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  1. But those two are primarily navy. I was talking about jerseys with the base color being powder blue. My apologies. This look will indeed be missed. Great point.
  2. I would love to see Sunderland use these colors for their away kit in a pattern that mirrors the home kit.
  3. Does anyone else think that the "Finals" patch is a tad overbearing? Its just my opinion, but I feel the trophy logo or even a gold NBA logo would work just fine.
  4. While I applaud the Trashers' creativity, I think they gave up too quickly on their navy blue set. With a less busy striping pattern and using their base bird/stick logo, it could have really worked. This does give us one less light blue, navy blue combo to look at.(i.e:Columbus,Florida, Pittsburgh)
  5. I've always felt that the Alfa Romeo logo would make an excellent choice for a soccer team logo/crest.
  6. I'm so over adidas and their templates.
  7. Does anyone else here think that the RBK Edge jerseys (NHL, AHL)have been somewhat of a disappointment?
  8. No matter how many times I look at this uni, I still have nothing positive to say about it. First Tampa Bay, now Vancouver.....I'm kinda nervous about what teams like Dallas, St. Louis, and San Jose will do.
  9. I just need to ask a question, not defending Nike: whats wrong with pushing the boundaries of what we think football and sports unifroms should be? It seems like the majority of the opinions on these forums are stuck in a "golden era." I agree that tradition is fine, but what Nike does year in and year out is good for sports unis/logos as a whole.
  10. This is a trend that must stop in sports....I mean it sounds absolutely hideous. This makes me wonder how far owners will go to commercial-ize their stadiums. I'm cant wait for Delaware Punch Stadium!
  11. Those are nice....I wonder if they will have more teams later on. Im interested in seeing what a New Orleans Saints(state logo) would look like.
  12. And we criticize Nike for using similar templates? Hmmmmm.....
  13. I'm really sure that team uniforms factor in the BCS formula. And where are the guidelines for "classy"? I'm not suggesting that Oregon's unis are the best, but why must we always remain stuck in a 1940's time capsule. Nike is about pushing the boundaries...and we should all encourage that. Granted, the results may not be widely accepted, but I like what Nike is doing with Oregon and other NCAA teams.