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  1. Wow, never would have had any idea about that. You don't even notice the dots unless you're told about them. Very interesting.
  2. I like the addition of the logos...the FSN hockey scoreboard is horrible IMO
  3. You're smokey Bones' are doing that bad? Three here have been here for years and get great business... The new one looks too cartoonish...the old one isn't that bad when it's bigger than the version posted above.
  4. I feel it's so hard to say what is better as far as college logos--you have hundreds of years of tradition at some places which is so iconic, but there are also the newer/modern logos which are pretty awesome.
  5. I got a Three Rivers Stadium replica as a gift and it's very accurate. Not sure if I'd personaly spend $75 on one but it was a gift so I wont complain But the colors and minutia are certainly spot on.
  6. Wow, this has to be the biggest homer thread ever. Everyone is just posting pics of their home town places. I like the slide at Miller Park that Bernie Brewer goes down.
  7. The seams of a baseball are like that but not all on one side of the ball.
  8. Yeah those gold tops over blue pants would be sweet, and getting rid of that Panther that looked like a mountain was good. I wish they used the script Pitt though.
  9. Well I like what Pitt did and this is a lot better than Pitt's and I really like these too.
  10. Saw them in person, thought they were actually pretty cool. (Thats probably just because I'm a Pitt fan...if I liked WVU I might thinnk differently) Anyone know if these will be special one time jerseys or if they'll wear them once a year or if they're permanent?
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/PITTSBURGH-PENGUINS-JE...1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. I noticed that. It was that different material as well as the front line of the brim sticking out a bit more.
  13. I've heard that someone in the front office has always wanted to have red and even maybe blue on an alt (red/blue were the original colors) and I'm not in any way against a new red uni. But would they replace the Sunday home alts with the stipes? They should make those the regular home uni and then make a red jersey the Sunday home alt. My main question is though... WHAT THE HELL KIND OF PANTS WILL YOU WEAR WITH THESE? I doubt gray would be good if they are infact road jerseys.
  14. Maybe if it was black...anyone feel the green going on here?
  15. Because it wasnt always divisional teams that played, sometimes it was for the wildcard.