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  1. If there's anything that's going to test the axiom of "given enough time, even the worst designs will come back into style eventually," it's the Reebok EDGE era. Irredeemably bad stuff.
  2. Throwing my hat into the "Nashville and Dallas should absolutely go color rush in this series" ring. I can't think of a single good reason why teams don't do this!
  3. As a fan I'm just happy they have a jersey with a normal collar instead of a dumbass polo shirt looking thing
  4. It honestly hadn't even occurred to me that people would be upset by this. The Whalers have been gone for an entire generation of fans and there's nothing on the horizon suggesting that'll ever change. If they wore them more than twice, that might be overdoing it a bit. Yeah the Whalers are more beloved and have better uniforms and a better logo than the Hurricanes ever had, but this is probably the only way we're seeing this uniform on the ice again. I like it. I'll admit that I didn't realize there were many fans in Hartford who still lamented the loss of their team. I guess there isn't a whole lot of ink spilled on them, but maybe now there will be.
  5. You're not wrong, but Gritty is still good.
  6. This is nothing to do with the design, which I think is really nice, but maybe someone more detail-oriented than me can explain why the promotional photos for this jersey remind me so much like a Chinese counterfeit. These photos look rough, right?
  7. Hi, Pittsburgh native popping in to say that while I still feel good about the general construction of the Penguins, handing Jack Johnson a 5 year contract and 62 year-old Matt Cullen any type of contact sure does take a little luster off of all of the recent success. But, you know. GG Torontonians. I'm not complaining.
  8. As a fair-weather Steeler fan I love this look and hope it means they're considering going back to it.
  9. As seen on this very website, the Penguins updated the skating penguin logo on their uniform with the introduction of the Vegas gold alternate. I've gone back and forth on which one I like better - the new penguin is definitely cleaner but I feel that the changes made to the eye take away some of its character. Interesting to note that they actually had been using the "new" design on t-shirts and graphics in the early 90's, but the logo on their sweaters didn't match.
  10. Andy

    NHL 2017-18

    There's nothing particularly WRONG with it, but can someone explain to me what they love about the Blackhawks black jersey? It always struck me as vastly inferior to their red jersey, which is one of my favorites. Yet every time the black one comes up I see a lot of comments about how gorgeous it is. I don't get it.
  11. Andy

    NHL 2017-18

    Count me in as a rube that is all for a team's history and cuture staying within the confines of the area in which it played. I also say "we won/lost last night" when talking about the games. The Senators should absolutely use the old stuff, hang banners for the old team, etc. The whole idea is to satisfy their fans in Ottawa. The heritage jerseys are good (though I personally prefer the modern 2D centurion to any of their other crests.)
  12. Blue Jackets have always looked good but their new font really puts them over the top.
  13. The description of the Pens' look sounds like something that would never work, but it really is beautiful. It's a perfect alternate look for them. Well done. I do like the Stadium Series as an alternate, but I wonder if this would look even better with a white-triangled primary as the crest.
  14. Andy

    NHL 2017-18

    In the perfect world where the Penguins have been wearing some version of the current uniform since 1967, I'd say them. Obviously biased but I think it's a really timeless design. I'd say other than Philadelphia the only other team that's always struck me as having a really strong look is St. Louis. Even though they messed with it in the 90's with the red and the edge design was obviously pretty bad, when St Louis looks their best they look like a O6 team. The North Stars and Whalers would be in this conversation if they still existed, maybe.
  15. As a fan, I really like it. Drop the "CITY OF CHAMPIONS" text from the patch and this is a perfect alternate jersey for the Pens. I wonder how it would look with a solid black triangle behind the penguin, rather than dropping it completely.
  16. Absolutely thrilled to have Iggy on the team - Ray Shero is a damned wizard. Next few games will be interesting. Iginla came to play with Crosby, but I almost wonder if they'll flip Neal and try him out on Malkin's line first. Geno might enjoy being flanked by two players who were acquired with Crosby in mind, and it seems almost idiotic to break up Dupuis-Crosby-Kunitz at this point. Now it's a question of who would be the toughest match-up in a seven game series. Boston and Montreal are obvious answers, but I don't know that I'd want to see New Jersey with a healthy Brodeur in the first round.
  17. A lot of Steeler fans aren't exactly great ambassadors for the city, but I always just sorta figured that was true for most fans of the NFL. It's impossible to quantify which teams have the "worst" fans, but I'm sure most people would rank the Steelers pretty high. Everyone has a bad experience with one. To me, though, it's hilarious to follow a franchise that inspires such passionate adoration and loathing every week. That Tim Tebow stuff is great. I, for one, cannot understand how desperate a fanbase must be to actually root for that guy to play. The only compliments he ever gets from coaches or players are guarded or backhanded.
  18. It's funny, because the Steelers definitely get calls more often than some teams, just like a few other "favorite" franchises. But when they played the Giants and had about three awful calls go against them in one quarter (phantom pass interference, "helmet-to-head" hit unsportsmanlike on Ryan Clark where he didn't come close to hitting the receiver in the head, maybe one other one that I forgot) They got all the calls in Super Bowl XL and the Seahawks got screwed (Matt Hasselbeck is still upset about it), but almost didn't make it to that very Super Bowl because of this. The only thing more predictable than blown calls are the Steeler fans claiming a conspiracy against them one week, then the Steeler hate-boner parade coming out the next. It's awesome to witness.
  19. It's always kicked around these parts that wherever the Penguins play should be named for Mario, but I really liked The Igloo. Maybe CEC could be re-named Le Magnifique, although that might seem a little out of place for a building in uptown Pittsburgh.
  20. The Steelers looked awesome. I lost count of the number of dumb locals who "hilariously" made the bumblebee comparison, but good on the franchise for having the guts to do something distinct and fun while honoring the team's history. Obviously it can't be a full-time look, but I don't understand the hate for stripes - I have the same love for them in black & gold as I do for the Senators barberpole. Loved the tan pants and the socks, though the girlfriend suggested that the socks were "too much."
  21. I'm now curious to see what the records of teams who use the captain's patch are. What is the correlation between winning and visually identifying team leadership?
  22. I bet Donovan McNabb is really excited about the post-lockout "new NFL," when games ended in a tie automatically go to a shootout.
  23. I'm digging it, not so much the numbers on the front and I'd change "PENGUINS" to say "PITTSBURGH" on the alternate, but as a fan I like what you've done.
  24. The Mellon Arena team recently started playing clips of WWE wrestler Mr. Kennedy shouting "KENNEDY!" when Tyler Kennedy scores. It's pretty awesome.
  25. That's his brother? So the names Boss and Champ came from the same family? Wow.