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  1. I like the idea and its pretty nice. Very clean. center the crest though and remove the numbers on the front of the jersey. another thing is that nantucket is much too small unless it was summer league hockey? if they have it/ if nantucket has a rink? interesting idea to say the least, I think you did a good job. also add an away jersey
  2. I think a better (more creative) way you could have gone with the name "Spirit" would be to commemorate the Native American culture in New England and Connecticut, there are already the Pats and Revs to pay homage to the founding of America anyways. When I read the name I thought "wow, cool name, very creative" and got a dreamcatcher/indian type feel to it, but it's something i've seen before, like in the pats/revolution/cannons. I like it in the design aspects but the creativity could've been better. I know it wouldn't make sense for you to just restart this concept but just what I thought it coul've been.
  3. Ahh I see I see. I didn't know a windjammer was a boat so that would work in such an instance. but it just sounded Development League-ish to me since I wasn't aware haha. And not to add to your work load but in the first post you should update which teams you've done and which teams you have lined up so we can have a reference btw your work is sick i love them all so far dude
  4. Why not move the DC team to Virginia? Virginia Generals sounds pretty nice and rolls of the tongue better than DC plus on the aways you don't wanna have just "DC" on the front, and gets it out of the way from another major NBA market. Something else to think about would be staying away from names like "Jammers" and "Slammas" because if you want your team to sound professional then make the name relevant to the city or state, not just for the sake of naming the team something pointless. No offence to foot fumbler for recommending those names. Just my thoughts
  5. I like the idea, I love the name ospreys, and I like the color choice but the execution is a little off. There are far more people who could give better advice than me, but for one- the feet are way out of proportion haha see idk how much it helps but its a start, decent work so far keep it goin
  6. The Ohio Conquista-cats
  7. the kings looks more like blue and gold not purple at all, or it might be just me i don't know. but i'm not a fan of the BK logo, I love the striping and the toned down color scheme but go back to the classic kings logo and it'd be saweeet. nice work on all of them. coyotes is my favorite
  8. I would try to make "palms" take up that whole sash in the middle, and san diego over the top maybe? because it looks cramped now and much too small to read as a patch or whatever itd be used for.
  9. I'd like to see the flag portion of the alt logo be straightened out, maybe coming down from the square portion of Texas at the top? and dumb down the size of that star too, that things huge and make it straight as well. other than that I don't really have too many complaints. I'm liking these two so far. The Hurricanes came out lookin' pretty sweet as well by the way.
  10. I don't like just all yellow or all white on the top two, the bottom left reminds me of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the bottom right has too many lines and is very distracting. work with the middle two. maybe as a new alternate come up with something that combines the bear and the city of providence to make it, it's own basically since this team is so much like Boston in design. i hope you come up with something unique in the concept, but so far i like what i see.
  11. the thunderbirds concept is ridonkulous. i love it, and the rest of these concepts as well.
  12. Nope, he's right. It's Manta Ray...Devil Ray and Devil Fish are just nicknames.
  13. hmmm so one thing i think you should fix that REALLY bothers me: on the UJ logo, the left side of the U and the J are thinner making that side look farther away, but the shadow coming off of it is thcker on that side, which bugs me. I think the thicker outline should be on the right side to make the right side more visually appealingi hope you understand what i mean. i apologize for taking and editing your work but i was just trying to get a point across. so heres a sketchy example: