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  1. Is it possible that we did not get a comment about the Red Wings wearing Straight Nameplates in the preseason?
  2. Can someone pleas take pictures of the Red Wings/Blackhawks game. I saw on twitter that the Red Wings uniforms will have straig..... Wait, I cant do this again this year. Welcome to Preseason 2015!!!
  3. Ok, so here is my assessment as an Alum and a Die Hard Fan. Blows anything Nike has given us since they changed our classic design. Would have liked a throwback but liked the return of stripes on the jersey and pants. did not like the cuts in the stripes but overall.I like the look. Need to start winning again for it to matter but a step in the right direction. Most importantly, Adidas is backing the truck up and supporting the brand which means a lot at this stage. Cant wait to see hoops and Baseball Unis.
  4. The only thing I have been hoping for is a Throwback to the 80s as those will always be the look of champions to me. You guys have to admit that other than the style the team wore in 2001, the others really sucked. Lets be realistic for a sec, the drop shadow ones with the TV numbers on the sleeve were the worst and everything after the last championship were so bad that I refused to buy any of them. They will get FB right and hopefully right now but lots to look forward to with other sports. Last thing I want to leave you with- Adidas has a song about them, does Nike? Hit it Run DM C!
  5. Let me preface this by saying that I am a Miami Alum and have been in touch with some people in the know and here are the facts as i have heard it. 1. Deal is not done but looks like Adidias is the front runner 2. the deal is worth ~$3 Mil more per year than what Nike is paying Nike has the ability to counter offer 3. Money is money, and it would make sense to take it. 4. Alumni/ Fans dont want to move but would prefer UA to Adidas if there is a move 5. Local Store that sells Canes gear has been told by UA and Adidas reps that they are in fact bidding on it. 6. Current set is really liked by the University and Miami owns the designs so a change in design may not occur.
  6. I have also seen on some Miami Boards that The U is contemplating a switch from Nike to Addidas as well. The story I heard is that it is almost a done deal worth an additional $3 Mil per year than the Nike deal. Miami owns the designs from this year's redesign so no uni changes are anticipated. I like many other Alum would like to see a return to the 80's look with Block Numbers.
  7. I just saw some photos from the Detroit/ Pittsburgh game tonight and noticed that the Red Wings NOB were a strange font and not arched. Did they change something for this season? Just Kidding, I just felt the need to be the first to ask the question this year.
  8. As an alum, I thought this was perfect. The Rebrand does not even come close to what you created. Kudos!!
  9. Does anyone have pictures of the "old" banners that hung in MSG prior to the renovation in the 90s?
  10. I was watching the 1981 USC-UCLA game the other night on ESPN Classic and both teams wore their Dark Jerseys. I think both schools played their home games in the same stadium so was it a home game for each? I remember seeing older clips from the 60's and 70's which appear to show both teams wearing dark jerseys as well. Does anyone have any insight? I thought it looked very cool!!!
  11. Exactly. Who makes them?
  12. I haven't seen anything on this yet but at least the Cubs Emblem is the same as the regular helmet.
  13. The new NY Giants away jersey is red and white with red stripes (Blue Jersey has no stripes), no blue on the whites anywhere.