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  1. What does it hurt? Besides, everyone admits Bobcats was a vanity project by the former owner. The Hornets name predates the basketball club in that city anyway. No reason NOT to do it.
  2. The old Big East (aka, all of the football schools left + joining) are the AAC. San Diego, Boise State and whoever else from the MWC that was going to join are no longer doing so. The Big East will be all of the basketball members who didn't play football (aka, the Catholic schools) plus 3 other non-football schools.
  3. This just makes it more likely that the NBA expands eventually to Seattle, despite denials of not wanting to. I can't see them telling billionaires on either side "sorry, we don't want your money." This is just an unprecedented situation in the four sports not counting Jim Basille and the Hamilton mess in the NHL. Too many heavy hitters with cash the NBA guys would love to pocket. Someone is getting an expansion team at the end of all of this.
  4. It is better than bringing back the Metro. Reviving a dead league name is problematic, plus it'd be the same problem if they go out of region again (ECU isn't metro) or whatever. This name gives them the flexibility to do whatever they want and it's a nice trick to force people to start calling them the AAC and to get them confused. I like it.
  5. It looks like a 70s logo, but I like what they did.
  6. omnivore

    The America League

    I love that Music City's crest is in the shape of a guitar pick.
  7. Would love to learn to make these...would be handy for my OOTP league.
  8. omnivore

    The America League

    I'm so mad that I can't get some of these kits.
  9. I bet the reason they went with 12, is to make it seem more stable given all of the defections.
  10. omnivore

    The America League

    This is astounding. Great work. Love the names and the looks to boot. Great research coming up with ideas.
  11. I dunno...i'm guessing they wanted to inoculate themselves from a situation where they would be too regional (e.g. metro conference, big metro, big eastern or whatever) but also wanted to associate themselves with the leagues that have numbers in their name since B1G, Pac-12, B12 are all doing okay. but amalgam of A10 and America East seems strange
  12. It has something to do with the time it takes to get the uniforms changes and NBA trademark/branding stuff. With the Bullets change, Ted probably hadn't filed the paperwork, didn't own the name at the time and so, that all took time for the legal stuff to get out of the way. In the case of the New Orleans Pelicans, Tom Benson already owns the name and so, none of that is necessary. But I'm just spitballing ideas.
  13. Hornets will become the Pelicans.
  14. Not sure AAA baseball is really all that riveting, but that's as good a realignment as any I figure.
  15. Peterson is a west coast guy and he can stay at Boise State pretty until he retires if he wants at this point. Hard to see him leaving for an SEC job with a program that has an uphill climb in an area he has no experience recruiting heavily. Recipe for disaster. Franklin at Vandy has good job security, so I doubt he'd want to give that up to go take a job in a program that might not be as secure.
  16. The fact the major outlets are ignoring this should tell you everything you need to know. The Notre Dame move, the Rutgers/MD moves all happened fast but under cover of night and not with tweeters just throwing stuff on the wall in the hopes it sticks. But we're seeing lots of it.
  17. Hope Melky has lots to prove this year. And maybe Braun coming back this year just as strong relieved any pause they might have had, though obviously two totally different guys. Still, a huge off-season and hopefully more to come.
  18. The stadium issue and they don't draw well. (30th in MLB in attendance this year)
  19. As a Jays fan, pumped for this deal. MLB should merge the Rays and Marlins and create an expansion team elsewhere.