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  1. I love that Army is going to force them to change the name. Desert Knights wouldn't be too hard to swap to, the colours wouldn't have to change much AND it's still a military homage given our peccadilloes in the Gulf over the past two decades.
  2. Thanks for the Poinsettia, especially.
  3. SWAC makes more on the Bayou Classic than bothering with the playoffs. Don't blame them and they have a distinct audience akin to bowl game for a FBS program, so why not? Celebration Bowl (SWAC v. MEAC) game drew better than 15 FBS bowls last year. In D3 football, I assume we're setting up for another Whitewater - Mt. Union title game. Ugh. Not sure what that division can do for parity when the same two teams dominate, but so it goes.
  4. Stampeders should have gone for the touchdown to win it in regulation, rather than kicking the chip shot to spin the wheel in overtime.
  5. Yeah I just got into the site to see that. Still, the Vegas (sans Las) thing is so bad. It feel so minor league. But the Mighty Ducks rebranded, I imagine "Vegas" will do the same in a few years.
  6. They got the team in June, how the hell do you not get a wordmark together so people can rep their city? Bettman doesn't care he's on a plane full of liquid cash, but...I just don't get how you botch this but maybe you only hire hockey people and no real marketing team that know the first thing about sports branding, ugh.
  7. Yawn. What a bumble of a release from having nothing but a logo and no wordmark to picking such a terrible :censored:ing name. I mean, I'd prefer boring over lame, this is both of those things. Seems like Foley's team didn't think about branding because they had a building and were more concerned with other things like selling tickets figuring people would come regardless. I'm sure they'll get past it, not like other teams haven't had craptastic iconography but..just seems like such a low bar to hurdle and they tripped. Also, not sure exactly who that MC was that was hosting the event tonight but they really flubbed that too. Surely there are no shortage of showmen in Vegas who would've really done it up a notch for them.
  8. As a Swansea City fan I agree the Swansea kit is a monstrosity with that sponsor logo.
  9. With no arena ready and the Bucks wanting to get a team as early as next (2017-18) season, I can't imagine Oskhosh would get the nod when there are other cities in Wisconsin that already have arenas that can be used.
  10. Newsflash: America is not the center of the universe. A domestic league in another country isn't "minor league" because it doesn't draw millions of American eyeballs.
  11. This must be a Toronto thing because the Jays like unveiling banners during the post-season too. I prefer this, tbh then waiting until the following year to unveil it. Also if you end up winning more than one, it gives fans something to look at.
  12. I honestly had no idea there was this much of a youth culture of American football in Japan. Outside of Mexico and Canada, probably the most extensive gridiron amateur leagues in the world?
  13. That Ameriks set is really sexy. Classic look and feels very baseball to me without feeling boring or dated. Also enjoyed your Maroons set.
  14. I downloaded your league for FM16 earlier this year. Fantastic job again.
  15. Plenty of people whose programs would kill to be where Indiana's is even on the downslope.
  16. So much drama for a guy who wasn't good enough to make a roster anywhere.
  17. Umm..did you and some friends get in a fight about this? This rant would've been better back when the Wolves were outdrawing the Blackhawks and winning Calder Cups.
  18. No, but I am mystified by their ascent and even their pro sports-like structure.
  19. 2 GB of a wild card on a 21-year playoff drought, keeping a prospect who isn't a slam dunk to help you when you have trouble getting free agents and are losing 3/5th of your rotation after this have to go for it. The team is modular and surely they can still grow and do fine, but...this is the last chance this core group had to do something and so, I applaud AA for going for it. Would love to see one more acquisition made to shore up the back end of that rotation or bullpen before it's said and done, but if nothing else, I like this move and even if it doesn't work, i still appreciate them going after it because to me this was the best chance the team had. Yankees are playing over their heads, we can beat them in a series if we have to. And while a one-game playoff isn't ideal, I'll take playoff baseball however I can get it.
  20. Helton best player in Rockies history. But Tulo is #2 and they'll surely retire his number. Also Monforts are cheap owners who don't care about winning. I don't mind trading prospects, you can never tell what a guy might do in a few years, when you have a chance to get a game-changing guy you do it. Dickey I would not have traded for, he's an old knuckleballer, but I think that deal was as much about establishing a new culture as anything, as if to send a message "hey we are seriously," but I obviously wish that deal had been rethought because Dickey was old when they got him and I'm just not sure what the hell they thought a knuckleballer was going to do in the AL East not named Tim Wakefield who himself was never an ace either.
  21. TULO! I hope AA isn't done. But wow. I can't even get mad at that dude.
  22. Was rooting for that outcome. Too bad it didn't happen.