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  1. I dug the Jersey one because it kind of looked like a highway. Which seemed fitting. </jerseynativehere>
  2. In his last year in the majors (2000) Doc Gooden appeared in one game for the Houston Astros. To be fair, Barry Larkin isn't PLAYING for the Nats. I mean, hell. Joe Torre as a Yankee in that case? Don Mattingly as a Dodger (which I do think is kind of weird) I's different, but it's totally different than say, MJ in Wizards gear.
  3. I use baseball reference minor league encyclopedia to help me dredge up names. Also Baton Rouge, my team is named after the old minor league - the Red Sticks
  4. Love your concept here. Just getting caught up, but like what you're doing here. Maybe teams that belong to ships a la USS Enterprise or whatever. Like company teams of yore.
  5. I love those Clippers unis. Just simple, but perfect.
  6. The good thing about the Green Bay Mechanics is that the alliteration is already ready to go when they move to Madison.
  7. Awesome stuff, raysox. Also, anything that gets people over here discovering OOTP the better!
  8. Empire 8 could use this upgrade for sure.
  9. Hell, the Thrashers name worked it's just the team didn't. Would be fun if they did what the Colorado Rockies did and adopt the moniker of the city's defunct NHL team. I know it won't happen. But hey...
  10. I'm impressed that people here like it. I always wait for people to criticize them.
  11. This was going to my selection. Love that look.
  12. I would love to see them in Montreal as Expos 2.0, but I doubt that'll happen. I'd also be over the moon to see them in Jersey, as a 3rd team but I doubt Sternberg wants to pay the Yanks damages a la Nats in D.C. to Baltimore. Omaha won't happen. Too small a market for 81 home dates.
  13. I think they're fine. I mean they're not setting the world on fire, but it's Tom Benson's team. I don't envision he'd oversee a bold revamping of the team look. It's better than it could've been.
  14. Wyoming is getting a lottery, the bill passed last year. No scratchoffs, because the Luddites in the Rancheslature are afraid of "instant gratification" games. But there will eventually be some kind of logo, you'd figure.
  15. That said, Metro division is a kind of silly name. But someone elsewhere mentioned the old NFL Capitol Division. Metro is sort of lame and prevents future Seattle team from becoming the Seattle Metropolitans after their Stanley Cup team -- which was unlikely anyway -- for that, we'll get used to it. I mean, the old named divisions are never coming back. Especially not with Bettman around.
  16. Columbus is a fine city. The NHL has far more cities that need to relocated than the Jackets.
  17. I root for local teams I grew up with in the form of the NY Jets and NJ Devils. Baseball makes no sense, but I've always been a Blue Jays fan since my early teen years. It helped that I became a real fan when they won the first of two titles, but I feel like suffering loyally through the past two decades of no playoffs has earned my core fandom. I've considered switching a few times since I didn't grow up there. I've been to like 50 or so home Cardinals games when I lived in the area, plus they're an NL team so it's less like cheating. But I just felt weird about switching. And then I've lived in Rockies country for years too and even saw my first playoff game thanks to them but again just feels odd. I couldn't even root when they were winning. It was just so bittersweet. So yeah...I think basketball is the only sport where I'm a free agent. I was proud as a Jersey native when the Nets made those finals back to back with JKidd, but never could call myself a fan especially post-moved to Brooklyn even if it's close (and I hated the move, but think it's better for them ultimately...) So I don't know who my rooting interest will be in the NBA unless I end up somewhere that I can connect with a club.
  18. Given Bud Selig moved the Pilots to Milwaukee to BECOME the Brewers, this is just tonedeaf. Most informal votes are Thunderbirds or Metropolitans. I imagine that's the direction they go and in either case, that banner gets raised because a Cup is a Cup.
  19. I'm still annoyed they didn't play that exhibition at Lord's a few years back as was purported. But I'm excited about a series in Oz.
  20. No, I don't think they should've used that name. American is the best lipstick on the pig these guys probably could've done. I don't know what else would've worked, though seems lots of these old METRO conference fans wanted it.
  21. Sacramento benefits from a mayor whose mostly a PR flunkie, since Sacramento is run by a City Manager. KJ can then invest his time and energy on folly like this.
  22. Became a Blue Jays fan when I was really young and just stuck with them despite growing up in Jersey.
  23. Just as stupid as New Orleans pretending they were the Charlotte Hornets? Seems the same difference to me. Like it or not, a team's city and name and history are inseparable. Except they weren't pretending, they WERE the Charlotte Hornets and they moved the teams operations to a new city and changed the name. Same franchise/organization/lineage. The entity known as the Charlotte Bobcats started in 2004 and has never had another name. If they do become the Hornets, it's just a new version, the old Hornets are still playing but under a new name: New Orleans Pelicans Yes. A sports franchise is just an organization moving around to do business in different places. the fans are just along for the ride. When the organization decides to pack up and leave town, they take their history with them. The fans will have their memories, but don't own the history. Let's say the name change system was back up. Ice_Cap decided to change his name to "LondonBoy54". Once he did that, I decided to change mine to "Ice_Cap". Would it make sense for me to pretend that I was the user who's posted 16 000+ times in 10 years here? No. To pretend that some kid with a dumb username would have the posting history of somebody else just because he has said person's old name is ludicrous. Now, usually I don't mind when teams take the names of old teams who used to play in their city (Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, soon enough the Qu├ębec Nordiques). But in this case, when another franchise used the "Hornets" name the year before, it would create a lot of confusion to someone not familiar with the situation. Yet again, if the NBA decides to merrily go along with the idea of pretend history and phantom relocation, who cares? For goodness sakes, who cares about this? I mean, if the NBA wanted to handle it, they could easily create separate records. But that's not going to happen and that's fine. But if the people in that city are invested in the name who the heck cares if the team changes it name to a legacy name in that community now that it's been abandoned? No you can't reinvent history, but...I don't understand why people are so bent out of shape about the idea of a community and an ownership group reclaiming a name if it's made available? It hurts no one except people who imagine NBA record books as some kind of Hogwarts projects where there's dust on it and that cannot be changed without a stone tablet or some such. Who cares if the Pelicans were named the Hornets prior to their move and thus, have the records of the Hornets? Hell the NBA could fix that if they REALLY wanted to. But they won't. No one will care. It's not important in the grand scheme of things, except that it'll make a sizable portion of folks who call themselves fans happier to support the team they're already supporting anyway. Works for me.