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  1. I like most of the concepts I like getting rid of the grey facemasks, to me helmets should follow the teams color scheme. Arizona- the "Pride" Jersey should of been black, maybe a red facemask Atlanta- good except I like the Black helmet for the current logo Baltimore - perfect Carolina - not bad although I still prefer silver over the white Chicago- not much different although I would like an orange jersey over the throwback Buffalo- not much to say I like the facemask color change Cincinnati- perfect fix to those jerseys Dallas - why can't the star on the current blue jersey be on both home and road jerseys? Cleveland - no logo on helmet, orange pants over the brown, better mixes with the brown jersey
  2. That's the Cubs Harry Caray patch. The WGN Cubs announcer who died in '98 who did take me out to the ballgame in his famous way.
  3. Way too much black...... add some grey to the jersey as well
  4. Yes, as long as it's done 96 hours before is scheduled.
  5. use the script for the road jersey and you have a winner. The fon't really doesn't fit the concept at all, it's too blockish.
  6. Raysyde

    Las Vegas Aces

    like how you made the logo look like a poker chip, now that's vegas style. The cards on the hat don't fit the alternate jersey.
  7. 1- Tampa Blaze 2- Plantation Anoles 3- Manchester Industry
  8. 1- New Orleans Jazz 2- Minneapolis Freeze 3- Lansing Ignite
  9. 1- Orange Roundabouts 2- Scottsdale Salamanders 3- Long Beach Oilers
  10. Raysyde

    Blue Jays Concept

    nice set especially the lettering, but white on the sleeves of the blue jersey doesn't look right to me, how about black?
  11. Raysyde

    Phoenix Suns

    Sweet looking set especially the modified firebird logo and the orange jerseys. This is definetly better than their current set.
  12. Other than the red hat, not a bad looking set. The Twins have always looked good in pinstripes. But the red on blue doesn't look as good, maybe change the text to white outlined by blue?
  13. Nice concept but the colors are a bit too dark, nothing really stands out. Also could the workmark on the home jersey match the workmark on the road jersey. I'd also like to see an alternate jersey.
  14. I agree, how about changing the font and maybe add some piping. As far as the blue jersey change the wording to white with the green as an outline, it'll look better. I like the concept and colors.