3. Yeah, not happy about it. It especially sucks because Ned is a Clevelander and I enjoyed seeing someone from my city playing on my favorite NHL team. This one stings, especially considering it appears Detroit signed him to a very reasonable two-year contract. This one stings bad.
  4. There is almost certainly a deal in place with Carolina to prevent them from taking Jake Bean. If there is in fact a deal in place I think it confirms Carolina is not planning to keep Dougie and saw Bean as someone they had to keep to lessen that blow.
  5. I would imagine the overwhelming positive reaction we saw with Carl Nassib in the NFL helped Luke Prokop feel comfortable with coming out. 99.9% of fans I have seen have been supportive of both players and I think it is wonderful.
  6. One of my roommates in college had a Palmer jersey from this uniform set. I honestly never knew he didn't wear this uniform in a regular season game. I saw my roommate wear that jersey so often I guess my brain thought Palmer must have worn it for a good handful of games his rookie season at least.
  7. Yeah, I agree the reasoning he gave was odd. Maybe the decision was made many months ago when things were more murky regarding attendance and they started planning for 2022-23 from that point on - that is the only thing I can think of.
  8. It sounds like the Hurricanes requested to move their Stadium Series game back to 2022-23. I wonder if those jerseys that leaked a few weeks ago will be what they wear, or if they are going to go with something different.
  9. As a life-long Roush fan I am excited about it. The timing is also perfect with the next gen car coming next year - every team will have to get used to the new car and Brad might be able to provide immediate feedback that gets Roush running in the top 5/10 consistently.
  10. I'm glad the days of bumbling moves are (hopefully) behind us for now!
  11. Partially. When John Dorsey became the GM he famously said the previous regime didn't draft any "real football players" and Nassib was one of those draft picks from the previous regime. Dorsey wanted to bring in his guys, so he reached for Chad Thomas in the third round and kept him over Nassib. Chad Thomas is now out of the league.
  12. He could be a starter on some teams throughout the league. That being said, I personally would say he is best suited as a rotational defensive end. And that is not meant to be a knock on him - getting to the QB is important and you need a 3rd or 4th guy to rotate in that keeps everyone fresh. Generally speaking I would say he is better at stopping the run, but he is by no means a liability as a pass-rusher. He has started about half the games over his NFL career and has been on the field for roughly half the snaps, so based on that I would think my analysis is not too far off. Summary - he is a big guy (like 6-6, 6-7), possesses enough athletic skill, and has put up solid numbers during his career. He absolutely belongs in the NFL and will have a nice career.
  13. Good for Carl Nassib. I liked him when he was on the Browns and wish we could have kept him around. He may not be a generational talent () but he was a productive player for the Brown, and his skillset would be nice to have on the current roster. He was a captain in Tampa and I think that is a strong indicator he is well-respected in the locker room. He has my full support.
  14. Browns LB Anthony Walker is going to wear number 4. It looks like a few younger players asked about other numbers, but the Browns are letting veterans get first crack at it. https://twitter.com/BrownsByBrad/status/1405551735817506821?s=20 https://twitter.com/BrownsByBrad/status/1405552877439963140?s=20
  15. Each time I see this my brain thinks Matt Moore signed with the Jets to be their third string QB or something.
  16. Hurricanes still have a bit to go before they are legitimate Stanley Cup threats. I'm not sure where the team can be realistically upgraded when you consider their cap situation. It will be an interesting off-season with Dougie set to hit the open market. Nedeljkovic and Svechnikov will both be RFA's, and at the very least Svech should be in position for a long-term deal sooner rather than later. Necas will be a RFA after next season too, and he is a guy you also would prefer to keep and build around. Some tough decisions to be made, but it sure as hell beats missing the playoffs for the better part of a decade.
  17. I am fine with the delay of game penalty the way it currently is. When it is called against my team I am way more annoyed at the player committing the penalty than I am at the officials for calling it. I think the rule is more about the spirit of the game and at least making an effort to keep the puck in play. Even on an icing attempt the other team has a chance of intercepting the puck and keeping it in the offensive zone, or maybe it takes an odd bounce to avoid icing. If you just chuck the puck over the glass it prevents any of those possibilities and is a cheap way to get a quick breather. It should be penalized.
  18. Just think if they went with Warriors - then the "Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead in 2016" jokes would have double meaning.
  19. The Cavaliers work their tails off to keep it alive. Please give them the credit they deserve!
  20. Hurricanes Stadium Series leaked on Reddit?
  21. I cannot stress this enough. Anything Rock & Roll themed would be so corny and stupid.
  22. The good news: I will be in Raleigh on Thursday, so I will try to find a watch party to enjoy game 6 with other Canes fans. The bad news: I was really hoping there would not be a game 6.
  23. Just signed up too. Let me know if anything else is needed!
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