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  1. I’ve done a comparison on this before. The late 80s sand was lighter and just slight more grey-ish/dusty but still tan. The current version is darker and more in the brown range...again only by a bit. see below. Contrast this with the early 2000s tan, those were a strange yellow tan and were hideous.
  2. Finally, they look like the Padres. Very nice.
  3. When might we see easy fit Franchise versions of the new D-Backs or Padres hats?
  4. Not a fan of camo jerseys to begin with but I initially did not like the word mark. If you go to Padres.com, you can see it cleanly on either side of the page and it is definitely growing on me. The letters have interesting accents on them. I am more relieved than anything that it is not a bowtie design which to me looks juvenile. I wish they would use that on the home jersey with the yellow.
  5. For what it is worth, check out the "SD" on the chair in this photo: http://cdn.sandiegouniontrib.com/img/photos/2015/10/29/Preller-Green_r900x493.JPG?122770e84b36f1c039d5c4c2ca15c2d8bc4ecd52
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