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  1. ATLANTIC = Boston, Brooklyn, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Toronto, Washington. CENTRAL = Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, Milwaukee, Minnesota. MIDWEST = Dallas, Denver, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Utah. PACIFIC = Golden State, LAS VEGAS, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, SEATTLE. (To Bruhammydude) I kind of like the Las Vegas Venom as a team name. [Snake-print side panels? Black, Old Gold, and Cerise colors, maybe?]
  2. BTW, I’m with Discogod on the likely treatment: Sonics reactivated w/ Thunder as 2008 expansion team. As for a Vegas entry, would they go with a metallic or neon (accent) as far as a color scheme?
  3. At 32 (with Seattle and Las Vegas), the NBA should revert to Atlantic, Central, Midwest, and Pacific, 4x8...and I lean toward the Wolves going to the Central. As far as where they’d actually play...just as Climate Pledge is a major step toward and can accommodate a Sonic return, the T-Mobile does likewise vis-á-vis a Vegas entry.
  4. So far we’ve only seen Explorers and Rebels. The other is the “Heroine Edition,” in (home) white. Look for team names on those. The Mystics’ Rebel (“RISE”) is a favorite so far. The text of the 19th Amendment on a white ribbon is an inspired touch.
  5. Overall...an upgrade. YES to reverting to athletic gold from volt. YES to the St. Louis/early Atlanta/70s-early 80s look. I love “ATLANTA” in the chosen wordmark font. Part of me would have liked a Benguiat return. Just out of curiosity, would Benguiat numbers have worked on these new unis?
  6. I’m liking “Gateway FC” among the name ideas so far (kudos to NicDB for that one!)...but how about “Gateway STL?” As for colors...how would a deep forest green, sky blue, and old gold scheme work?
  7. The peach kit is apt for AU...and it is hot!!! Cannot wait to see the other teams...
  8. Well done, Survival79...and I must agree, (2) is superior out of your lot!
  9. Love what you did thus far with the W...all hits. As others said, superior to actual fare. Favorite element: Team names back on jersey fronts where they should be. Digging the "Astros" sides on the Sun unis. Sky sides are inspired. You also showed that Liberty (my team!) seafoam can co-exist with blue and orange; would a seafoam alternate jersey with orange/blue accents work? Would also like to see a "Las Vegas" mark on the Aces' roads, but again, liking what I'm seeing there. Cannot wait to see the remaining third of the league, should be just as hot.
  10. Props to Gothamite for bringing up the heron. I'm warming up to that as a team name, and I'd agree the plumage of the bird (as in the accompanying image) would lend well to team colors. I'd pair that blue with a deep forest green or—wait for it—port.
  11. The Stars name and color scheme would have stuck in Vegas, with Nevada being the Silver State among things. But I'm liking this kick-you-know-what logo and brand and would like to see more. I'm especially feeling the diamond motif. [Come to think of it, the "Las Vegas Diamonds" would have also worked for the W entry.]
  12. This look is HOT! I'm especially feeling the greater orange/purple focus. Suns have the best of the Nikes thus far. Looking forward to the other half of their set.
  13. How is this for a Sonics 2.0 secondary mark...an "S" (in the right font!) with either the Space Needle or a jet silhouette cut into it?
  14. Your roundel secondary...again, superior to existing. Nailed it with the ball/bridge pairing. Can't wait to see the uniforms, Funkatron...should be another improvement!
  15. This, Funkatron, is an upgrade...enough said. [Big up.]
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