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  1. A consistent, unique, and instantly-identifiable set. Fire kits get worse Every. Single. Year. Bring back the sleeve hoop! (Although I have to admit that changing the color of the wordmark on the home jersey was an improvement...)
  2. Would have looked significantly better without the blue sleeves. All-green or nothin'. The better looking team won today. Glad to see the Bears wearing their blue pants again.
  3. USA is too big for a national stadium. Would be way to unfair to the rest of the country. I like that, for example, WCQs by the USMNT are played all over the country. Means I can make it to one.
  4. At least Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa have hockey teams at the club level as well: Indiana look fantastic. Iowa less so. Illinois... well, it's a shame that the Chief is no longer considered an approved symbol, because I think he'd look great on a hockey sweater...
  5. knox

    MLB Hockey

    I love the simplicity of the alternate, but that P needs to be significantly larger. Otherwise, great job.
  6. Too bad there's not a picture on the news wire of Reed Johnson, who looked amazing last night.
  7. Supposedly next year's Arsenal away shirt: Looks like a fake... I like the concept though. =)
  8. knox


    Just saying.
  9. If that England kit is for real, then I say bravo to them. It's simplicity and class.
  10. They should just translate the team name. No article, when rendered in English, the article isn't there. It looks tacky, and in the way the NBA does it these days, tacked on. GIGANTES and CERVECEROS are perfect examples of how to do a "latin night."
  11. Reality: Yeah, but we've blown a buttload of money on it! I really have no idea whether or not the Superdome can last another thirty years, but I've seen enough government spending in my short life to know that it doesn't mean anything is really different.
  12. Or -- and I know this is a revolutionary idea -- you could use the team's secondary color for the side/backlines! =D
  13. knox

    MLB 2009

    Did anyone manage to get the image off the website before it went down?