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  1. Toronto Blue Jays, New Jersey Devils, New York Jets I became a Jays fan first. I grew up in NJ, but never connected with the Mets or Yankees. The Jays had my favourite player at the time who I followed from the Twins to the Jays in 1992 (Jack Morris) and I've been with them ever since. The Devils & Jets qualify under the home town/home state clause. Basketball, I never cared too much. The Nets never did much to resonate, though the Jason Kidd era was fun to see them relevant and people wearing my home state team's jersey in random cities far from there. But even if I were claiming them, the move to Brooklyn would negate that on the whole for me personally. So yeah. Besides that, a bunch of not-especially strong ties. Those teams are the ones I root for heavily and care about absolute most. The only team I've even come close to adding to that list as an adult are the Colorado Rockies as my NL squad with the demise of the Expos in Montreal...since I lived in Denver. But it still feels weird having a 2nd team even if they're in a different league in the same sport...they're just nice to have because they're close and I can see them more than I can see the Jays.
  2. I still feel awful for Gallarraga. But that Santana no-no, despite the chalk call was pretty good. I mean, those Mets played amazing defense behind him tonight. You watch the video and on most nights, there were easily half-a-dozen balls that would've fallen for hits that tonight were smothered by leather. The team coalesced and were just locked in tonight. It was a heck of a performance by the entire team tonight. Plus the chalk call is one of those where..on any other night, that call gets made and no one bats an eyelash. But given the stakes, it gets amplified. I'll take a missed call like that over an overly generous strike 3 call anyday.
  3. Love the new Rutgers look. Love the font, love the modernization. It's going to look slick on the field.
  4. Love the names and creativity here.
  5. In Massachusetts, students of either gender are allowed to play on a team of the opposite gender if no such separate sport exists for them. There are a number of boys playing on girls' field hockey, swimming and gymnastics teams. Some girls do play baseball, but I don't know any boys playing softball. There are a few girls playing football as well. New Jersey apparently bars boys from girls teams, but girls can play on boys teams if the sport isn't offered. Pennsylvania has seen a huge rise in field hockey teams with boys on them including the most recent state champion which dominated with a boy at the helm.
  6. Pesapallo is awesome. Some videos of pro Pesapallo on youtube. Some other sports to consider: Netball - It's huge in the British Commonwealth countries. It was originally called "women's basketball" and the game was eventually adapted into its current form. Korfball is a similar sport in the Netherlands Sepak Takraw is foot volleyball. It's huge in SE Asia.
  7. Love the progression on this one.
  8. Nice series. You could put more schools in Wyoming. I saw Wyoming Poly. But Wyoming A&M in Gilette could be cool. Casper and Cheyenne are big enough for universities too. Cody would be a good place, too.
  9. Love the 3rd jersey the most. But yeah, great set.
  10. It'll be interesting to see what they do with the new naming opportunity. I think they've done a good enough job taking the crap they've been left with and trying to make something positive out of it. So this merger isn't a bad move, given the realities of the current TV and BCS landscape. Best of all, it finally kills the Mountain West TV Network which was awful for the league, bad for exposure and gives them a chance to get a bit more widespread distribution which I'm sure they're aware of.
  11. Love the color scheme.
  12. This school is taking this entirely too far trying to paint the issue as one of state's rights when it's not. They could leave the NCAA, but they won't because it'd destroy their athletic programs. Or find some pro league to goof around it and pay their players. But otherwise, they need to follow the NCAA edict as much as I hate the NCAA and their overreach, other schools altered their names with a fight or paid off the tribes to continue using the names (see also Utes, Seminoles) and so, UND needs to quit trying to drag this out.
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    Not going to ask for one, just wanted to point out how awesome this project is. Kudos.
  14. Another year of awesome controversy and a month-long wait for games that matter. Gotta love it.
  15. Don't love the Wild name, but love their look.
  16. Yeah I hate the TFC copycat jersey today when I saw it and more blue, to boot. But so it goes, I guess. Bleh.
  17. I thought they'd just add names to the back of the jerseys. That seems like the most likely subtle change they'd make to the uniforms over anything else. I can see a new coach going with that, provided it was someone who wasn't connected to the brand previously in an effort to modernize it. It's a big opportunity.
  18. I don't like hyperbole, but I swear I watched that promo video they put together and it gave me goosebumps. Like, it was fun to be a Jays fan and to rekindle that history and so forth. Just awesome. So glad we've finally got this look back.
  19. The Pelicans? The Ducks? The Lighthouses? What's the mascot?
  20. Too bad Casper won't have minor league baseball anymore, be honest, it's really out of the way. Ft. Collins or Cheyenne (if it were to stay in Wyoming) would be way better since the population centers of the state are in the south. No one in Laramie or Cheyenne is driving to Casper for a minor league baseball team. But Cheyenne? You could draw from the Colorado Front Range for folks who maybe don't want to go to Denver. Plus all of the Southern Wyoming folks. Meh. Oh well.
  21. People here are conflating two different things. When the Browns move to Baltimore, the NFL kept the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland and put them on hiatus. The Ravens are an expansion team distinct from the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland even though everyone that came obviously had been in the other city with that other team. The heritage is there, but for the league record books...they're distinct franchises. In baseball's case, this has never been done. Someone mentioned the San Jose Earthquakes, another team that took a "hiatus" and returned to the league after an absence. I think we'll see this more and more. The Thunder biffed it, because they'll "share" their history with any future Seattle team, but I guess that's probably because there's unlikely to be another Seattle NBA team. No the Winnipeg Jets in Phoenix and the Thrashers that moved and became the Jets aren't the same team with distinct histories and hell played in different conferences...but that doesn't matter to the folks in Winnipeg, does it? No, it doesn't. Their team is back and that's all that matters really. Even if it mucks up the league history books. That's the league's fault though and probably the precedent set by the past has dictated these future terms. Otherwise, I think we'd see more stewardship of leagues keeping the history of a franchise vested with that city when a team does leave. That said, teams ought to do what they want. I mean, in the grand scheme of things casual fans could care less about "official record books" anyway and so, it doesn't matter. As for the IP, leagues always license throwbacks, etc., so that's not shocking. Doesn't take much to find throwbacks of teams long since dead on the internet sold through Cooperstown Classics, etc.
  22. They'll manage to get that ballclub moved before long. No way those Wall Street dudes who bought the club are going to sit idle. They'll figure something out and they'll find a venue for them in the next 5 years one way or another. No doubt about it. They've made it a profitable club from the doldrums and if the people in that spring training town don't want them, they'll find a city that does. I just hope they do while the club is still good.
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    This thread is hilarious.