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  1. What a crazy series. Congrats to the Nats, what a run. So memorable and fun.
  2. They're moving to Montreal, but they can't move with that lease right now so they have to float this idea in the interim. Plus, they want to make sure Montreal can get them a new ballpark and this gives MTL time to build it for them, and then they'll be gone for good in 2029 or earlier if they can negotiate out of that iron clad lease they've got down there. St. Pete is hilarious, they're sticking to it really hard without realizing or caring much about the fact that the team will surely be gone by the time that lease ends. Not that I blame them for not budging on building a new ballpark.
  3. Excited about the Devils future. PK for a few more years. I don't care if people think he's on the decline, guy is a huge upgrade over what we've had to work with the past few years and the value of what we gave up wasn't much of anything. Also the intangibles and his value to the club off the ice will be a huge boon.
  4. http://nba.nbcsports.com/2018/05/07/rumor-nba-executives-anticipate-raptors-firing-dwane-casey/?sf189016126=1 Casey has to go. I mean, it's the Devils fan in me that's not precious about firing coaches whenever, but...no way you can bring him back.
  5. It's less about prestige and more about money. It's more lucrative for the Islanders to the the 3rd team in NYC metro area than to move anywhere else and be the #1 team (because of media rights) For the city of Anaheim, it's huge to have your name splayed across the screen like that. Nobody would have any idea where it is were it not for those sports teams (outside of living in SoCal). It's nothing like the NYC boroughs though, it's more akin to NYC/Jersey.
  6. Golden State is a unique name at this point and it does help with brand differentiation, especially if things got lean for some reason. Plus, it's a nice way not to ditch Oakland even though they're ditching Oakland.
  7. https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/bmqyx5/spreadsheets-are-dope-the-allure-of-the-diy-college-basketball-fantasy-league This is a whole story about some HS friends who run a fantasy college basketball league -- and a bunch of other variants -- but their commitment to such nerdy pursuits struck a chord with me given a lot of the stuff we do here. Also, the format of the game (Starting 10) they derive their nerdery from was a format I devised on a different forum, so there's that.
  8. 100 years too late, but better than never. Next stop: their name.
  9. The Avalanche were almost called the Colorado Xtreme. We'll see what they end up with. The whole not using Mets thing doesn't surprise me, but they'd better raise a banner for them anyway.
  10. I play a lot of Fast Break College Basketball and do a lot of scenarios that involve simming from early with 64-team tournaments, existing conferences and then letting things evolve from there. I'm currently in the midst of a league I've had running since 1913, with a NBA league (36-team) to go along with it, plus some foreign leagues. So the possibilities are somewhat endless. The college part is fun because there are so many teams, and varied possibilities from history to making tournaments and so forth.
  11. Would totally be up for a OOTP version, even if just unis/caps/logo.
  12. Was just looking at highlights on twitter and I have to say, the unis actually look good when you consider how bad most minor league team unis look (outside of affiliated baseball.) and while I personally think they should've just based the teams in cities randomly just for reference point, I feel like they look great on the court and most of all, like a real pro league. Also the aforementioned UniWatch story on the unis: http://www.uni-watch.com/2017/06/26/talking-big3-uniforms-with-todd-radom/ They have not announced any kind of apparel deal, so I presume they got something cheap until they can get an apparel deal. The TV deal is obviously like those old Arena football tv deals on NBC, not like they're getting paid for it.
  13. I'm on there, too. If someone needs to be drafted, I've got a pick too.
  14. Clippers are third fiddle in that arena and it's probably about time. And much like the Islanders, I bet it's more lucrative to be the 2nd team in LA even if nobody cares than to ever be the first team in some smaller market, especially in the NBA. Ballmer's Clippers aren't the penny pinching club of Sterling era, so...they're going to be fine. Though it sucks to see the guy who was supposed to bring a team back to Seattle with an arena deal in LA but so it goes.
  15. Not sure I understand all of the whining against the Devils new sweater, I really like it. I mean, it's a pretty conservative change compared to what they could've done to be honest. Vegas looks fine, except that giant look I swear looks like a create-a-team logo. It'll probably be like the Whalers logo in that I hate it now, but in 20 years it'll be a "Classic" when they're playing in Saskatoon.
  16. Given the NBA gave Charlotte their history back when the Bobcats became the Hornets, it's pretty clear that if Seattle ever got another NBA franchise, they'd obviously become the Sonics and would get the shared history back, OKC would go back to being an expansion team for historical purposes and done. Like...this isn't even really that complicated from a NBA standpoint, given we have a precedent now. On the Braves, it's cool they trace their lineage since the franchise name never changed much like the Dodgers and Giants and A's. I like the teams that maintain the history, much like a company that moved from one city to another. But I think baseball is more unique in that way, especially since until the Expos move, there hadn't been one in such a while. There would be no point for the Twins to recognize Senators history, though. The Nats exist now negating that need and also they changed the franchise name so it'd be really silly to do that in my mind. I mean, I get they're the "same franchise" essentially, but nobody in D.C. or Minnesota sees them that way.
  17. omnivore

    NWHL Concepts

    I think your expansion team looks are a lot stronger than what you had to work with re: team names and logos that already exist tbh. Especially like Edmonton and Detroit.
  18. This is me with the Nets. Was never a true fan anyway, but that resurgence they had with Kidd and Co for a few years was fun largely because they repped Jersey. They're of course terrible in Brooklyn, but I lost my interest in them when they went just over the river even though that's where they started and it's not far at all. (Of course, i don't live there anymore...) So I dunno, it's difficult for sure to decide when the move is still in the region.
  19. I think on the whole rebrand idea, I bet the idea here is much like minor league sports. I guess they figure they've never won with this name, treat it almost like an expansion team and it gives you a chance to sell new gear and inject that expansion excitement into the fray. It's silly, but I guess half the teams that moved back in the day would change their name and so this isn't different. Plus, this is an odd situation in that, you have a team moving back to a market that it used to inhabit within the same region when a team did the same thing last year. Except you can't dredge up old LA Chargers fans in any significant number to make it warm and/or nostalgic. So I can see their conundrum from a generating interest perspective and to make people talk about the team and essentially exorcise the demons of "we're taking San Diego's team" but this is a strange move. Will be interesting to see if they go through with it.
  20. This is great. I'll get in on the action for my city.
  21. Everything about this is peak NHL. Owner insisting on a bad name with not great logo? Check. NHL not doing due diligence or convincing the guy to pick a less generic name? Check. Once checked by the USPTO, both dig in their heels as if somehow they can win? Check. It's just all so unavoidable and nobody realizes that every day we spend talking about this name dispute, is one less day we're buying Vegas hockey gear, booking tickets to see our favourite teams beat the snot out of this expansion team in Vegas or just bandying about a new team in the league. I just...I want to be surprised that these people can be THIS obtuse and yet, I'm just not surprised. But this Foley guy is living proof that being rich and being forward-thinking and/or smart are not mutually exclusive. It's not even about being bright, just hire better people who would tell you this. I have no doubt somebody working for them thought about this, but he was hellbent on his dumbass West Point homage that they didn't even want themselves.
  22. Minnesota United actually had two different names before they rebranded to get to United. It's one instance where rebranding to the more generic name (away from NSC to then Stars) was actually a good thing, but largely because they nailed the branding so well.
  23. Neat concept for a set of concepts, if hyper specific. But def. for people who served, an interesting project. (Tho I was Air Force..)
  24. Can't stand jerseys with no names on the back. Especially in football.
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